Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Tuesday's Musings.



Thank you Donna for the lovely Graphic.



Good Afternoon, it has been a very quiet day alert wise don't know if they are working alright or everybody is busy.
We have a busy couple of days. Yesterday in particular I had a appointment with the optician for some new glasses my varifocals were needing renewed. Still love the reading pair I bought last year for the PC as they have made a great difference to my neck, it used to suffer if I was on the computer for any length of time. After we did our shopping and picked up Ellen from school. She was fine in the car but when we got back here she was not in the best of moods I think she has been getting a bit spoiled while on holiday and is taking bad with being back to normal.
Today we had a visit from the double glazing company as we had a wee niggle or two with windows so that's all sorted now and the rest of day is ours thank goodness.
Finished my book the other night. I had been reading a P J Tracy called Live Bait. It was a very good thriller if you have not tried any of their books I would say they are worth a read but read 'Want to Play First' as its the same characters in both and Live Bait refers to Want to Play and I think it would be best to read them in order.  I think I have mentioned a favourite site of mine for fiction if you want to know the order books were written it etc its very helpful its called
just click the link and off you go.
The new book I have just started is another Matthew Reilly called 'Ice Station' have only read the first 50 pages but it sounds great as usual. His books are a real adventure at breakneck speed.
Not a very nice day here we have had a lot of rain overnight and there is more forecast for tomorrow but Thursday is supposed to be lovely here's hoping. That's the thing about rain it forgets to stop but a old friend of my Dad's always said "Its aye gan aff affore" for in proper English 'Its always gone off before.
I think that about all for just now as I am trying to climb the Great Pyramid without a lot of success (Tomb Raider) so I will be off to try again and again no doubt.



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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Saturday Musings and some pictures.


Good Afternoon, Not very nice today a bit rainy but still good for the garden. I wanted to empty my camera so here are some photographs I have taken over the last few weeks hope you enjoy them.
Thank you for all the tips about McAfee it is the stand alone version we have so Stuart has managed to change the time of the  big scan to a more suitable time.
Thats it for me off for some food. Love,

Friday, 20 April 2007

Todays Musings.



Good Morning, its Friday again so for me that a PC on a go slow while it does its weekly scan. I am not getting on well with this Macafee at all it a pain in the you know what. It has updates everyday at least once this scan on a Friday takes about four hours and with this being MY morning (Stu at art class) I find it infuriating.
Not been the best week as I still have this awful cough that does not seem to be shifting, if it is not any better by Monday I think I will have to se the doctor. I know its nothing compared with some of our friends but you have to have something to moan about don't you.
We are back to a normal April weather unfortunately cold wind and a bit cloudy but we have not had any rain to speak of so that's something.
Stuart has been busy planting up some violas in hanging baskets and they are looking lovely will take pictures when they come on a bit more.
Three weeks tomorrow we are off on holiday so will have to be getting busy sorting things out for going. We have booked the same cottage in Brancaster Staithe in North Norfolk as we normally go to so we are really looking forward to our break away.
I think that's about it for today speak to you again soon.                                   Love





Sunday, 15 April 2007

Good Morning.


Good Morning, What a wonderful morning it is here again I cannot believe its only April we have been sitting out having coffee, lunch and whatever all week it has been superb.
Not been at my best these last few days after getting through the winter cold and flu free I now have a dreadful cough thanks to our darling granddaughter she had this on her last visit before she went on holiday. The news from Cyprus is it has been cloudy but is now getting better haven't we been lucky.
Finished 'Contest By Matthew Reilly' what a great book this is the second one of his I have read and I am exhausted after it as it is no stop action all the way. He never uses two words when one will do. Great stuff.
As you will see from my side bar I have started putting I a picture of what I am reading at the moment so you will see I have started another P.J. Tracy thriller, this again is the second one of their books I have read I say their as they are a mother and daughter team P.J. is Mum and Tracy is the daughter they live in different states in the US and do all their writing on the phone. Again its all action stuff, I do like authors that get on with the story.
Stuart has his sport again today Paris Marathon + Grand Prix+Paris Roubaix cycle race, he'll be tired after that lot.
Me, well the washing is ready to go out and the coffee pot awaits Italian Filter today lovely. Have a lovely Sunday.                           Love


Tuesday, 10 April 2007










Hi I have no idea if you are ever going to be able to read this because at the moment journals won't let me write an new entry. I thought I would write it in notebook in case things get better later.
We have been busy in the garden again today, last week I forgot to mention that Stuart was putting creosote on the fence and shed  so today he was just finishing it off. We bought one of the power spray things advertised of the telly (Argos) we got a great deal and the stuff you put on was half price. What a wonderful invention Stu managed all the fence and the shed in about an hour and a half he thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. There is one piece of the fence that is slatted vertical planks and he had to do that with a brush and it has taken him all day to do that one bit. We would really recommend the spray it make the job really easy.
Weather wise it have been lovely the last few days I have been out too trying to get rid of some Welsh Poppies that have self seeded all over the garden and we are trying hard to  stop them spreading any more.
For any fans of NCIS the new series starts tonight on FX if you have a sat. dish. It seems a long time in coming so I hope it lives up to expectations.
Think I will stop now in case I have been wasting my time and AOL won't let me post this entry. Have a great evening.     Love ,




Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter


Good Afternoon, first of all I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Its a lovely day here but much colder than of late. Fine day for washing but not sitting out,cold wind.
Have had a very busy week with the weather being so nice and warm hottest in the land last week  most unusual but much appreciated, we have been really busy in the garden, you know the saying make hay while the sun shines well we have really made the most of this week. Our garden is looking a picture already grass is cut edges done  weeding done general spruce up new cover put on mini greenhouse and we have also had time to sit and enjoy it too.
Finished my Mathew Reilly book if aybody likes a non stop adventure story he's your man it was unputdownable as they say on covers, but very true in this case have bought another three of his books ready to go when I can stand the pace again.  Have also read Violets are Blue, James Patterson one that I had missed for some reason that was most unusual and I enjoyed it too. So all in all a busy time was had by this retired lady.  Have not been on the PC much have been trying to stay away a bit but have been reading, but not commenting much on journals but will try to get back to it now that the garden is well on its way to being a peaceful haven LOL.  Well I think I had better away and see what Stuart is up to I think he is watching cycling at the moment its a big day  for him sportswise he had a Motor GP this morning followed by The Tour of Flanders Cycle race this afternoon and the Masters Golf tonight. Thank goodness for portable TV's.  Have a great day. LOve,