Monday, 31 July 2006

Thinking back

Good Evening, very late for me tonight but Stu has been making music for the car so this is the first chance today I have had. Had our usual trip to St  Andrews today but it was very very busy so we cut it short.  We took a run round the coast and ended up in Tayport. I don't know if you all know but I am a Dundonian born and raised in Dundee.  From Tayport you look straight across the River Tay which is the longest river in Britain to Broughty Ferry and Dundee. We sat for a long while and thought back to when we were young and lived over there.  I looked through Stuarts Binoculars (mine still being serviced) at Broughty Ferry Beach on this fine summer day the first Monday of the Dundee Fair fortnight and there were  THREE people on the beach.  When we were kids we used to take a bus from Dundee to Brought Ferry and spend the day there and it would be packed it was so disappointing to see so few people there today, times changed I suppose. Next to grab our attention was the erection of two wind turbines right in the middle of Broughty Ferry I think you will see them in the photos. What they have built them right in the middle of the town for I will never understand. Now back to my favourite mump toilets where we were parked today there  was a toilet block or there was one the last time we were there maybe about a year ago, but no longer they have knocked it down and put an information marker in it place. I think I will have to get a loo built in the boot (trunk) of the car. We did enjoy our afternoon despite all my mumping I think you will now know I am not very good with change especially when it is in my home town.  Tomorrow is the first of August, will be sorry to see July go as it has been a lovely month, everything in the garden has been doing so well it was nice to see the flowers not being battered down by days of rain so its goodbye July and welcome August.  Will say goodnight now and try to load up the photos I have taken of The Firth of Tay.   Take Care Love,


Sunday, 30 July 2006

At the Seaside.


Good Afternoon, thought I would share my pictures from our day out today with you before I make out tea then I know its done and I can relax tonight.  We set off for LochGelly Loch this morning to see a special duck that is on the loch just now (see my other journal for that later) then carried on to Kinghorn on the  River Forth. Not happy with the pictures at all, have taken better there but the light was a bit strange over the water.  The first two are of Mossmoran Chemical Plant not a pretty sight but the flame looked great this morning against the blue sky. The weather was lovely by the water and Stuart got out his telescope and did a bit of birding. I was bad and sat in the car (with the windows down) and read my book. My binoculars are in for servicing just now and won't be ready for two more weeks. Stuart offered to share but I was happy as I was. There were lots of people about doing summer things even swimming better them than me but maybe they were younger than me.  I used to love to swim in any water that was available but now it has to be a pool getting fussy in my old age. Now on to my favourite subject ' TOILETS'. At Kinghorn there is one of these cubical toilets you know the ones with the revolving door which is very handy.  When we were there in the Spring it was not working but today I set of for it full of confidence that in would be sorted and open. No such luck still 'Not in use'. Now this is a busy carpark and beach during the summer and I think it is very unfair of the council not to do something about the only loo available to the public.  After my non visit to the loo (no bushes available either) Stuart offered to take me further up river to see if I could get a better picture of the two Forth Bridges. Got in a better position but the light just was not clear enough will try again when its not so warm, and there is not such a haze on the water. They don't call Edinburgh Auld Reekie for nothing. It has been a bit more comfortable weather wise today temp about 70f. which was just fine. We had another grand day out and now on with the tea making. Well that's me will better go and feed my hubby or I will be getting my books.  Love 



Saturday, 29 July 2006

This and that.


Thank you D'Design for the graphic.

Good evening, from a very rainy Perthshire. Saved the above graphic for such a night.  We were promised rain from3pm yesterday but it did not start until about 4pm today. I can practically hear the garden breath a sigh of relief it has been needing some decent rain for some time. I think that is the first time I have every had to say that living up, here we usually have plenty in fact too much is normal. Not much happening today, out for our usual Saturday coffee this morning into the village to pick up a prescription for Stu. On the way back we saw a small farmers market in the village so had a wander but as I did not know it was going to be there could not buy any of the veg as I have already stocked up this week.  When we came back although the sun was not shining we sat out after lunch, Stu with the papers and me with my book. I picked some of my Hydrangea flowers as they were lying on the ground and if they got wet that would have been the end of them.  Once the rain came on I came up here and pottered on the PC trying to get on with my game and getting wiped out again and again nothing new there have been stuck for a while but will keep trying.  I found out that Eurosport are showing the under19 European Champions final and guess who is in the Final Scotland they are playing Spain so Ian big team, which would not be hard. Think that me for tonight wish you all a pleasant Saturday evening. Love,



Friday, 28 July 2006

Relaxing at home


Good Afternoon, at last we have come to the end of, for me a very busy week.  Hospital appointment three in all the great bed challenge and the hot hot weather to deal with so all in all have not had much time for our retirement.  First the beds are very comfy but I am still not sleeping very well a bit better but it is still very hot.  When we were up in Perth on Wednesday we managed to track down a big fan and it is marvelous. We have had it going during the night in our bedroom and it has helped me. When I do my ironing I have it right in front of my so now ironing is a breeze.  Shops have been caught out again with our great summer, as I had to try umpteen shops till I found one.  I have been back to the audiolgy deptartment and have had my new hearing aids put up to the next level so I can hear again.  I know I say I love to switch off in the garden if there is noise when I am reading but living like that all the time made me feel quite unwell lucky I had only to put up with it for two days. Thanks to the NHS I have two new digital hearing aids that there is no way I could afford and I even get free batteries.  When I first went deaf I had a private one now this was twentyfive years ago at least and it cost £150 at that time and it only last just over a year and when I went back I was told that was the lifetime of an aid. I knew there was noway I was going to be able to afford that sort of outlay for the rest of my life so I went to see my doctor and was refered to the hospital. The NHS aids we slightly bigger then but now they are right up to date. Sorry to waffle about this but it is a great service up here in Scotland.     


Today we have been staying at home Stuart went out early to cut the grass and tend his garden while I did the usual household chores.  We then sat down in the garden with a pot of coffee and Stuarts (Speciman Days)  Puzzle he posted today, kept us really busy  half of the morning still got some to get, you should try it some of the answers are really clever.  Off now for more coffee and maybe some more answers and a read of my book, am reading Dan Brown's Deception Point  not bad but would not rave about it.  Wonder what his new book will be like its certainly taking long enough to get published read somewhere it is going to be about The Masons so we will see. Sad night tonight last ever West Wing one of our favourite programs going to miss this as it was great Monty Don and then The West Wing oh well all good things must come to an end and with that I will end too for today.   Love, 




Tuesday, 25 July 2006

My Star

A Star for Stuart.

So after the early start we made by having the Bed Men battering down the door we had a quick breakfast decided to wait and have our showers later we got started to the big move.  First we had to get the big double divan and matters downstairs. Our stairs have a sharp bend at the bottom so it was a bit difficult to get first the mattress round and then the base. Fortunately the base splits in two so it was not to bad. The delivery men had dumped the new beds in the living room and had no intentions of taking them upstairs so we then had seven  trips up and down with all the different components.  Stuart has been a real star today, in all this heat and it was very hot in our bedroom as it is south facing the sun was shining brightly and there was not a breath of wind. Is this really Scotland or has someone moved us south   this summer?. Back to the tale of the beds for once the flat pack contained all the correct screws nuts etc. so they went together no bother all.  Unfortunately Stuart forgot to charge his electric screwdriver so he had to do it manually.  He did really well and by 12 noon both beds were up and in position. Since then I have made them up ready for us to fall into tonight in the hope it will be cooler.  At this moment I cannot get cooled down at all the perspiration is dripping off my forehead. Will go and run in under the tape when I finish this entry. Have not taken pictures yet as I have two odd duvet covers on and it does not look good but I will show you when I get it all matching.  When i say things like that to Stuart he just gives me one of those Hmmmmm looks more pennies.  Never mind I will charm him round OK have had lots of practice. Think I am rambling now it must be the heat.  Will go now and see if I can cool down maybe if I put new batteries in my wee fan it will help.  Bye for now.  Love.

Oh I did hoover all the dust that was under the bed                                   

Up with the larks.

Got out of my bed early this morning visited to loo came in here switched on the PC heard a heavy lorry outside low and behold The Bed Shed at 7. 40 am Stuart still asleep and me in my pyjames, what a panic. That must be some kind of record. So hope to get back later to tell you all whats gone wrong if I am able. Bye just now.
                                   Love Joan.

Monday, 24 July 2006

Happy First Birthday.


Thank you again to Donna for this design.

One year ago today I was siting at the computer and I too noticed Blogs and wondered what that was all about, I read Jeannette's Jottings and Speciman Days(Don't know how people will get interested now since AOL changed the welcome page that brought up these pages instantly) and thought I would like to try that and as they say the rest is history.  I was feeling a bit out of touch with the world having been retired for 7 months at that time and had no female company and now I have you all. Its great hearing everybody's news, trials and tribulations and telling you mine, all the daft things I get up to handstands aside. I have learned to do so many things on the PC I could not even cut and paste when I started my journal but with help from you all and suggestions from you I am about getting there now.  When Stuart has been ill I have had lots of support and good wishes and I am very grateful for them all and I thank you most sincerely. Was up at the Audiology this morning and have been fitted with two new hearing aid and they are absolutely useless at the moment but the Audiologist says I will get used to them, come back in six week and we will turn them up to what you need then, so for the nest six weeks its subtitles for me on the telly and more time reading and on the PC as I don't need to hear to compute. We went to Glen Doick this morning after the hospital for a coffee and a look round but kept my purse in my bag after all the spending at the weekend its still terrified to come out. I was wondering how many entries I have done will have to count when I have a minute but I will go now as I have to ready our bedroom for the delivery of the beds tomorrow. Bye for now and thank you again for all your comments and help I really appreciate the company.  Love

Entry 274.

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Yes We will

                                              Good Afternoon hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. We decided to go yesterday and get our new beds.  They are being delivered on Tuesday so not too long to go.  I was given free linen and quilts for them but that will not be here till the 12th August the salesman wanted to deliver everything together then, but I was not willing to wait that long for the beds so we will pick up the linen ourselves when it comes in.  We have big drawers in the bed we have now and we are hoping they will fit OK under the new bed as they charge about £90 for a drawer for a pine bed which I think this is a bit much.  We may have to do a bit of adapting but I think we will manage OK.  Slept a bit better last night as Stu slept downstairs on sofa to let me get some sleep and it worked fine.  This house seems to be so warm this summer what with the double glazing and the cavity wall isolation we put in we are cooking. I think this is the hottest summer I can remember.  We love sitting in the garden but have had to give that up during the afternoon even under the brolly it is too hot.  Still not complaining better not or we may never see the sun again.  Well this item completes my first year of journaling never thought when I started that I would still be here one year on. They did an item on the news this morning about journals and the average time for someone to keep a journal is 4 months so I am doing really well and so are some on you too who have been writing much longer than me. The golf does not seem to have come alive today nobody challenging Tiger, so its a bit of a bore I like a bit of tension. Well I had better go and make some food for my starving hubby watching golf makes you hungry lol. Hospital appointment for me tomorrow Audiology so nothing to worry about just not hearing my best at the moment.  My neighbour was complaining about a party last night that was a bit loud in someone's garden but lucky me did not hear a thing, that the one good thing about being deaf they can have their parties an I never hear them and with Stuart being downstairs last night he never heard it either as he was at the front of the house. Speak to you later have a good evening. LoveDonna's Design thank you.

Friday, 21 July 2006

Will We or Won't We

Good Afternoon J-land, Friday again what a quick week it has been lovely hot sunny weather (maybe a bit too hot at times but better not complain) what more could we ask for? Stuart and I are in need of a new bed the big question is will we or won't we 'GET TWIN BEDS.'I am the worlds worst sleeper these days am up about three times during the night toss and turn get far too hot on normal nights never mind what I am like just now. Getting to sleep is not the problem I'm off as soon as I put my book down the problem is staying asleep. We normally go up to bed about 10-45 or so and I am of to sleep after a wee read by 11-30 stay asleep till about 1 or so then its downhill all the way from then till morning.  Stu is very patient but he is having his sleep broken with me every night.  When we go on holiday we normally have twin beds and we do seem to sleep better so we are considering the big change. After 42 years its a big event for us and I don't want to make the wrong decision.  I have been looking a twin beds in catalogues etc. we have measured up and we will get them in, just, but what do you do with a cupboard full of double bed size bedding. I even have new fitted double bed sheets that have been washed but have never been on the bed. So that's my quandary for today still thinking about it but think we will have to as I am really beginning to suffer with lack of sleep and often have to go for a nap in the afternoon which I do not like to do as it could become a habit I would rather not have.  Have to go now and see about the tea what a thought as my kitchen gets so hot even with the back door and the window open but still needs must. Love to you all and have a good evening. 



Thursday, 20 July 2006

The 135th Open.

Good Morning, As you may know today is the start of 135th Open Golf Championship from Royal Liverpool Hoylake. You maybe will remember last year we had the Championship at the 'Home' of golf St Andrews. We had lovely weather very warm and sunny. Stuart and I paid a visit on  one of the practice days and saw many of the professionals warming up for the event. It was great to see Tony Jacklin looking so well and in his 60s.  Jack Nicklaus was also there, to see him in his last open was very special.  When we were visiting St Andrews Cathedral on Monday we also saw the old graveyard and in a quiet corner we came across the monument to Young Tom Morris and his father's grave. Young Tommy was Golfs first great playing professional from the age of 13. He died at a very young age 24 of a broken heart just days after his wife. He won 3 championships back to back which takes some doing.  With wooden club I think it must have been a great achievement.  So who is going to win this year? Would love to see Colin Montgomery winning think that would be very popular north and south of the border. We wish him well.  Off now to watch for a while.  Speak to you later. Love,                   


Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Missing Photos.

Just wanted to let you know that I have now managed to get the St Andrews photos in the earlier entry. Cheers Joan.

Historic St Andrews & The Artist again.


Thank you Donna for this lovely graphic.


Good Afternoon to a very quiet J-land.  Have come up to this oven to do just a quick entry as it is too hot up here in the study.  We were at St Andrews Yesterday and even there next to the North Sea it was still hot hot. It usually a few degrees cooler there but yesterday was the exception.  I have posted the pictures I shot it was so hot even wandering in the old abbey but I did my best. It was lovely in the car as we have Air Con there I could do with going out and sitting there just now. Have noticed J-land is very quiet today so I think everybody must be sweltering but still its great just sit back have and ice cream and enjoy. Stuart did the picture yesterday evening while I was cooking the tea.  Hope you like it. 



Saturday, 15 July 2006

Shhhhhhhh Artist at work.

One of D' Lovely designs.

Yesterday afternoon Stuart started painting in the garden and I managed to get these pictures. He love to paint flowers and this one I really like.  It was a hop afternoon and quite still but the flower did do a bit of a dance every now and then. That's really all for today just wanted to share the photos off to sit in the sun and read my book. Love


Friday, 14 July 2006

You are not so young now Joan.


Good Morning J-Land seems like a long time since i updated my journal so here goes.... Monday we were at St Andrews as usual nothing out of the usual happened the town itself was very busy with all the Americans and Japanese tourists that love to visit this lovely city. We had a walk up to the castle and abbey ruins and guess what I had left the camera in the car will try next time for some pictures of St Andrews Historic sites. Tuesday was looking after Ellen in the afternoon have written about our outing in my other Journal.
Later Ellen and I were sitting in the kitchen and she asked me if I could do a handstand silly me said of course.  I got up OK after a couple of attempts but my arms gave way and I landed very heavily on my head. Boy did it hurt and saw stars too. Teach me to think I could do the things I used to do no bother at all the years and my weight must be catching up.
Right, its now afternoon and I have been to the doctors again they summoned me about my HRT and the results of my blood test from last week. Everything was OK but cholesterol is a bit high 5.9 so I have been given Statins to take to try to bring it down.  We then went for coffee to a new coffee shop on the side of the loch and sat outside its a wonderful place the view is spectactular as today the loch is like a mill pond. I met someone I used to work with and stood chatting to her and managed to fall off the step and hurt my shoulder talk about not being my week and honest I had not been drinking but may take to it soon if this keeps up LOL. So on the whole an eventful time for me and I will no doubt have another beautiful bruise tomorrow.  No gardening programs tonight what a disappoinment that is, as I always enjoy them on Friday for some reason or other, think it stems back to when we were working in the bad old days.  Love


Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Good Morning.

Good Morning everybody, Just a quick entry to let you know that I am still here but am a bit busy with the weather being good and the sport on the telly that I like i.e. the tennis and the Tour de France and we are also sitting with Ellen this afternoon and I have a big washing to do and other chores before we pick her up from here ski class (not on real snow). The picture above is one of many I took a few weeks ago of Clydesdale Horses and foals just a short distance away. I tried for ages to get a good one but they were so busy grazing and we were not parked very well this was about the best one.  We passed again this week and the foals are getting really big.  Think Rach will like this one. Better go and get on and I hope to speak to you later.  Love


Friday, 7 July 2006

All roads lead to Balado.


Thank you Donna for this lovely graphic.


Good Afternoon everyone, at last we have had some of your nice weather  it has been very hot here the last three days. The picture are a mix and I will explain as I go.  When we go to Perth we can come home two different ways either straight down the motorway or up Glenfarg the scenic route.  As we passed one day last week Stuart said oh look at the Lion in the woods I missed it so this week he slowed down so I could see it too.  Thought you too would like to see it.  The village enters the Britain in Bloom and does very well  and this is part of this years entry. The next pictures are of the poppies in the garden just now.  I got the seed about 3 years ago from my daughter in law and put them away and forgot about them till last year when I bought my small greenhouse I think I told you about it last year.  I went to get the seeds out of the drawer I had put them in and unfortunately they had all emptied out a the bottom of the drawer. I thought they that would be the end of things but I scooped them up and planted some of them and this is the result and I must say I was really chuffed about it.  This morning we went out for our Saturday coffee.  Yes I know its Friday but it will be very difficult to get anywhere tomorrow with T In the Park on. After our coffee I asked Stu to take me out the back roads to Balado where the Music  Festival is being held so I could get some pictures to share with you but as you can see from my results we did not get near it at all.  All the roads are closed around it and part of my village is closed off even to the residents, and boy did we have bother to get home we kept getting stopped by the police.  I have never seen so many flack jackets and even armed police.  I was surprised to hear that nobody down south has heard of this event as we are talking about something almost as big a Glastonbury.  They have revised the numbers to over 150 thousand people will be visiting over the weekend.  As I sit here the Helicopters are going to and fro and the traffic on the motorway is very busy.  When we passed today thecamping site had just opened and the people were streaming in from all directions.  All this today and the music does not start till tomorrow afternoon. Here is a list of some of the 170 bands that will appear .......Top of the bill    Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Who, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Paul Weller, Richard Ashcroft,and of course The Proclaimers  etc etc. I think that me for today I thin Roger has just about finished with Bkorkman and I want to watch Nadal think that should be a great match.  Hope the rain stays away.  Have you noticed that Monty is not on till 10pm tonight that's awful late for us old gardeners.   Love



Sara made this for me.

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

How Lucky am I.


Don't know if you have heard of this event down your way but up here this is a big big event and it will take place this weekend and it all take place about 1 mile from where I live.  There will be about 50,000 people there for each day of the festival most of them camping just across the motorway from where I live.  We can hear it very plainly but the kids are very well behaved and there is very little trouble. Cold Play are going to be there on Sunday and 100 other bands most of whom I have never heard but lets face it my taste in music is very Prime Time Radio. When I worked in the supermarket it dealt with all the young ones and they were great.  I hope they they all have a great time and please weather stay fair and dry at least for them as it take place in fields so you can imagine it if we get heavy rain.  Just thought you might be interested in this will try and get our tomorrow and take some pictures before they close all the roads.  Love





Good Morning, what a beautiful graphic this is and I am using it today not because the sun is shining but to try to persuade it to shine. The weather up here has been awful the last two days and looks like being the same today dull and overcast not cold but miserable. I can normally see the hills from our bedroom windows but there is a mist down and I cannot seen anything beyond the houses. When you see all the lovely weather farther south you get very envious. I know you are suffering with the heat a bit but at least you have a summer.  Boy not meaning to moan but am pretty fed up with this as you feel the summer is short enough without loosing time with this awful weather.  Speak to you later when I am in better shape. Love,


Thank you to D'Design for the graphic.