Monday, 28 April 2008

Instruction for link.

Hi having bother getting the link to work for the Ospreys here's a way around it.

When you have the homepage up go to birds and wildlife then webcams then birds of prey Loch Garten don’t know why the link won’t work but this way does you can save it from the webcam to save all this bother when you want to have another look. Love Joan.

Take a look......


Good Afternoon, just a short entry as I wanted to share with you this wonderful website. It shows live coverage from the Osprey eyrie at Loch Garten here in Scotland. We watched for a short while last night and saw the birds changing over incubation duties and the female turning the three eggs it was fascinating to watch. If you right click on the picture once you get the feed you can get full screen by clicking zoom 100%. Hope you take a look. It will be a lot more interesting when the chicks hatch in about month or so then there will be a lot more activity.

It has been another dreadful morning of rain here today our planned trip to Edinburgh on the bus was cancelled as it was so bad. Remember the last time we went in January when we had monsoon conditions so we will try again tomorrow.

That’s about it for now hope you enjoy our Ospreys. Love



Saturday, 26 April 2008

Rainy Saturday.


Good Afternoon, Its not a very nice day for us today it has been raining it now and the sun may show up eventually. I am hoping to get out for a wee bit and put a new cover on my mini greenhouse so I can get some seedling out soon. I planted Cosmos three weeks ago and I would like to get them out to the mini greenhouse before we go on holiday as it is a bit warm for them on my sunny kitchen window.

We went out for our normal coffee this morning and the place was nearly deserted I think everybody must be saving their petrol/diesel just in case. I have noticed it has been very quiet traffic wise most of the week there seems to be fuel here as there were a few customers on the forecourt but no queue.

Stuart and I are getting a bit worried about our holiday we have 420 miles to travel it’s a long way there and just as far back again. We have enough petrol to get us well over the border and hope we can get filled up again south of Newcastle. Our cottage is already paid for and if we don’t get it’s a lot of money to lose.

Going to get the suitcases out of the loft and get started to pack not that everything is ready as the weather up here has been so bad this week I still have a few things that I have not had on yet this spring and would like to get them freshened up before we go.

Am going to take my laptop with me but I don’t know if I will be able to get a online connection while we are away but intend to keep a journal while we are away so I will put that in when we get back. I think that’s about it for today I see the sun is now shining so off to fix the greenhouse. Bye for now. Love all morning and rained most of the day yesterday. It does seem to be drying up a bye for now. Love


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tuesday Musings.


Good Afternoon, first of all I would like to apologise if I have not commented on your journal lately but we have been have terrible AOL problems, this always seems to happen during the school holidays both our PC’s were affected the desk top worst of all it kept falling off the net every two or three minutes my laptop was not so bad but I was having great difficulty retrieving emails, it go so bad as the weekend we decided to reinstall AOL broadband from scratch. Unfortunately this entails bringing the desktop and all the paraphernalia that goes with it, then once we got it set up we had it all to take back upstairs to the study all very tiring. Glad to say now all is well and we are back on line touch wood.

We have started to make preparations for our holidays, we go away a week on Saturday. We are going to our usual cottage in Norfolk and will have two weeks birding, that is if we can get enough petrol to get us over the border into England. You may have heard on the news that Grangemouth Petro-chemical plant which supplies all of Scotland with fuel is being closed down as I write because of an impending strike by employees for two days at the end of this week. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly as if the plant closes completely they say it will take 1 month to get it up and running again, this is for safety reasons.

Spring is very long in coming this year after our glorious spring last year. We have had this easterly wind blowing this last week and it has been perishing cold. The forecast for the rest of the week says it is going to warm up a bit here’s hoping. We have had lovely sunshine but it is just so cold. Don’t know what has been wrong in our garden but my tulips have failed big time this year the only ones to flower are the new ones (Water Lily) I put in and showed you pictures of as week or two back. Has anybody else had this problem with tulips that have been in for two springs?

With being kept out of the garden I have been reading a lot sitting in a nice sunny spot in my kitchen as my lounge is north facing the kitchen is the place to be just now. I think that’s about it for just now hoping you are all well. There is as new entry in my book journal if you want to see what I have been reading. Till next time. Love

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Come walk with me again.


Good Evening, I can’t believe that this is my first entry this month don’t really know why have been a bit busy but not that busy. Have been reading a great deal working and sitting in the garden when the weather has been warm enough and trying to get fit for our holiday in three weeks time.

Stuart and I took a walk along the disused railway line yesterday morning and I took the pictures above nothing very grand but it gives you an idea of our surroundings.

We are trying to get walking again as we are off on holiday at the beginning of next month and we will need to be a bit fitter than we are after the winter. It has been so cold and wet and we have both been suffering with sore hips and I also have a bad knee at the moment we are hoping the warmer weather will help us. We do a lot of walking when we are bird watching so we will have to keep at it

In the huge tree at the bottom of our garden I think it’s a Sycamore about forty odd feet tall and very old has acquired a pair of crows. They have been sitting there since February and have been trying to build a nest for the past three weeks. We think they must be a inexperienced pair as they have been absolutely hopeless they have brought in stick after stick and laying them on the same branch of the tree and it they all fell through. At last on Thursday they managed to get a couple of sticks to sit and from then on they are getting on like a house of fire. You must be wondering how I can see the happening it because my kitchen window looks our onto the tree and I can see all what is happening up there and I have had a look with my binoculars too. I wish them well even if I will have to put up with all the caw-ing all summer.

This afternoon Stuart and I sat down while the rain and the hail was thumping down and watched a movie I had recorded a few weeks ago. It was a very old movie black and white but it was one I had not seen and Stuart wanted to see again. What was it ….Staring Gregory Peck in ‘ To Kill a Mockingbird. What a great movie it was it did not seem dated at all just a great story so well made and so well acted of course Gregory Peck never make a bad picture did he. They don’t make them like that any more.

Till next time


New entry in book Journal today.