Monday, 28 July 2008


Good Evening am sitting here with the sunshine streaming in through the lounge window, I mention it as this is the only time of the year that we get any sun in this room as it is north facing so that means no sun all day this side of the house.

We set off this morning to go to St Andrews as we thought it was going to be lovely at the coast but someone did not tell the workmen digging up the motorway to let motorists know when they close a slip road so we set off full of hope of a nice breeze and some sunshine but the horrible men who dig up the road put paid to that. The slip road that we need to be on was closed and it meant a detour of about 25 miles for us to get back to the road we wanted to be on. The weather was very misty at that time but it did look better inland as we reached the high point on the motorway. We then thought again and decided to go to Perth instead and would keep St Andrews for another day. We do get the best coffee in the country in Perth so it was not a hardship. Spent time looking for shoes for this wedding we are going to but no luck yet do not want to spend a fortune on high heel that I don’t wear now but will have to for one afternoon. Gone are the days when I could strut about in 4 inch heels maybe that’s what behind the bad back, but I loved them at the time as I am only 5ft 1inch tall. Oh that’s better just switched on the fan it is very hot up here tonight most unusual we usually have cool evenings.

We are planning a run in the car tomorrow to somewhere we have not been for a while have not decided where yet but will take the camera and hope to get some new shots to show you later this week.

Still feeling a bit disappointed we did not get to the beach today but still as they say tomorrow is another day. Till next time. Love





Friday, 25 July 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Journal.


Today is my journals 3rd birthday I can hardly believe it when I stared in 2005 I never thought I would still be here writing three years later. Living a very quiet life I have tried to keep you posted with my musings not a lot happens but I do try to keep it interesting and amusing too. Hope you will stay with me in the coming year.

The picture above is not Scottish (just for a change) it is of L’Alpe d’Huez we were treated to a lovely day on Wednesday while The Tour De France cycle race climbed this mountain among others the scenery was spectacular the sun was shinning as ‘The Tour’ climbed higher and higher we saw lots of mountains and a Glacier too it was a wonderful tour of the Alps.

We do not have so much sunshine today we have had a bit of east coast hare today hoping in will lift this afternoon will wait and see.

I was updating my Book Journal last night and just by chance discovered it too had a birthday this week it was one. I thin tried to put un a Journaling for One Year graphic and it has gone all narrow don’t know why and don’t know how to fix it anyone know what I did wrong. Will leave the address if you want to have a look.

Stuart and I will be going to a wedding in September my next door neighbour is getting wed she is in her late fifties and a spinster in every sense of the word but she has met up with an old boyfriend after many years and has sprung a very unexpected wedding on all her friends and relations. Am now trying to get myself and Stuart rigged out I have bought a dress and have a jacket that will be perfect for the occasion but I do need shoes with a killer heel lol but I do need a heel and of course a handbag.

Think that’s about it for today so thank you for taking the time to read my musings some of you have been with me from the start Jeannette (jottings) Ally Jan to name a few thank you for being there for me. Till next time Love

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Weather Pixie is back


Good Evening, just a quick entry to let you know that our beloved weather pixies are back have really missed her but she is now back in her rightful place on the sidebar. Will do a full entry soon.  Love


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Friday Friday oh its only Thursday


Good afternoon, I really did think it was Friday for a few moments there I have just been down to the village and that is my usual Friday outing but this week things are different this is T In the Park weekend when 80,000 music fans per day will be descending on our little village again. The weather today is perfect pouring rain and wind just as it nearly always is why does the rain try to spoil everything. The fields will be like swamps after all the rain we have had this month already and overnight and this morning will just have completed the job. The forecast is not great for the start of the music festival but it should be better by Sunday. While I was out the rain had just stopped and there was just a spit or two, in the chemist there were two girls being very hopeful buying sunglasses but I really think they would have been better with wellies. All the little shops are geared up with ponchos, sunscreen ,Wellington boots tent sleeping bags and not forgetting the beer. One of the stores was selling sledges to pull your beer along, on very novel idea. Stuart and I used to take a run up the hill behind Balado where the festival ground is to see all the lights the big wheel and all the tents are, but now the police close off all the roads around it and you have to be a resident to get passed it is annoying but it has become so big now compared with earlier years. I hope it all goes welland everybody has a great time, and the wind stays in the right direction so it blows away most of the noise, sorry but it is not my kind of music.

I think that’s about all for now, still have the feeling its Friday. Till next time, Love,