Saturday, 27 October 2007

Water water everywhere and flu jab.






All our graphic artists have been so creative for Halloween I thought I would start early using them.

Good Afternoon, as the song says 'Woke up this morning feeling fine', that did not last long at all. Had a lovely hot shower made my porridge did my hair came upstairs got dressed and then walked from our bedroom into the room where our wardrobe is to find the shoes I wanted to wear today without anything on my feet and felt a wet patch in the hall carpet did not think anything of it for a second or to till I walked back to our room and bent down to feel how wet it was, it was soaking wet. I lifted the carpet back and even the floorboards were wet. I called on Stuart to have a look see and we spotted the radiator was leaking not from the pipe at the bottom but from a blister at the top.  I ran and got a dish to catch the drips, we did not really have time for all this as we had appointments for our flu jabs at 9-30. We had been up early as we hate to rush about in the morning its a good job too with all this happening. I then  had the bright idea to bleed the radiator at the top thinking that would take away some of the water. I had already turned the darned thing off so  I thought in my infinite wisdom would do the trick for now. Well as we were bleeding it started to spray out from the blister as well as dripping, great what were we going to do and still get for our flu jabs? After a few minutes the spraying seemed to ease off a bit we had towels over the offending blister so the water would not spray all over the hallway. Once it settled down I brought another larger dish from the kitchen and put it under the now steady drip. The spraying had almost stopped.  We thought it would be safe to quickly go and get our flu jabs. For once we were taken on time one for Stu and two jabs for me as I had not had the pneumonia one before. That done back we came in time to empty the dish.  Every time we need a plumber it is always out of hours for some reason or another so here we are again Saturday rates again the last time it was the same only it was the night before we were going on holiday its a good job we have a goodplumber. So as you can see we have had an eventful day what we thought would just be a quick visit to the doctors then out for coffee turned out into a nightmare.  We have now lifted the carpet cleaned up all the backing that came off it and the floor is drying up thankfully. I have been wanting a new carpet for some time so this is my chance once we get this all sorted out. So here we are waiting patiently for the plumber and emptying the large dish every hour and I just wanted a quiet day.                              Love

Thursday, 25 October 2007


Thank you Donna for the lovley graphic.

Good Afternoon,lovely day here again after the thick fog and cold of yesterday. It was still a bit nippy this morning as I walked round for a paper for Stuart. The pictures I have posted are some I took on holiday they are an attempt at being arty they did come out well and I was pleased with some of them it made a change to take things like stones and shells close to. Nothing much going on this week its Ellen's half term so the family are on holiday so we have not seen them this week but we will back to normal next week.With the weather being so nice we have been trying to bet out and about as much as possible as you never know when its going to break and winter will be here, it can start here a lot earlier than in the south of the country.  We had a warning light in the car yesterday on our way to Perth that we had not seen before only having had the new car a short time it was an orange snowflake it turn out (after a quick read of the car manual) that it was a outside temperature warning light telling us was below 3 degrees so it was cold and that was at 10-15am so it must have been very cold earlier on. I think that enough rambling about the weather oh well they say we are obsessed by it.
I noticed this morning AOL has given us a nice new home page great for me as I have not had one for ages I always have to look for it every morning when I switch on yet Stuart's side of the computer is fine,strange that.
Stuart and I are going for our flu injections this Saturday morning so am really looking forward to that ha ha. Our surgery only does them on a Saturday morning they allocate three or four Saturdays and do all the injections then. I have not been involved in this practice before as I will only be 65 this winter and have always had mine done privately but according to Stuart it all runs smoothly, well it does for him but you know what happens when I go to the surgery it like a day trip. What will happen on Saturday I don't know probably Stuart will get taken and I will still be there when everybody else has gone home will let you know what happens this time.
Think that's about it today nothing else to say about my exciting life ha ha.                     Love


Friday, 19 October 2007


Thank you again Donna for today's graphic.

Good Morning, its a pleasant day here in Perthshire not as cold as yesterday and no overnight frost. Stuart has gone on a field trip today with his art class so I have the day to myself so I thought I would update my books journal now that the chores are done will all I intend to do today. My back is on the mend I think which is good news for me as it can get difficult the  loo being upstairs and me being such a frequent visitor but it does keep me fit normally.
Don't know what we will be doing over the weekend as we usually stay home as we like the quiet of midweek to do our travels. 
I have been really disgusted at ITV for all the cheating that's been going on over voting and competitions on their channels I do think the police should look into it, 8 million pounds is a lot of  phone calls to have been missed.
Think that's about it for today will go and make a pot of coffee and sit with  my new book. Have a great weekend.      Here's the link if you want to read the latest of my reading thoughts.                                          

Thursday, 18 October 2007


Than you Donna for todays graphic its perfect.

Good Morning, it has been very cold this morning the temperature was just 2 degrees  outside this morning that about 35F so very cold indeed. When I went out about 11am slept late this morning for some reason and not up till after nine o'clock the birdbath was still frozen that's the first time this autumn and the grass was white earlier on.  Think the reason I am sleeping long is the pain killers I am taking for my sore back make me a bit of a sleepyhead in the morning but it was nice to lie in.  
Stuart has had a busy morning he decided to clean out my store cupboard for me and oh the things you find that forgot you had bought is quite wonderful things get put to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about so now all is in order (Stuart's) so I will know where everything is!
We are hoping to get out into the garden to potter this afternoon once it has become a bit warmer with the lovely sunshine we have. This has been a great Autumn of us here in Scotland bright sunshine and dry we are so used to damp weather at this time its lovely to see the dry leaves at your feet and hear them as you walk along.
I bought a little fancy birdhouse on Monday in St Andrews its just ornamental but I think I will wait till spring before I put it outside as I would not like it to get ruined over the winter.
Think that's about all my news for today catch you later AOL allowing, it has been a terrible week with journals and if I have not visited you I am sure you know the reason why.  Love



Sunday, 14 October 2007

                     Good Afternoon,   I hope you are having a peaceful Sunday. I thought I would take the chance to put the last of our holiday photographs in while Stuart is watching the golf from Wentworth on the telly.
Am afraid to say  I am still suffering badly with my back it seems to be getting worse feels like its getting ready to go into a spasm then I will be in for it just hope it goes away before that. The last time it went into a spasm I was still working and it was very bad  it choose the right time for me as it was a week before Christmas so I had Christmas off for the first time in many years and I really enjoyed it sore back and all.
The photos today are of our last day of our break, it was the most perfect day weather and scenery wise it just could not have been better the sun shone all day long and it was very warm too.
We had a great break and it set us up for the winter ahead.
That's about it for today hope you have a good evening. Love,     Joan.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

More Holiday Pictures.

                     Hi, I have downloaded more of our holiday photographs for you this morning.The Wednesday of our week away was much better after all the rain and wind we had on the Tuesday. We saw our first ever White tailed Eagles on this day a family party two adults and one juvenile it was quite spectacular to watch them. We have looked for these eagles on numerous  occasions but we were lucky this time.
Going out to the garden to plant some Polyanthus plants this afternoon. Our next door neighbour and  I bought 72 Polyianthus and 72 Pansies between us so that will make a nice display in the  mild spells this winter and springtime I hope. 


Hoping you all have a lovely afternoon and the sun is shining.



Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Good afternoon, not nearly so nice here today been raining all morning but it is the first rain we have had for some time so it will freshen things up in the garden.
We had a lovely meal out with the family on Saturday for our Wedding Anniversary lots of good food and company. The weather has certainly warmed up since we married as I can remember it being very cold on the 6th October 1962. Oh that does look like so long ago when you write the date down like that.
We had our usual run to St Andrews yesterday and the town was buzzing again as all the students are back and being St Andrews there are still a lot of visitors about.
Thanks to the Daily Mail I managed to collect all 8 of the free DVD's they were giving away over the last week or so this time it was Barbara Taylor Bradford's 'Woman of Substance' series.  Have now got the complete set. I remember reading all the books years ago and enjoying them so much. I don't think I have seen all the TV movies of same so am looking forward to watching them while Stu has the football or the likes on. I am fortunate to have kept our original DVD player in the kitchen I kept it when we upgraded to a DVD recorder so I can watch all those types of films as Stuart really does not like mushy things very much.

Have put in some of our holday pictures for you they are a bit atmospheric as the day was absolutely lashing raing and heavy cloud but we did enjoy the run to Durness and Balnakiel Beach as it was many many years since we visited this part of Scotland. I think the weater shows just how wild it can be even in September. The rest of the holiday was much brighter but that will be another time.

                                                        Love   Joan. 

Friday, 5 October 2007

                          Good Evening, not at  best this week as I have done my back a mischief working on the spring pots in the garden. We change the pots over and put the ones out of season away behind the shed during the summer them change them over at this time the only thing is they are very heavy hence the bad back and just to make matters worse I am still trying to quit HRT I am on day 95 and it is still not any better. I would have thought that I would have been through the worst by now I have found quitting HRT worse than stopping smoking.
We have had a very busy week trying to get the garden ready for the winter. Today we were at an Art Exhibition in a local town the paintings were lovely there are so many talented artists about you really would not believe it.


I would like at this point to wish my dear hubby  Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary  tomorrow 6th  October. It does not seem possible all those years as it has all gone in so quickly. We are being taken out to lunch by Richard Lisa and Ellen so we are looking forward to a nice day with the family.
That's it for today have a great weekend. Love Joan.