Saturday, 24 February 2007



Good Afternoon, not been in the best of moods today Stuart thinks I am just getting moody in my old age. This morning when we arrived our out garden centre there were cars everywhere just for a moment we wondered what was happening then the penny dropped tickets for T in the park went on sale today. Next to our garden centre is the local information office and that's where some of the tickets were on sale. For those of you south of the border this is the largest music festival in Scotland and it takes place about miles away from where we stay near enough for us to be able to hear the music.  I don't usually complain about the festival but today if you could see the mess the queue has left behind you would feel as disgusted as I do . From what I have heard the village is in the same state as one of our local shops had some tickets to sell too. There is a Moto service station here so the people queing had access to coffee etc all night yes they have been queing all night long for their tickets, so its all the paper cups and hamburger holders that are all over the place it looks dreadful, rant over. T. in the Park not till July.
It has been very Spring like here all week and we managed to make a start on the garden one afternoon. What a difference a bit of weeding makes so hopefully we will get out again soon. We had a lot of rain on Thusday and again overnight so all is very wet at the moment.
Am off now to load some photos I have taken over the last week or so hope you enjoy. Love,

Friday, 16 February 2007

Friday again



Good Morning can't believe its Friday already. Its not been a good week here for Stuart and I. At the start of the week I was very tired and really felt washes out. I did not think anything about it just took it easy for a few day and seemed to be OK. Yesterday Stuart was so tired with the added sore throat and the exploding head he ended up in his bed from teatime. Today he is better and has taken himself off to his art class.
While Stuart was in bed I wallowed in two trashy DVD's that came free with the Mail this week you know the type of thing Jackie Collins and a Barbara Taylor Bradford but I really enjoyed sitting there without the disapproving looks as Stu does not like that kind of thing. I still have a few more that I have collected this last year or so and I will have to send Stuart off to bed early again to get caught up.
Not much been happening in this neck of the woods just now just normal run of the mill events. The weather seems to be a bit more settled today after the gales of yesterday.<
Last Saturday when we were up at the garden centre for our coffee we were sitting in the heated conservatory as we always do when a mini storm blew up with rain hail snow and wind it was amazing it was like you were sitting outside but not getting wet or cold as the storm raged around you and the noise was deafening.
That's just about it for today not too much to say just hoping you are all well.



Friday, 9 February 2007

Blame Lara Croft.


Thank you Donna the perfect graghic.

Good Morning, I cannot believe that it is over a week since my last entry not like me at all but don't blame me blame Lara Croft (Tomb Raider). I have been spending most of my free time trying to get on with the fourth game in the series it can be very difficult at time. Yesterday I had to get Stuart who does not waste his time on games like me other than Book Worm where he is a bit of a whiz to give me a hand as he is more patient than I am but together we got here through the spikes. You had to work back to front with the aid of a mirror and it made it very hard. Enough of Lara don't want to bore you all.
We have had some snow up here too but things are running well and the schools seem to be handling it OK this time. Stuart is at his Art Class this morning as per Friday but I think we are going up to Perth this afternoon.  I bought two new jumpers on Wednesday but they are on the small size so will have to be returned so Stu said he would take me if the weather doesn't turn foul again.
Have been playing chess on line just with Stuart which seems a bit silly but its great fun everytime I log on there a new move from him. Anybody out there play chess? Stuart taught me when we were courting, we have not played for ages so it makes a nice change.
Well, I think that's about it for today will go and get on with the housework. Hope you are all keeping warm during this cold weather.



Thursday, 1 February 2007



Thank you D. for the graphic.


February brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen lake again.

Just come back in after a rather cold walk with Stuart. It is very mild today but there is a cold wind now. While walking it was nice to see many snowdrops  crocus and winter aconite out already. Below is a picture of our hellebore. This is the first year we have had this one and we have had two big flowers on it. I bought the plant in Wells next the Sea on holiday last year so I am really pleased with the result.  I had one before, but it died an early death because I had my Dad's dog at the time and it was a favourite spot for the leg cocking leg process. I have a pot of snowdrops just coming out that I rescued from a lay-by. Someone had been digging them up and left some lying about, so I brought them home and planted them up in a tub and they have really thickened up in the two years I have had them.  I know its against the law to dig up snowdrops but they were gong of die lying where they were in the middle of a lay-by. Think that's about it for today not a great deal happening just now so I will wish you good evening.


















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