Friday, 29 September 2006

Friday's Musings


Good Morning, Friday again the week has just whizzed by. All alone this morning Stu off doing his art me trying to catch up with other journal. That said I have just finished an entry in my Birdwatching Diary here's the link:
It's not a very nice morning here its raining again that's the third day this week so am glad we choose last week for our break. While we were away we visited a place called Cullen (the home of Cullen Skink) now what is that you may ask, well it is a fish soup.  Our son raves about it but we had never tried it.  As we were sitting on the beach at Cullen I said to Stuart if they have that on the menu while we are here I am going to try it. Low and behold that very night there it was Cullen Skink for one of the first courses. We both looked at one another and laughed. When the waiter came we both ordered it.  It is absolutely fabulous. Its a creamy soup made with smokes flaked haddock onions and potatoes it was quite chunky but you could blend it if you wanted.  We really both enjoyed it even Stuart who can be a bit picky at times thought it was great. If you key word Cullen Skink there are lots of recipes for it I am going to give it a try sometime.  We were really overfed at the hotel it must be feeding all those healthy east coast fishermen's appetites that makes them give you so large portions. I never managed to clear my plate once while we were there and I felt awful about it but I just could not manage all they gave us. On the morning of our departure they even gave us two eggs with our Scottish breakfast. We both put on a few pound in the time we were away and now we will just have to take them off again. Oh well Que Serra Serra.
Well that's about it for today have a good day Love,



Thursday, 28 September 2006

The Short Break Away

Good Morning, at last I have time to write something about our holiday in my journal, this week seems to have been hectic with one thing or another.
We left home about 10am last Monday morning it was just raining but it was off before we got to Perth so that was great.  We had checked all the different routes on the PC and choose one that we had not thought of and roads we had not been on for many years. After leaving Perth we headed for Blairgowrie (famous for its berry crop in the summer)  the on up Glenshee to The Devils Elbow, this was an elbow in the road years ago and it was very steep but with all the skiing that goes on there now a new road has been built taking the elbow away such a pity as it is not the same now.  We stopped for coffee and a bite to eat at the top of the pass and then carried on down into Breamar.  As we passed Balmoral we gave the Queen a quick wave. As we passed her castle I tried to get a picture of it for you but there is no stopping just now as the family are in residence there is only one place you can see the castle from the road and we were not allow to stop. I was a bit disappointed because of this as it was looking lovely that morning with the sun shining and the royal standard blowing in the breeze. After Deeside we travelled up Donside which is a valley running parallel to Deeside and on northward. We were heading for the coast north of Aberdeen if you look at the weather map it is the flat bit between Aberdeen and Inverness.  We had another stop in a village called Rhynie and had coffee and home baking there. Now Rhynie is a very famous place for all the wrong reasons as it is the first place mentioned when we get our first significant fall of snow the news reader always says the road between Rhynie and Dufftown is blocked this happens usually in November and we then know winter is here.  The roads in this neck of the woods are very twisty with many many sharp bends the like of which I have not seen for a long time. At last we arrived at Macduff and found our Hotel which was right on the front and to put the icing on the cake we had a front room overlooking the sea and the harbour.  We quickly unpacked and headed out for a walk round the harbour. Will leave it there now and download some pictures for you. The lovely graphic I borrowed from Jeannette (Welcometo my Travels) a while back as I thought it was beautiful hope you don't mind Jeannette.  Take care Part two to follow.   Love

                                   Sara made this graphic for me.

Monday, 25 September 2006

Take a look at this.

Please take a look at todays digi picture of today it is absolutely superb.







Saturday, 23 September 2006

Hello Again


Good Morning, just thought I would pop in and say hello after my wee holiday. With all the bad weather around you would maybe have been thinking we had a dreadful time just the opposite we had glorious weather very mild and sunny most of the time and no rain.  We were able to picnic out if we wanted to and sit in comfort and do our bird watching. We really did have a super holiday. Photos will be coming later once I get caught up again with the washing etc. Trying to listen to the Ryder Cup as we don't have Sky Sports so will have to wait till tonight for the highlights program.  Hope you are all well and been  behaving will I have been gone.Will be back later.












Monday, 18 September 2006

Friday, 15 September 2006

Friday Musings


Good Afternoon, What a lovely day it has been here today after all the rain of yesterday. Stuart was at his art class this morning and has almost finished his latest masterpiece will let you see it when it is.  This afternoon we have been up to Perth shopping for the lotions and potions as Stuart calls them for our holiday next week, so am stocked up with the anti wrinkle cream etc but I think I'm a bit late with that. It was so hot in Perth today and very busy as there are still a lot of tourist buses coming into the city and it was Friday afternoon too. We sat out in our favourite restaurant for coffee and the sun was beating down from behind the church spire it was lovely.  Was glad to get home though as my feet were killing me even in flat shoes that are normally very comfy.  Good TV tonight we get Monty Don and there is a new Rebus on at 9pm.  Think Ken Stott makes a much better Rebus than John Hannah not that I have anything against John he is a fine actor but he is just not tough enough for to play Rebus I am glad STV admitted they were wrong and gave the part to Ken Stott. Well thetas about it from my interesting life for today lol.  Have a good evening  whatever you are doing. Love


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Thursday, 14 September 2006

This and that.


Good Afternoon, I seem not to have had a moment to myself all week. On Monday at last my hearing appointment arrived. It has been a dreadful six weeks with these new hearing aids. I have not been able to hear anything properly not been able to drive because I was over revving the engine, could not hear what Stuart was saying to me he was having to shout and if it had not been for the subtitles on the TV that would have been a no no too.  When I saw the audiologist on Monday the first thing she said was after i told her my complaints was I am not surprised you are not hearing I did not set your aid high enough for your hearing loss.  I was very good and did not loose my temper. She said it was done like that to get me used to them before she turned them up but I think six weeks a bit too long to have to wait.  However all is well now and I have them set on high so for the time being all is well and I can hear again in fact I am having to turn them down a bit. Stuart and I have both needed phone appointments with the doctor to discuss new meds and they are away late so that keeps you in a bit.  We were going to Perth today as we did not get yesterday or at least we only passed through on our way to Monifieth (See my Birdwatching Journal for the whole story) and as we picked up Ellen at 3pm did not get my round of the shops only Tesco's, but it is raining so hard don't think we will bother as I am only really needing shampoo and that can wait. (All exciting stuff this) lol. Will have to get started to pack as I like to take my time incase I forget something which I usually do but still.  Better go now and make some coffee. There's a new entry in my birdwatching journal today you might enjoy. Love and take care


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Sunday, 10 September 2006

The Internet/

I did not realise until today just how good The Net is.  I have reffered to it twice today for information about things, and, have been very impressed.  I started a new book last night and did not know about a place that was mentioned, and is going to be very relevent to the story.  I looked it up this morning and I got all the information I needed, the place was Masada.
Later today I was thinking of my favourite poem, one that my Mum taught me when I was at school . I learned  to recite it for the teacher once, as were given free choice.  I had forgotten a lot of it and it is not that well known.  All I keyed in today was the title of the poem, and three seconds later up it came.,I just could not believe it.  I don't think there is very much at all the you cannot get help with on The Net. Maybe its because I am older that I am so impressed by this technology, I cannot but marvel at it.  Well thats about it for me for tonight, will go and read my poem, as I have printed it off. Midsomer tonight great.  Have a good evening,


Friday, 8 September 2006

Another visit to Edinburgh



A Wheatfield, with Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh.



Since I last spoke to you I don't think I have had a minute to spare we have been so busy. Yesterday Stuart and I went back to Edinburgh to the Dean Gallery  (part of The National Gallery of Scotland) to see the Exhibition Van Gogh and Britain: Pioneer Collectors. This is the exhibit I told you about the last time we were in Edinburgh so we decided to go before it closes later in the month.  I am so glad we went even to me the untrained eye the paintings and the story behind them was fascinating. The art on show was all paintings collectors in Britain had collected before Van Gogh was famous.  Some of the paintings were bought for peanuts. The painting above was bought by The National Gallery  (The Tate) for £3300 in 1923. Many of the paintings were bought for far less.  It is such a sad story you read as you go round The Gallery.  I choose the above painting because it bounced out at you when you were approaching it. It was my particular favourite in this collection.  Stuart was in total awe and had a wonderful day.  It is a very popular event and there were many people there but we did not have to queue so we timed it just right as I think it will get busier now that there is only two weeks left. So if you can get to Edinburgh go along its the chance in a lifetime to see all those paintings together.
As we walked around I saw this quotation so I will leave you to ponder this......Vincent said to his brother Theo
"I can't help it if  no one will buy my paintings"


Tuesday, 5 September 2006



Time is hanging very heavy today don't know why it just is.  The weather is not helping it has been very heavy rain since we got up. I have tried various things to try to pass the time, I have tidied up I have read journals made comments chatted at 11 played some games been killed too often surely not concentrating properly have tried to read my book which is super, I have discovered Lee Child, a thriller writer and the one I am reading they say is unputdownable which it is except today I can.  The rain has been so heavy Stuart had to put on his coat to put the bin out and in.  I am hoping to get a walk later if it just eases as little.  I quite like walking in the rain if I have my brolly I am usually happy.  I would go and do a baking but as we are both trying to loose a few lbs that would not be a good idea, have not baked for a long time come to think of it used to do it every week, miss that. We managed to get booked up for a few days holiday the week after next we are off to the Moray coast north of Aberdeen to a small place called Macduff. The birdwatching should be good there at this time of year as the bird that have been in the Arctic to breed are on there way south for the winter so fingers cross and the wind is in the right direction we should see some nice species.  Still needing a few more for this years total and time is marching on now.  Its a good job I drink decaf coffee as I must have had about 10 cups today already will have to try to cut down now or I will be up and down all night. Speaking of night I have these recurring dreams the last couple of weeks I keep dreaming I'm lost or have lost something shoes, keys, and all sorts of strange things cannot understand where this is coming from as I have not lost anything surprise surprise lately. If any of you out there know anything about dreams please tell me.  When I was stopped smoking and was on the nicotine patches the dreams I had then were hilarious. I used to relay them to Stuart every morning and burst out laughing when I was telling the tales. I was very lucky as these patches can cause nightmares and if I had had nightmares as vivid as the funny dreams I would have been in big trouble. Think its time I left you  and I will go and see if the rain has eased enough tolet me out for a wee while. Bye for now,


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Sunday, 3 September 2006

A wee reminder


Just thought I would leave a gentle reminder.  Feeling a bit naughty today.  lol

Love Joan.

Saturday, 2 September 2006

Satuarday Musings.



Good Afternoon, after all the lovely weather we have been having lately the rain has caught up with us today, it is not just as heavy as it is in the graphic its just gentle rain that is falling.  I did not know what I was going to write about today until just five minutes ago.  I was chatting to Stuart in the lounge when I saw neighbours out in the rain across the road and being a nosey parker I watched to see what was going on.  When I saw our neighbour with a chain saw in his hand I knew what was going to happen. A tree was about to be chopped down.  It was a beautiful 30 foot high Rowan Tree in full leaf and covered in berries.  It only took about five minutes to fell this lovely tree.  I know it was blocking the house's light but if only they had left it till the winter.  The berries we hanging like grapes all lovely and red and ready to feed the birds for a good long while.  It is so sad to see a tree of that calibre being felled I could have wept.  We have been in this house for sixteen year and it was a good size when we came so it must have been there for about 20 years that's how long the houses have been here.  Twenty and more years to grow and felled in five minutes.                                                                   So on this very sad afternoon I will say goodbye and hope you have a good Saturday.
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