Thursday, 30 November 2006

The last day of the month.


Been having the same problems as everybody else this week. It makes you so angry you just don't have time for all this delay at this time of year. You sit dow to read your alerts for a while and it takes all evening. Not at my best just now legs giving big problems. We were going to Edinburgh today but had to cancel because or the pain I am in just now. There is a German Christmas market and ice rink and all sorts of winter things going on so we will try next week. Will have to run now as the telly is calling as Biathlon is due to start. May call back later. Love,

Monday, 27 November 2006

Monday Monday


Thank you Donna for this lovely graphic.

Good Evening, we don't have a full moon tonight but it is very clear at the moment just like the graghic and if I lived by the water it would look just like this.
Have been struggling to find something to say the last few days as there is very little happening a the moment. We were at St Andrews today as per usual being Monday it was a lovely day most of the time wind surfers absent today.
There is a lovely Christmas shop in the town and I paid it a visit today they had some lovely decorations but what caught my eye were old fashioned scraps. Big Santa heads, Angels sitting on clouds Angels with wings oh boy did it take me back to my childhood sitting on the steps in the playground swapping scraps. There was another lady in the shop at the time and we chatted about these things what a laugh we had, really brightened up the day for both of us. Must be the time for thinking back am doing a lot of it just now but it is my birthday later in the week. I'll be 21 for the 43rd time. I think that's about it for tonight hope you have a pleasant evening. Love,


Thursday, 23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving.


Thank you Donna for the lovely graphic.

Just a short entry today as I have a lot to do today as we have been out galavanting all week. Monday St Andrews and yes even on such a cold day one brave  wind surfer was out there the wind was so strong it was blowing him over. Tuesday away birdwatching and yesterday Perth and collecting Ellen so today really have to do some housework or you will be able to write a journal on the furniture.  Ellen gave us a preview of her school Christmas concert as she sang all the way home. Looking forward to see her in it in a couple of weeks.  Hope you enjoy reading about our trip on Tuesday in my other journal. Now back to the dusters.

Love  Joan.



Friday, 17 November 2006

Friday Afternoon.

Good Afternoon, passing away another miserable day it is yet again lashing rain real heavy stuff and has been doing so since first thing this morning.  Stuart was at is art class this morning and started a new painting. I was trying in vain to finish my game as I am at the last wee bit but failed will have to try again.
Listening to the weather forecast at lunchtime the snow is getting very near to us now don't think it will snow but you never know in this country.  I love the snow and after all the years living here and worrying about bad roads now we are retired we  can enjoy it a bit better don't mean to sound selfish but you know what I mean.
Stuart is just finishing his paper then I don't know if will be Bookworm (back up to over 1 million after my mishap) or a movie we'll see.
Think that about all I can think of to say for today other than I hope you all have a lovely weekend regardless of the weather.  Love

 Thanks Sara  for Tigger.                                                    

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Wet Thursday.


Good Morning, another we day today after yesterday I thought mistakenly that we had enough rain for this week.  The rain came on yesterday just as we were picking up Ellen from school and it lashed and better lashed till bedtime.  We travelled home down the motorway about 5-45 pm and it was so busy I could hardly believe it and the surface water was atrocious.  I was sitting in our in the kitchen giving her her tea and we were chatting and she said it won't be long till Christmas.  I asked her how do you know this Ellen have you been practising at school for your concert and she said no her words were 'Gran all the leaves are falling off the trees so it is Autumn and that mean it will soon be Christmas' I though that was very smart for a 5 year old.  Her reading is coming along a treat too as it was my turn for homework last night.  Not much doing here today will maybe play some games on the PC later after we have had lunch or perhaps watch a DVD.  The last time we watched a film in the afternoon we watched 'Master and Commander' with Russell Crowe it was great, real adventure stuff. That's me for today but just to say I have updated my Birdwatching Journal today with the lastest news of your intrepid birdwatchers.

                                                      Bye for now,


Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Good Morning is it really November.

Good Morning, still wakening early so thought I would pop in and do today's entry before I start my day proper. Remembered to take my camera with me yesterday so will download the pictures to share with you. Our two brave windsurfers were back yesterday and were having a great time in St Andrews Bay. There was a stiff breeze or strong wind which ever way you look at it but it was cold. Every time they got along to where we were parked and tried to turn they both fell over and it took some doing to get upright again and oh that water must have been cold. It was a lovely sunny day and we really enjoyed our time there. Yesterday is our special day I remember I told you last year that Stuart and I started going out together on Friday 13th November 1959 so that is another notch in our belt 47 years where has it gone.
I remember it was a terrible November night lashing rain and thick fog compared to yesterday 13 degrees and sunshine the weather has changed for sure.
All the way home now, when it has been a lovely day the sun is shining straight in our eyes and I, being so small, have to sit up very straight in the car so the sun visor covers my eyes as the winter progresses is gets worse as we travel home due west.
Don't know what is instore for us today as Stuart is still asleep. I have still not managed to shift my body clock even staying up late nothing seems to help hope time will. That's about it for this morning only to hope you have a pleasant day it seems to be a nice morning here at the moment so we can but hope. Bye for now. Love,



Sunday, 12 November 2006



Thank you D's Design for the graphic today it is just perfect.

Good Morning I was up with the lark this morning to do this entry all quiet and calm had it all done only had to sign it and hey presto closed the wrong window and lost it all so I have been and had breakfast and have come up again to start over.
It is a grey Remembrance Sunday up here in Tayside. I heard someone say last night that there has only been one year since the First World War that a British Serviceman or woman has not been killed on active duty.  I think that says it all.
I have been away from journal most of the week as it has been taking me so long to read journals that I have not had time to write in this one. I know you too have been having trouble mine seems much better this morning so we can but hope it stays this way.
Started to clear out some kitchen cupboards yesterday afternoon in the company of my wee telly and Death on the Nile.  Its a great movie and I can even remember 'who done it' which is most unusual. I enjoyed Angela Landsburgh's over the top performance and I did like Peter Ustinov as Poirot. I know David Suchet has made the part his own and I do love him in it but they all bring their own magic to the part. Stuart and I love all the Agatha Christie movies and dramas on the telly I think we have just about seen them all. Midsomer tonight goody goody.
We had our usual outings to St Andrew and Perth this week but I forgot my camera again I keep leaving it up here on the desk in the study and then I forget to take it with us when we go out. I am taking my Omega oil capsules every day but they are not helping yet we can but hope they kick in soon lol.
I see the Vivi awards have been given out and well done to all the winners but oh they do cause so much trouble.
That's me for today shower next and then I think its the damp patch in the bathroom  Stuart is tackling this morning and he will need my assistance. Think it is condensation that causing it with all the steam etc in there.  Hope we can fix it as it is very unsightly.  Bye for now and have a peaceful Sunday. 


Friday, 3 November 2006

An Autumn Walk.

Above our desk in the study we have a Scotsman calendar with  views of Scotland.  On Wednesday when I turned over a new month it was this lovely view of Kinnoul Hill just outside Perth.  As it was such a beautiful day yesterday we wanted to get out and about and decided to go up there as it is a long time since we have been to that area.  So with picnic packed off we went. The first part of the walk was uphill and through a large wood we saw may birds and lots of Red Squirrels and one or two grey ones.  We walked for ages and did not seem to be getting anywhere near Tower so after careful thought we turned back. It was much easier going back down and we were soon back at the car a bit sore from our efforts. There is a lot of building of pathways going on and the place where you get directions was no use at all. We had the feeling than we were in the wrong place but it is so long since our last visit it was hard to remember it has all changed so much.  We got back in the car and had a look at our map.  We drove on a bit and at last we came to the car park we remembered. After a coffee and a sandwich we started uphill once again.  It was a long walk but we were determined to get to the Tower and to see the superb view you get from the top of Kinnoul Hill.  I think you will agree when you look at the pictures I have posted.
The hill is one of the five hills which make up Woodland park it rises to 728 feet. From the top of the hill, on a fine day like it was yesterday spectacular views are assured to the River Tay and Dundee, Fife and the Lothians. The folly tower was built on the edge of the cliff by one of the earls of Kinnoull to simulate one of the romantic German castles perched above the Rhine.
It was long walk uphill most of the way and we were pretty pooped by the time we arrived at the top but it was worth the effort.  One thing it was a downhill walk all the way back to the car.  We had a great day out and I hope you like the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Have a great weekend.  Love


Thursday, 2 November 2006

Chickly Bits?

Good Evening, very late for me to do this entry but we have had quite a day. Will tell all tomorrow morning, but tonight just a small entry about something that  came to mind today. We were out walking in woodland and I saw all the little pieces of wood lying on the footpath and it got me to thinking.  I was born in December 1942 right in the middle of the second world war. My Dad was in the Royal Corp. of Signals so there was just my Mum and me in the family. My Grandmother and Grandfather lived below us in the tenement block in Dundee.  Mum and I did a great deal of walking as we lived very near Balgay Park. The park is a wooded hill in part and we used to go up the hill on our walks.  I always carried a little brown leather bag in which I would gather 'chickly bits' don't know where the name came from but that's always what I called these small twigs just like the ones in the picture above. Whenever we are out walking even to this day I always remember gathering the 'chickly bits' in the bag and coming home and Mum would put them on the coal fire. Stuart thinks I have a great memory for all the thing that happened as a child but the memories are very vivid to me and I always seem to be recalling them these days.
You maybe remember me saying I had been put on a Statin for my Cholesterol three months ago I got the latest results this morning and its down to 3.97 and I am chuffed, about that its nearly as good as Stuart's. Joking apart it has been a long slog getting my Blood pressure down to an acceptable level but the doctor said this morning we had done it. Its three years ago since she read me the riot act that made me stop smoking but I think it has all been worth it. So on that note I will close for today wishing you all goodnight and God Bless. Love