Thursday, 29 November 2007


Just a very quick entry after a long trying day trying to get the laptop online to our wireless connection. It took all afternoon Stuart was on the phone so long in went flat and we got cut off twice, after a bit of fiddling with some extension leads and a old phone we got there in the end what a performance. Its a bit different from this one and I have not worked out how I can write my journal on it but at least it is working and it is lightening fast. Have now got a mouse attached to it and I like that better and am getting on much better than yesterday as the touch pad is so sensitive I just could not get anywhere with it. I have attached my old mouse to my desk top but now I remember why we replaced it will have to get a new one first chance I get.  Off to bed soon with the sore head, sorry if I have missed your journals the last day or so but its been very hard trying to link up by phone with all the funny accents from the call centres.  Till next time,   Love







Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Rainy Tuesday.


Good Evening not very much good about it, rain cold and dark but it is November. I have been given a gift of a nice new camera for my birthday at the weekend coming  (65 oh dear) and we took a trip as usual to St Andrews to see what I could do with it. After our usual coffee and stroll round the book shops etc we headed down to the West Sands to see what there was, to take some shots. We had a walk and I took some general stuff and just as were getting back to the car I spotted the two girls on horseback coming towards us, just as I lifted the camera they about turned, if only they had come closer I think I would have managed  some great shots. It is taking me a wee while longer to take the pictures just now as it is a very different camera from my Nikon Coolpix this time I have gone to a Fuji. The light was really bad yesterday afternoon but I thought the photographs turned out not too bad for a first attempt. Today I had no chance not been out at all but hope for a better day later this week to get out and about again.
We have also taken delivery of a nice new laptop which is a lot faster than the desktop  I am using just now but we are not on the Internet yet, we have to wait for a disc from AOL, wonder how long that will take, so until then there is not a lot we can do but we have been trying to get our head around Widows Vista and no mouse really miss that but will get used to it not doubt. Must away now so until next time.


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Happy Anniversary


Its a dreadful day here today after such a nice spell of weather yesterday and today are making up for it.
I would like to say Happy Diamond Anniversary to our Queen and Prince Philip it is a great milestone they have reached.
There is not a great deal I can remember about the wedding but I do remember a while later not sure how long, I was taken by  my Mum to Hollyrood Palace in Edinburgh to see "THE WEDDING DRESS" it was absolutely fabulous it was in a big glass case but you could get close up to see it. Whenever I see the Queen's wedding pictures I always think of that day with my dear Mum.
For those of you that have read Sunday's entry to my book journal or if you are interested in it, have a look at the comments from the last entry. That's it for today think we are going on line this afternoon to spend a lot of pennies, so till next time,


Friday, 16 November 2007

My Thrifty Husband


Good Afternoon, remember yesterday afternoon I was telling you that Stuart was painting in the Kitchen/Studio and he was going to put his painting in the bin because he did not like it, well being a very thrifty person and that watercolour paper is expensive he turned the page over to try a quick watercolour pencil painting and this is what he did..........It is a very pale painting and has not scanned very well but it will give you an idea of what can be done with this medium. Hope you have a good evening till next time. Love,




























Thursday, 15 November 2007


Good Afternoon, its nearly evening and getting dark but its only just turned 4 o'clock. Its been lovely here today sunny cold but great for the middle of November. We have had a great Autumn here in Scotland the best one I can remember. The leaves at out feet are dry and crinkly not all wet and horrible it makes such a difference.
Kath over on Simple rhymes asked if we could put a few Christmas graphics in our sidebar to make us all realize that Christmas is only 40 days away so I have done what she asked and will add more as I find more. Stuart is painting not the house unfortunately but he says its going straight in the bin I have not seen it yet so I won't pass comment yet.
That's about it for today so till next time. Love


Saturday, 10 November 2007

Well Done glasgow.


Good afternoon, I hope you are having a lovely day and the weather is better for you down in East Anglia. We have been reading that two our favourite bird reserves namely Cley and Titchwell were both flooded yesterday and we are so sorry to hear this, the sea wall there is only a large shingle bank and its not hard to see what would happen is a high sea. We have watched the tide pounding in on a nice afternoon there and thought at the time it would not take a great deal more water to cause flooding. I hope there has not been too much damage done but I do know it can be serious if too much salt water gets into the fresh water lagoons.
On a happier note I would like to say a bit well done to Glasgow for winning the right to hold the 2014 Commonwealth Games it will be a great occasion for all of us in Scotland I am sure, as many of the event are in different places around the country so a big big well done Glasgow.
That's it for today so till next time have fun.   Love


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Winter is here.



Thank you Donna for this design.

As you will have seen on the news at tea time high winds have been battering the north of Scotland today, we have not been too bad just enough to blow leaves and dustbins about but very cold in the wind. Tonight Stuart is watching football which is taking place in Aberdeen and it has been snowing it has been forecast but it came as a surprise just the same. Many Years ago when we were first married Stuart had to work in Aberdeen for six months and he said its the coldest place in the world.
Have not been too great these past few weeks as I am still struggling to come off my HRT, if I had know it was going to be as bad as this I would never have started taking it in the first place. If I get one good night a week I am doing well I ended up the other night doing a crossword puzzle in the kitchen at three o'clock  I am totally fed up with the whole thing. When I was at the clinic three weeks ago the doctor said I could go back on if I wanted to but I know in about six months she will be asking me to stop again and I will have to go through it all again it takes a long time to stop as it has to be done bit by bit. I have been trying since the beginning of this year and stopped altogether in July but am still not feeling better I am at the end of my tether. Sorry to be ranting like this but I am so fed up just now I don't know what to do or to try .
On to cheerier things I managed to get from Amazon the last Tomb Raider game made for my old Playstation 1 so that will keep me occupied in the winter months and we have bought a new word game (Scrabble Blast)  which is good fun so we are sorted if the weather keeps us in as lot.
That's about it for just now so until next time. Love

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Plumber painter what a week.


Thank you Donna for this lovely graphic.

Good Afternoon I hope you are all having a lovely day. Everything seems to have settled down again here thank goodness. What a busy week it has been for us its just seemed to be one thing after another. You all know my tale of woe from last summer about the burst radiator well the story continues.
Monday morning (both of us suffering a bit after the flu jabs by the way) the phone rang at about quarter to eight Stuart ran down I did not hear it as per usual " Hi Stuart its a fine morning so I will be along to do the painting of the outside of your house today. We had arranged to have this done and Tom the painter said he would phone and let us know when we did not expect the phone call to be at the ungodly hour. We had planned our usual Monday so after he arrived we set off and had a nice day out. By the time we got back he was all finished and the house looks nice again no flaky paint under the roof.

Tuesday morning yes you nearly got it right only this time it was somebody at the door at 8 o'clock both of us sound asleep it was the plumber with the new radiator. Again he was supposed to phone to let us know but did not so here was a very sleepy Stuart in his dressing gown at the door trying to see out of half shut eyes who was disturbing us today. The plumber must have taken fright at this sight and said he would come back in half an hour which he did by which time we were both up and about sort of.
By Wednesday morning I did not know what to expect but all seemed well just Lisa phoning at 8-30 to OK our picking up Ellen from school at 3pm.
The radiator that was fitted is about six inches lower that the old one as it is not so deep so we will need to redecorate the top hall and as our lounge is open plan that means the lounge need done too and we also have to have a new carpet. Oh well what can you do, we were thinking of decorating the lounge etc but we were still at the thinking stage now it will have to be done.
Today by the day not the date is the forth anniversary of me stopping smoking and to say I am pleased with myself is an understatement. I worked it out by my reckoning I have saved in the region of £6200 at the very least and that off a pension is just not on.  I don't know what has happened to it all I know of some of the things I have bought for myself and Stuart and I always have the money at the back of my purse now something I never had when I smoked so it is nice to be able to buy things and not think about it within reason, mind you the plumbers bill not in yet its old fashioned enough up here we get a bill by post.
Its another lovely afternoon here mild and sunny no heating on which at this time of year is totally unheard of in this neck of the woods.
Well I think that's all my news for this week. Have a great weekend and I hope the voting on Strictly Come Dancing is a bit fairer than last week.