Friday, 30 May 2008

Osprey update


Hi, Just at quick update to remind you about our Ospreys at Lock Garten we now have 3 chicks and at this moment they are being fed by Mum. t

This is not the same pair as Springwatch were showing last night. Its just after 11 o'clock so hurry over and take a look.                                                 

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hello again.

Hello, I can hardly believe that it is so long since I have written a word or two in my journal. We have had a wonderful holiday and had all that lovely weather the first weeks in May and as we were in Norfolk the temperature was well up in the 70’s which was great for us coming from the frozen north ha ha well that the way it feels today with the wind and the rain. Since we arrived home I have been really down for no reason at all but have just not been able to cheer up at all and have been in a bad mood (poor Stuart).

I have been messing about on Friends Reunite (which is free now great) and have found a long lost cousin and have enjoyed chatting to him by email, have exchanged photo’s and he said I have not changed a bit since he saw me last about thirty years ago, this anti wrinkly cream I use must be the real thing, either that on he is telling porky pies.

I did mean to keep a journal during our holiday but with the weather being so good I just did not have the time or the inclination sorry about that. I did take some pictures and will have them for you in a day or two I just unloaded the camera today and we have been home over a week, so unlike me. We did not have one spot of rain in two weeks till the journey home.

Brought back my tomato plants again and bought a new tomato house just a plastic one which I think would have been great if we had not had gale force north winds for the last week I have never seen such winds at this time of year it was like winter except the trees are in full leaf and ready to take off has it been like that down you way.

I am going to put in a photo that my cousin sent me can you guess who had the big bit cake at the wedding.


The date of this picture is August 1950.

Think thats it just now will return soon.