Thursday, 29 June 2006

Portmoak Flower and Art Festival.

Hello, This afternoon Stuart and I went along to visit our local Art and Flower Festival. This takes place every year in a village about 5 miles away.  The Church and Church Hall are at the centre of the activities the Church itself holds the Flower Festival which is very beautiful and I hope you enjoy the pictures I have taken today.  In the Church's side hall that they call the Quiet Room there is a exhibition of Photographs which was also very nice.  In the main hall is a exhibition of paintings by local professional and amateur artists (Stuart did not have any in this time) it was a great display of local talent there was also jewellery and hand made glass and pottery. After you have browsed to your hearts content the ladies of the guild serve cream teas lovely.  There is a rock concert on Sunday a golf tournament, a pub quiz, a jazz concert and lots of other things to do and see.  For a small village it is a super event. They have a thing in the evening called The Pudding Club at which the ladies of the church all make different puddings and trifles etc and you go along and taste as many as you wish, this is very popular as you can imagine.  I have never been to this event as it would be all to tempting for us.  Will have to go now and see what we are going to have for our tea.  Have a good evening Holby is on tonight, and its not a repeat hurrah.  Love,


Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Visit to the Doctors



       Good Afternoon, I was at the doctors this morning it was his turn to take my blood pressure I have to go to the nurse and then 3 months later the doctor.  I drove myself this morning big mistake as I could not get parked and had to wait till somebody came out of the surgery. I was not all that early for my appointment as they are always running late. Fortunately I got there in time.  Our surgery is modern building its about 12 years old and very nice too in the winter but in the summer its a nightmare. It has a glass roof all very nice but it get like a hothouse in the warm weather, so with my hot flushing I have a great time.  As you know I have trouble with my hearing so I put both my aids in this morning as the doctors call us from 3 different doors two in front of you and one behind and they seem to like to keep you name secret as they whisper it when they call you.  I have to listen so hard not to miss my name that by the time I get taken I am up to high doh and beyond so as you will have guessed my BP was way up again. I think I told you two weeks ago when I was at the PRI for my HRT all was well.  Its so annoying as I now have to have blood taken and all the test done on that then go to the Hypertension clinic to have my BP taken again and if its not down 'they will have to do something about it' doctor said. Please not more pills as I have to take three for it every day as it is  so am totally fed up today and to think I was feeling fine before I went. Next time I have to have my BP checked I will get Stu to go with me and he can listen for me so I will not have to worry about that at least.


There is a new channel starting on Satellite on 1st July called TV movies 24 its on channel 329 on sky.  It might make a change and maybe there will be something to watch other than the rubbish they are broadcasting just now if you have time have a look as they are showing trailers just now. Well I think that all for today hope you have a good evening. Love,



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Monday, 26 June 2006

Sunny Day




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Good Evening, had our usual weekly trip to St Andrews today No Michael Douglas today and did not see him last week when he visited to receive his Doctrine from St Andrews University. When we were there the day before it was the students that were graduating.  Come to think of it never saw Prince William in the years he was there either must go about with my eyes closed.  Lovely day today sunshine with one or two clouds but nice most of the time.  On the way back we stopped at the wood where we took the pictures of the orchids and had a wander it was so warm with no wind at all. The camera was busy and we took a lot of pictures of wild flowers some of them are quite spectacular.  Sorry there was not any tennis today but hope we get some tomorrow if the weather allows. Sitting here just now with the sun on my back its a lovely evening and a little warmer than yesterday even though the sun was shining it was perishing in a cold wind. I think that's all for today don't want to miss Corrie as its the only thing on till 10pm.  Sick of this.  Love







Saturday, 24 June 2006

Orchids and the rest

    Good Evening, thought I had better put an entry in tonight as I have not spoken to you since Wednesday. Have been a bit down for some reason or another don't know just why but a bit cheerier today.   We were up at our favourite garden centre this morning and I have bought an Orchid plant, it is not the one above this one is one I have not seen before. I got a great bargain today as it was reduced.  I have been going to buy one for ages but as you know they are quite expencive and I was not sure if our house was warm enough for one as they do not like sunlight that meant it would have to be the living room which faces north, and was very cold and draughty at the window. Now with the double glazing and the walls insulated the house is so much warmer I thought I would give it a try. If anyone has any tips for growing a successful Orchid I would be glad to hear about it.     

           No 'Casualty' worst luck really enjoy that and Holby on Tuesday  but the footy has taken over again so will just have to lump it tonight again.  Will find another drawer or cupboard to tidy out that's on good thing all will be done by the time this ......World cup is finished. Am going to load up some pictures i have taken over this last week so with that I will say Goodnight and God Bless, or as the Great  Dave Allen would say  'May your God be with you'.   Love



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Wednesday, 21 June 2006



Hi, here we are at the Midsummer Solstice and as usual on this day in Scotland it is pelting rain again and this year we have a gale with it.  Really feeling cheesed off today. We were in Perth shopping and it was not too bad it stayed fair but blowing a bit then on our way home the rain came down and it is really wild out there now.  We do not live far away from Perth only 18miles but we are another valley and it seems like another planet some days.  Saw the racing from Ascot when we came in and it looks so lovely there with all the grand hats and dresses good job its not up here or they would all have gone home by now. What a rant I have had did not mean to bore you all but this really got to me its been raining since Sunday and its like four wasted summer days.                                                                                I had a real disaster the other night when I was cooking the tea.  I was making a white sauce and needed to give it a blitz with the mixer I was whizzing away with my right hand and stretched out with my left to get a plate to put the dirty mixer down on, knocked down and broke a lovely little china bowl that I loved, tried to catch the second one missed the bowl  the white sauce hit the floor ran all down the door the table the wall and was all over the floor.  I do not swear but I am glad there was nobody else around to hear me that day. What a mess I had to clean up it was so sloppy on the cloth it took me ages and I nearly but not quite burned the rest of the tea.  Well I'm off to try to make a better job tonight and I'll try not to break anything today. Have a nice evening Love


Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Musings in the rain


Good Evening, am a bit late tonight as I had to give Stuart his time on the PC.  I did not think I would need this graphic again before the Autumn but tonight it is just like this outside, and its on its way to a place near you, strong southerly winds and lashing rain. What is so annoying is the fact that my lovely Foxgloves that I grew from seed last year are so beautiful standing over 5 foot in high are being knocked about something terrible.  My single large red poppies are just coming out and the rain is playing havoc with them and everything else in the garden. It was dry here until about four this afternoon and we had a lovely day in St Andrews.  Bought a lovely patchwork cushion to sit on our bed and Stuart bought a book on wild flowers so all in all  we had a great day. There is a great book shop there you probably have one its an Ottakers store and we just love in there we spend too long and have to hurry before our parking time is up. Don't know what I am going to do with the rest of my evening as there is nothing on for me tonight on the telly.  Stuart is watching the footy but I can watch anything I want on the portable in the kitchen if I want but have looked and cannot see anything I fancy will maybe play a game or two.  Will say goodnight now and hope you have a pleasant evening. Love



Monday, 19 June 2006

My Singer is back.


Good  Afternoon, first of all I would like to thank you all on behalf of Stuart for all your good wishes and prayers, glad to say he is back to his old self and my singer is back.  Stuart is a singer well, he thinks he is and sings all the time, when upstairs, in the morning getting showered etc and he was so quiet yesterday it seemed so strange.  Still can't make out what causes these tired days as we can be busy the day before or do nothing it does not seem to matter.  Were out this morning for coffee and a read of the daily paper  just to get out of the house for a while as it is raining on and off today but not cold at least. Thought today I might amuse you with the story of my spec chain.  First of all you need to know that I hate spec chains in any form don't know what ist is about them but I hate them.  About 20years ago I was wearing two pairs of specs you need to know that as it helps with the story.  Now we have been married for over 40 years and Stu is good at gift giving always remembers without prompting all the occasions but on this occasion he got it very very wrong.  It was my birthday and he came in with my pressie all wrapped up in a jewellery box. I opened it up nice and slowly in anticipation and yes you've guessed it was a spec chain gold plated and very nice but it was still a spec chain.  I am embarrassed to tell you I took one look at it and burst into tears and not with laughter.  I never used the chain and put it away in the bottom of my jewellery box. Stuart never understood why I was so upset the fact was, I felt I was far to young to wear one. Well over the years it became a joke between us and we have had many a laugh about it.  Nowadays as you know I have a pair of specs for the computer or if I am reading a great deal and I keep leaving them down beside the PC and have to run upstairs to get them or I leave them downstairs when I come up to read email and journals or am going to bed and have to go down to get them. I think you all know what I am going to say next, last night I went to my jewellery box and got out the spec chain that I still hate and put in on my reading specs, so no more running up and downstairs for me so as I sit here at the keyboard with my spec chain round my neck you can just imagine this old lady.  Hope I have given you something to smile or laugh about for a while. Bye for now  Love


Sunday, 18 June 2006


Good Morning, rain gently falling here not a nice day at all but very good for the plants not too heavy just nice and gentle.  Stuart not well at all again today he is very breathless and tired and that's after 10 hours sleep. This is the first time this has happened so quickly after the last time. I have him settled just now with the Sunday Papers that will maybe buck him up.  Have not heard from consultant with an appointment yet but he did phone our GP to tell Stuart to stop one of his pills. So no outings today just stay close to home.  We did not do much yesterday just out for coffee in the morning to our local Garden Centre. I bought a pedestal bird bath for my feathered friends but once I got it erected I noticed it had very steep sides and was very deep so I have put the tray they always used inside so they don't drown, but so far no takers. Time will tell. I think that's me for today will go and see what to have for lunch.  Have a peaceful Sunday Love and take care,


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Friday, 16 June 2006

Garden Seeds.


Good Afternoon J-Land, the picture today is of the little oasis we found in the woods the other day where I found the Northern Marsh Orchid.  There were also growing there,  lovely Flag Iris. They were a wee bit past their best but I thought they were worth a shot.  As you know Friday is my morning as I call it and I have been thinking as most of us are keen gardeners or have gardens which we help with, my idea is what if we were to do a seed swap.  We have lots of seeds in our gardens going to waste and I thought it would be nice if we could share these. Would'nt it be nice to look next summer and say I got that seed from .......when the flowers come up.  It would not cost very much just the price of a second class or first class stamp even if you were doing a few.  Think about it and let me know what you think.   Its not such a great day here today quite overcast but very mild. Think we are having a run in the car this afternoon to our local RSPB reserve to see what's about and maybe get a breath of air.  My eyes have been so sore with the pollen I have hardly been able to use the PC the last few days.  Ellen was very tired when we picked her up they had been out playing in the sun and she had overdone things her cheek were scarlet and it took ages ot get her cooled down.  She managed to eat her tea OK and then the Jaffa cakes took a hit she says they are here favourites. Well better go now and make some lunch. Bye for now. Love 

Thursday, 15 June 2006


       Good Morning J-land, Its another beautiful morning here just can't believe all the wonderful weather.  The photograph above is of a Northern Marsh Orchid I took on Tuesday we had stopped a place where there was a forest of pine trees part of it has been cleared and two ponds have appeared and made a wonderful place for wildlife.  I took more pictures and will share them later.  What do you think of AOL front page, Stuart was annoyed last night as he could not find his beloved Sudoku he used to just click on it on the home page.  I did find it for him but why change that handy little tool bar.  Stuart does his puzzle every evening and really enjoyed it so he did not want to loose it. Collecting Ellen today and will do my shopping at the same time as we have to go to Perth to collect her.  This morning its the dump for us with the old desk. I worked it out and it must be at least 25 years old from MFI for about £10. It was bought for Richard when he was still at school haws that for value.  Its a bit wobbly now and I will be sorry to see it go but the usual reason no room. Well off for my breakfast hope you all have a lovely day take care. Love


Tuesday, 13 June 2006

A Quick Rant.


Hi, just wanted to have a quick rant before I hurry down to make the tea.  We have been in St Andrews today and I went into the local Tesco for some strawberries to my great surprise the were marked produce of USA. £1-69.   I live  30 miles from one of the best berry growing areas in the UK.  Last week the strawberries I had were English and very nice they were too.  I did manage to get local straws in a fruit shop for a few pence more which I did not grudge but to fly berries in from the States at this time of year  seems a bit O.T.T to me with the price of fuel as it is and they are always saying to buy local.  I have nothing against produce being imported when we need it but this surely is carrying coals to Newcastle.  End of rant.  Love   Joan.

Monday, 12 June 2006

Monday Monday.

Good Afternoon, not an awful lot going on today but here goes.  Overnight and this morning we had very heavy rain  that was welcome as the ground was very dry  with the sun and the wind.  Just around lunchtime when we got back from Perth the sun broke through and this afternoon has been lovely with a strong wind but very warm. All went well at hospital blood pressure very good today so they were pleased with that.  Doctor still wants me to try again to ween myself off HRT when the weather cools down in the Autumn. Have tried this before and it did not work but will try again just to please her.
Yesterday I changed the shower curtain and this morning the fresh one  fell down no not on me on Stuart. Now if I could get this to happen a few more time I may be able to persuade him to get a shower screen.  Heres hoping.
We have been sitting tin the garden most of the afternoon reading well I have been trying in between Stuart reading out bits about the book on Snow Geese he is reading so I am not getting on very well with my book.  The Clematis (Nelly Moser) is a picture I took at the weekend of the one that grows up the back of our house it is looking great just now the flowers are so big. I think that about winds thing up so far today time for 'Friends' while I make the tea.  Have a great evening take care.




Sunday, 11 June 2006


Good Afternoon on I think what must be the hottest day of year so far. It is 75 degrees ousting and no wind.  Now I know that I am always complaining about a cold wind but today a wee breeze would be nice or a swimming pool in the garden.  Have been busy this morning with usual household tasks and cleaning the bathroom the job I hate as it kills my back still thats it done for now.  Last week we bought a new kitchen table and four chairs  one of the ones with butterfly wings or what we would have called a  gateleg in the olden days.  We had one of the tables with the benches so we have brought the table upstairs and Stuart has rebuild it, had to take it apart to get it upstairs (remember the carry on at Christmas with the dining room table). It has made a super desk but unfortunately no drawer space so we will have to buy something to keep all our bits for the PC in will see about that tomorrow as we have to go to Perth anyway as I have a hospital appointment.  Am not ill just a HRT check up.  Stuart is sitting watching the Grand Prix so I have this time for me.  Am trying a new way of doing my journal today so I hope it works fingers crossed.  Am trying to type it in the box that Jeannette mentioned (Ctrl + n) looks fine just now so I am going to transfer now ............ that worked great and there is a spell check on it too great.  Will close now have a peaceful Sunday. Love     

Saturday, 10 June 2006

The party.


Hi. Another lovely day here but the wind kept the temperature down a bit as it was blowing from a cool direction but still not a cloud in the sky.  Stuart and I were at Ellen's birthday  party today and a great time was had by all.  The was a clown there and he ran the whole party. The children just did what he asked no problem and played lots of games.  There was a big side room in the hall and he got them all lined up and they all marched off for the eating part of the party. The clearing was a piece of cake as everything was disposable and all went in the bin so it took no time at all. I helped in the kitchen for a bit but Lisa has her Mum so I usually feel a bit spare.  Stuart got the job of colleting names and phone numbers of the children being dropped off which I thought was a good idea.  So thats that for another year it seems no time since Ellen Alice was born. Am now going to download the pictures I took at the party hope they turned out well.  Love


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Friday, 9 June 2006

Ellen's Birthday.

Good Afternoon, Just a quick hello in pink as it is Ellen's Fifth Birthday today not that she will read this but in pink because everything has to pink just now for her. We have been invited up for a birthday tea today and the party for over 20 kids tomorrow (wish me luck for that). It is in the local hall just in case the weather is inclement but I don't think it will be but you never know this is Scotland. She arrived over 2 weeks early and we were on holiday at the time and were on our way back from Norfolk and getting text messages but we did make it home just in time for the all important phone call from Richard I will go now and see what I can do about making myself beautiful if that is not possible presentable at least.  Bye just now. Love                





Thursday, 8 June 2006

Musings for Thursday Morning


Good Morning, When I  came through to the study this morning our bin men were just arriving to empty our brown garden bins. I had to laugh I will say Scottish men (so not to offend everybody) in shorts is just about the funniest thing you will see. Our refuse operatives to give them there full title have been issued with navy shorts so here there are this morning black socks trainers shorts and very white legs merrily emptying our bins.  It really did bring a smile first thing this morning.  Hope you all have a great day off for my breakfast now . Love



Tuesday, 6 June 2006

We paid our now weekly visit to St Andrewsyesterday it was a nice day but overcast. The picture above is of a barrow of plant that is always on the pavement opposite the entrance to a small garden centre which has its entrance up an alleyway. It changes each time we visit and is always lovely, and I thought you would like to see it.  I love when someone goes to a bit of bother to attract custom.  Did not fancy the book of the week this week with the Times but have noticed that Waterston's and Ottakers have both brought our special books for 99p too.  Today has been very hot here and I have had to come in even sitting under the big brolly I was overheating which is not very unusual for me I'm always too hot.  Like Stuart (Specimen Days) I have been reading next weeks TV programs. What I find so annoying is the fact that there is nobody bothering for those of us who don't watch football if there is football on one channel they have put a repeat on the other I am talking about the main terrestrial channels have not looked at the Satellite stations yet here's hoping I can find something there to watch.  I am planning to clear out cupboards and drawers during the world cup so all will be tidy by the end of it as my Stuart likes the football as you know any sport will do. This afternoon it is cycling on Euro sport. Don't mind that too much as he and our son have both raced on their bikes when they were young and both have been champions of the clubs. Sorry about the font thought I would have a change but don't like that one much so have gone back to my usual one its much clearer don't you think. Well I am nice and cool now as this room faces north and the temperature is only 71 so its very nice up here. Think I will pop  back outside and continue with my book. Hope you are all having plenty of sunshine today. Love               


Two Doggies.

Good Morning, just a quicky at this time to clear up a point of confusion. I seem to have caused you all to think that the dogs in the picture were lost in fact they were just tied up outside the pavilion while the owner had her afternoon tea at the Gala. I put the picture and the bit about being lost as they reminded me so much of Nin and Barney in Norfolk you know Ally's dogs and |I was making a joke sorry if I confused everybody maybe I was not making myself clear. Breakfast calls and the lovely sunshine and a washing.  Love,


Sunday, 4 June 2006

Gala Day.

Rhododendron Trichoscum .   This is my pride and joy had it for many years and have had a lot of problems with it. It is a species bred a Glendoick. Each flower is only the size of a 10p piece or 1 inch.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a Gala day in the village  where our son and his wife stay. It was a lovely day not too sunny but very warm.  Last year it rained so heavy there was a landslide and we had to take a detour to get home so you will know how bad the rain was.  However this year we had no complaints.  We parked the cars at Richards and walked down the hill to the village where the fancy dress parade was to start from.  Most of  the children and the Mums were dressed up and there was a Gala Queen in a Rolls Royce all very grand. Don't know what happened to the picture I took of that but it did not come out at all. When we arrived at the park the Pipe Band gave a grand show you can just see the wee lad in the front all the rest are adults but he gives his all.  Later the Majorettes did some marching and twirling of the batons and then there were ladies giving a line dancing display. That was about it, a few stall selling books plants etc and there was a bouncy castle and a Fire Engine it was an enjoyable afternoon but the main arena was not used as much as it was last year in the rain, we had jousting and a falconry display so all in all it was a bit disappointing and very tiring. After all that walking around we then had to walk back up the hill to where Richard stays, again. we were last but never mind we made it in the end just in time for a coffee before setting off for home and a lie down. LOL.  Love


Friday, 2 June 2006

A Birth Announcement.

Good Morning, Just wanted to tell you the good news from Loch Garten. Our pair of Ospreys have hatched 3 young. What a clutch I would like to wish them all the best raising 3 thats a lot of mouths to feed a lot of fish to steal from the fish farm and the surrounding lochs and some good weather to keep the chicks warm and dry.  Again well done ton EJ and Henry. I will give you the link to there site in case you want to read the wardens notes. Bye just now breakfast and the sunshine awaits. Love 


 Sorry forgot to leave the link first time round.