Friday, 29 June 2007

All Alone am I.


Good Afternoon, can't believe its over a week since I entered a word in my journal so here goes with what I have been up to. 
Have started another one of my little note books to jot down ideas for my journal  as I keep forgetting what ideas I have had,  so with any luck I will be able to write more often, maybe that's not good for you but I will enjoy it.
As this entry say I am all alone all day today, Stuart is on another one of his Art away days so I have the day to myself. The sun has been a bit blinky but I did manage a pot of coffee with the paper earlier this morning.
Had a search around of all the DVD's that I have collected free with the daily papers lately and decided to watch 'Hotel Du Luc' by Anita  Brookner staring Anna Massey -Denholm Elliot and Patricia Hodge really enjoyed it, wish I had read the book before I saw the DVD. Anna Massey is such a good actress will always remember her in the BBC play Rebecca where she played Mrs Danvers she was excellent in that part too. Rebecca is one of my all time favourite stories have read the book and have watched the Hitchcock film many times.
Our car was in for its first MOT yesterday £50 it is now, absolutely ridiculous I thought. The price was bad enough but after we had had the call to say the car was ready and had passed we had another phone call to say one of the drivers had reversed into it and it would require repairing in the workshop. Stuart was very good and kept his temper glad it wasn't me. The car will now go in next week I think and we will have a courtesy car for the time it is in. You don't expect that to happen in a bit garage like the one it is in won't name it just now but if we have any bother I will.
Tomatoes just about at the top of my mini greenhouse and I think I will have to take the cover off soon so I hope the weather gets a bit warmer. I heard at lunchtime there may be a ground frost tonight  its the end of June what's happening?
Think that's about it for today going downstairs for a coffee and another DVD as the sun is not shining and its too cold to sit out at the moment. Wonder what I will watch? I have been saving these freebees for ages andhave all manner of films to watch many of them my favourites or I may dig out All the Presidents Men now there is a good film wish I could watch it for the first time again as it is so good. Well think I have ranted on enough for one day speak to you again soon.   Love


Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thursday Musings.


Good Afternoon and a beautiful one it is too.When I entered the world this morning just after eight it was very dull but warm.  I took a chance and changed the bed in the hope the rain that was forecast would not come today. Just about lunchtime the sun came out and has been shining since and has been very warm sitting in the garden.
My tomatoes are coming on a treat and getting very tall as they are on a south facing wall they get any sun that is going and the tiny ones on the windowsill are coming on grand too.  My Sweat Peas are very slow this year I put the plants in before we went on holiday and I think they were frosted one night so it has taken them a while to recover and they are still only about 8  inches high hope they get a move on or they won't get a chance to flower.
While sitting out today Stu has been painting a water colour of one of my pictures I took on holiday the one with the tide defences I took a Sheringham he was using his easel and having a lot of bother with it slackening off so there was not much peace and quiet for me but I did manage to get my book finished all 765 pages of it at last it seems to have taken me ages (The Temple Matthew Reilly). Tonight a rare treat fresh linen and a new book together I just love that feeling. I am going to read a mystery next after all Matthew's action looking for something a bit quieter. Have chosen S is for Silence by Sue Grafton, this is the first time I have read something of hers so I am hoping I have found a new author, for me. She is working her way through the alphabet with the same lady detective so I will see how it pans out and will let you know what I think later.
Think that's about it for today nearly teatime and the chicken should be ready for the next stage. Making chicken it a creamy white wine sauce with mushrooms new potatoes broccoli and carrots hope I've made you all hungry now have a great evening. Love


Saturday, 16 June 2007

Some sunny pictures to brighten up the day.


              Saturday Musings.

Good afternoon, thought I would just post these pictures as I thought they might brighten up a dull wet windy day. It has been raining here all day  and is very cold too, my weather station says 11.3c that's not good for the middle of June. We have been lucky here I have seen there has been a lot of flooding farther south. Feeling a bit fed up today as all my lovely flowers have been flattened by this awful weather Lupins and poppies have been worse effected and the big hanging basket of Violas is in a terrible state will have a busy day tomorrow if it is dry  trying to sort it all out.
Going to watch Jekyll tonight on BBC   has had a good write up so will give it a go and I see Casualty is back to its normal time.
Do they have to shout just quite so much on  the BB show on a Friday night it just about burst my eardrums I just cannot get the telly low enough when it is on, should now watch it I know it would please  my  Stuart if I stopped but I always seem to get drawn back  its silly but there it is at least I admit watching many people don't. Will have to go and feed my hubby again  always seem to be saying that but he does get hungry bless him. (Have to say nice things as he reads this). Hope you have a good evening. Love



Friday, 15 June 2007

Holiday Pictures at last.


Good Afternoon, at last I have managed to get my holiday pictures in for you se see what a carry on I was doing it correctly but it kept saying it was a error very annoying but I got there in the end hope you enjoy seeing them now I know what to do I have more to show you that I have taken over the past few weeks. Have to rush now as this has taken a long time to do and Stu is needs feeding.    Love

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Thursday Musings.


Poppies on a wall at Kingsbarns Fife. Monday 11th June 07.

Good Afternoon, suffering as I am with writers block it has been a while since my last entry. It is like winter out there today and it is really depressing summers seems to be slipping by the last week or so has been awful east coast haar an odd bright spell in the afternoon, today its dull with a strong east north east wind blowing and it is freezing. Stuart went out to cut the grass this morning with a fleecy top on and was still cold think I'll emigrate somewhere the sunshine is not rationed.
Been watching a bit of Big Brother managed to get my portable in the kitchen set up on E4 so I don't annoy Stu too much as he hates it with avengeance and I do like a quiet life.
Still on the same book as last time as there are about 700 pages and with not been out sitting in the sun so much am a bit slower than of late getting through it but will get there. According to today's paper reading exciting books is great for weight loss so with reading Matthew Reilly I should be like a reed.
This morning my Stuart read me this poem from today's Daily Express (they have a forgotten verse in everyday and today's really caught the imagination of a couple of oldies:-

A Good Play

We built a ship upon the stairs
All made of the back-bedroom chairs,
And filled it full of soft pillows
To go a-sailing on the billows.

We took a saw and several nails,
And water in the nursery pails;
And Tom said, "Let us also take
An apple and a slice of cake;"--
Which was enough for Tom and me
To go a-sailing on, till tea.

We sailed along for days and days,
And had the very best of plays;
But Tom fell out and hurt his knee,
So there was no one left but me.

Robert Louis Stevenson 

I do hope you enjoyed reading this little poem as much as we did  or  finding it again whatever the case may be.
Well that about it for  me just now will try to keep up with alerts better this coming week as I have been very bad these last few days. Bye for now take care. Love                             

I have just updated my Birdwatching journal if you are interested.


Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sunday Musings and Holiday Pictures I hope

Good Afternoon, Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, it looks as if the above picture is all you are going to get today I tried to load up as usual and after sitting waiting til it did so I got this strange collage, what has happened while I have been away have read others complaining about it but this is the first time I have used it since  I got back from my holidays its all very arty but not so easy to flick through as the old one was.
The tomatoes are now outside in their growbag and inside the mini greenhouse complete with canes and looking fine. I got four more tomato plants from my nextdoor neighbour this afternoon and am going to grow them on the windowsill will let you know when the tomato shop opens for business.
Not very nice but its dry and warm better than the west of Scotland where it has been raining as seen on the athletics on BBC2 this afternoon.
If anybody knows how I can get my pictures back the way they used to be could you let me know. That's about it for today so disappointed that I did not get my pictures in for you the one at the to was taken for the sky for Stuart to use in a painting it was just before a rain storm but was super to watch.  Have a great Sunday. Love,      


Saturday, 2 June 2007

Saturday Musings.

                                                Good afternoon, not a very pleasant  afternoon here very dull but warm. First of all an update on the tomatoes have now put them outside in front of the window in my mini greenhouse but they are not into the growbag yet don't want to upset them too much. I saw a big bee in beside them this morning so they should be pollinated ok, fingers crossed.
Was up at the garden centre this morning for coffee and bought some bedding for our hanging basket that's needing changed will take pictures later. Was hoping to do this today but will wait till the sun comes out again.
Been trying to watch Big Brother on E4 but there are so many dips in the sound its like watching a silent movie without the sub titles.
Started a new book last night another Matthew Reilly am really hooked on his books just now they are so interesting and fast moving. This one has a Inca theme.
Will try to post pictures of our holiday in the next few days but I think that's about all for just now.   Love,