Saturday, 27 January 2007

Saturday Evening.


Thank you D. for this graphic I just love this one.

I thought it was about time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and put in a fresh entry. It has been a very cold week up here as it has been for all of the UK but yesterday afternoon we had just picked up Ellen (Have changed our day due to her being chosen for an Art Group at school)  and the sun came out and the wind dropped and there was just a hint of a Spring evening about, it only lasted a short while but just nice to see and feel what is to come. Today we were out for our coffee this morning and it was really mild, I thought we woud have a short walk to stretch the old legs this afternoon but wish I had'nt as it had turned very cold and windy and Stuart got a pain in his chest. It has gone away now but I had sort of talked him into going as he was quite contented watching sport on the telly. It made me feel very guilty doing that to him, thankfully he is OK again and the pain has gone.
Have been a bit occupied this week with my Tomb Raider IV and really enjoying it ,am getting on well trailing about Egypt and the Tombs etc.
We have been discussing starting to decorate the Kitchen, what a thought that is but it is needing done just thinking what to do at the moment so we shall see.
Looking forward to seing the skating tonight and wishing I could still do that but with the pains I get in my hip I have no chance, still I enjoy watching.
Really struggling for something to say but will have some nice pictures for my you next time.  Take care and stay warm.     Love,


Thursday, 18 January 2007

January DOES bring the snow.


Good Morning at last we have some real winter weather its snowing heavy at the moment. It came on about 7am as far as I can make out, have just come back from our local wee shop as we were in need of milk and bread and of course a paper for Stuart, I don't think he could survive a day without one.
Have had a busy week as I told you last week with the addition of another Audiology appointment yesterday as I had to be measured up for new moulds and the audiologist did not have time on Monday when I was there.
Think I mentioned in my last entry I was going to get my Playstation out of the loft. Stuart got it down for me on Sunday but we had a lot of bother getting it tuned in to our portable always have done but this time it would not hold the signal. I had decided to get another portable just for the playstation as they are very reasonable in price nowadays so on Monday after my hospital appointments we went to the retail park a bought a nice little one. What a difference not having to trail it back and forward from the kitchen to the lounge every time we want to play.
Yesterday was having a look in the game shop not many of then stock games for PS1 nowadays but this one does used games.  I choose one a snip at £2-99 and took it to the cashier only to be told they are BOGOF just now so did'nt I do well. So with with all the games I had plus two new ones I am all set so it can be bad weather and I will not get fed up a all, not meaning to be selfish but I do love to play. Have cleared the memory card so I will have to start all the games again quite an undertaking. So off now to see how I get on with Lara Croft in Egypt, 'Tomb Raider IV' for those of you that are not as silly as me.
I have been trying to play games on the PC but online you can't save your game and it gets to me still love my Book Worm but I have that on disc so I get a save on that. Will go now bye bye,   

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Rain Rain and more Rain.


There is just not another graphic that I have that sums up this week as well as this one. It has been a terrible week it has been raining almost all week with the exception of Wednesday which was a lovely day. Even today the wind is down a bit but it is still blowing hard there are even waves on the bird bath.We have done all our usual things this week and had Ellen for the day on Tuesday, she did not go back to school till Wednesday.  She brought here scooter that Santa brought with her and it faired long enough for us to get out for a walk/scoot in the afternoon so that sort of tired her out a bit she is such a live wire its hard to keep up at times.
A few days before Christmas Stuart had an email from an old friend with whom we had lost touch about 14 years ago. He had seen an entry Stuart had made in a local birdwatching web page and put two and two together and took a chance that it was Stuart he was emailing. We arranged to meet him yesterday and sat for 3 hours chatting about this that and the other. It was great to see him again looking well as he had been ill and nearly lost his life just like Stuart.  I took a picture of the two of them together but it is blurred like my Christmas pictures were. Think I have been holding the button down too long, and that has been making the flash go off twice. Nothing else has been happening up here not been out much with all this rain and wind hoping for a better week next week.
Have booked in for a perm next week as my hair is a nightmare just now sit for ages trying to get some shape into it  in the morning and I just have to go out for two minutes and it is straight again have lasted 11 months since my last perm so have done well but January always seems to get the better of my hair.
Hospital appointment on Monday for my HRT review.Have been trying to cut down very slowly as instructed and am down to half the dose but it is very hard. I also have an appointment with Audiology to have a service on my hearing aids so will have a busy day on Monday and Tuesday.
Have been passing the time playing games on the PC but am thinking about getting another portable TV so I can get my playstation set up again.  Don't like to play it in the kitchen where our portable is set up and it is an awful scutter tuning in everytime I want to change from one to the other.
Think I have rabbited on about nothing long enough so I will close now hope you have a pleasant evening, us, we are going to watch the Harry Potter on the TV as we have not seen that particular movie so am looking forward to that.
Bye for now,


Friday, 5 January 2007

Back to Normal!


Here we are the 5th of January already it has gone in so fast since the turn of the year. Since I last did an entry I have been having my share of disasters. We had invited the family to a New Year / Birthday Lunch  on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening I took myself off to the kitchen to get a start made on the meal.  I was going to make a pot of soup (no. one son very fond of Mums soup) and I was also going to make a Steak Pie which is very traditional at New Year. I went and retrieved the meat from the fridge and opened it up boy oh boy was it off my goodness it was just about walking by itself to the bin.  It was dated the 4/5th Jan (think it meant this year but you could have fooled me) and I had opened it on the 2nd so it should have been OK.  I have a thermometer in the fridge so I can check everything is ok so there was no problem there. Here I am standing the kitchen the night before Stuart birthday with nothing to feed the family on.  I continued and made the soup which miraculously turned out fine and left it at that for Tuesday.  First thing on Wednesday I went to our local supermarket and bought a piece of roast for the lunch came back and guess what not enough foil to go round the roast. Managed to get it covered and popped it in the oven.  For once my guests arrived early makeup not done hair could have been doing with a hot brush as it had gone a bit limp with all the cooking, however did get there in the end.  The roast was not what I would have liked but it did the soup was great and the Sticky Toffee Cheesecake (bought in) was smashing.
Today we have taken done all the decorations etc and had a hoover round Stuart is watching the telly after having a haircut this morning. He had a pain in his chest coming back to the car walking uphill on his own and doing his usual when I am not there walking too quickly, however was  fine by the time he got home.
Tonight I am starting a new book, one that Stuart bought me at Christmas. Its a new author for me Alexander McGregor. He writes murder mystery stories.  You know how Ian Rankin (Rebus) writes about Edinburgh McGregor writes about Dundee so I think it will be very interesting to an ex Dundonian. 
Time to go now and see what I can make for the tea hope nothing else goes wrong this week but if all went well what would I write about.  Bye Bye for now.


Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Another grand day out.

January brings the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

What a lovely day we have had here on Tayside. wall to wall sunshine and very little wind a not cold at all. When I got up this morning I thought I was going to feel very down today feeling a bit lonely and blue have not seen anybody over the festive period with it excepting of Christmas Day not even a phone call. I suggested we had a trip to guess where St Andrews always does my heart good to go there.  Most of the shops were closed and most of the coffee shops too but still we had a nice walk and then a trip down to the shore.  It was so busy you would not believe it, there were hundred of people taking a walk along the beech. The sun shone all the way home and if it stays like this we will have a heavy frost tonight. I have written two new entries in my other journal if anybody is interested. Will close now in the hope you have a pleasant evening.   Love ,

Monday, 1 January 2007

A New Year.


Good Evening, just a quick entry in the hope you are all having a great New Year's Day. No surprise to say that Stuart and I have been out birdwatching today in the cold and wind and made a great start to our year we hope it continues. The wind has subsided somewhat after yesterdays storms. When we were out today were driving along this narrow road and the pictures above tell it all we had to turn back. In all my years on the road this is the first time I have ever seen a fallen tree across the road. I am very glad it happened before we got arrived.  Hope you enjoy your evening.        Love