Thursday, 29 March 2007

This and that.


Thank you Donna for the Graphic

Good Morning, I hope you are well this morning it has just turned twelve so I suppose its afternoon now I just cannot get my inward clock to change. This is the first time I have had a minute all week being retired is such a busy time its worse than working at times.  This morning we have been doing a clean up of the PC and so far its off and running really well. Has anybody else noticed the lack of speed after four o'clock its a nightmare for me and that's often when I am up here trying to catch up on alerts and emails. Last night it took me over an hour to read seven alerts it was a nightmare but things are better this morning. Not a very nice morning we have had rain overnight  and it is not very warm either. No plans for the rest of today as we don't seem to have stopped since Monday, I think its time for a lazy day and with the rain I will not feel so guilty.
There is new courtroom drama started on channel five on Thursday nights called 'Shark' we watched the first one last week and it was very good maybe worth a look if you like that kind of program.
Think I will head off now and make some lunch for us and see what's what for the afternoon.  Hope the alert works for this entry as it did not on Monday. Love  and hope you have a nice day.   


Monday, 26 March 2007

Sunshine and flat batteries.


Photograph by Richard Ford.

Good Afternoon, after a long long winter this felt like the first day of spring to us.  We were out and about on the Carse of Gowrie today and we heard ou first Chiffchaff a real sound of spring. We then had a run up Kinnoul Hill and had a lovely walk so I feel much better and more cheerful than I have of late with good news from some test results so today has been good. The sun was shining the birds were singing and alls well today and I hope it is for you too. The one thing that was wrong with today I went to take a picture of some Bracket Fungi and the batteries in my camera were flat oh well you can't win all the time and I was not going to let it spoil things on such a perfect spring day.
A quick update after I finished my entry yesterday I went downstairs and managed to get that awful motorbike over the jump (Yippee) so I am on the move again.
My new book is fab a real boys own adventure a cross betreen The Seventh Scroll and Tomb Raider could not put it down last night in bed Stuart was sound asleep before I put my light out. Well I had better be off and get a meal made you can only survive on a home made scone in the garden centre and a banana in the car for so long. Bye for now  have a great evening Tracy in the dock tonight.......... Love,


Sunday, 25 March 2007



Thank you Donna for the lovely spring graphic.

I can hardly believe that it is over two weeks since I updated my journal. Don't know what has been wrong with me just have not been had anything interesting to tell you about still don't but will try to find something. First the weather not been the best this month dull when the rest of the country was having lovely spring days that really depressed me missing all the sunshine then we had the very cold northerly wind and frost last week. It is now better a little warmer not much but at least you don't freeze to death when you go out.
Have been playing games a lot and reading. Game wise am still on Tomb Raider IV am stuck at the moment again, trying to get a jump on board a motorcycle not getting it at all will maybe have to skip a level, don't want too do that but I can only take so many attempts at it have already spent about an hour trying and am getting a bit cheesed off with it. I do get a bit tense when I get stuck and have to watch the blood pressure ha ha.
Reading wise I just finished a Jeffrey Deavers book this morning wallowed in bed to do that and really enjoyed the peace and quiet. It was a very good story it was called 'The Empty Chair' learned a lot about insects in it sound strange, but did you know that if a spider was to spin enough silk to go around to world  it would only weigh 1 ounce. Will remember that if nothing else.
Just started my latest read in the loo this later this morning its at Matthew Reilly book called 'Seven Ancient Wonders' have not read any of his before but Stu says he writes a good tale. Has anybody else read any of his?
Have been out and about doing the usual things and coffeeing in the usual places.  The family are off to Cyprus over the Easter holidays so they are looking forward to that. Two weeks in the sun just sounds what the doctor ordered. Wish us luck we are looking after Ellen's Goldfish while they are away.
Have been out in the garden this week tidied up the front and brought round some containers from the back garden and planted up some violas in the round tubs we had from last year will take a picture once they are out in full. The grass is looking awful just now all tufts and moss. Stuart has raked it and given it a strim around the edges and hopes to get it cut whenever theres a lull in the no, not the weather the sport on the telly.
I think that's about it for today so I hope you all have a lovely Sunday the sun is trying here. Bye for now and take care. 


Saturday, 10 March 2007

Saturday again.


Hi everybody, hope you are having a good weekend so far. It is not a nice day at all here it is raining windy and cold so not a day for being out and about. We have been for our normal coffee and a few theins from the supermarket, but the morning was so bad we did not get a look around the garden centre.  We did want to get back as this is the first of the Moto GP (that's the motor bike racing) and Stuart loves that anything with wheels and he will be glued to screen. Bikes tomorrow as it is also the start of the racing on the other kind of bikes that's the ones with peddles its Paris-Nice for this week. Its very interesting as they progress you can see spring appearing more and more as the work their way south through France. Stuart in his younger day raced on this push bike and loved it as did our son.
Not much going on this week very quiet on the whole. Had Richard and Ellen to tea on Tuesday which was great really enjoyed it. Lisa goes to a fitness class straight from work so Richard and Ellen come to me. We had a run in the car yesterday just round and about but the sun was shining and it was a lovely afternoon, looked from the car that it was warm till you got out and it was still very cold in the wind, but still the month is marching on lol.
That's it for today. Have a nice day.  LOve


Sunday, 4 March 2007



Good Morning, I hope you all remembered to go out last night to see the Lunar Eclipse it was awesome. It is many many years since I managed to see one not from the want of trying but the cloud cover never allowed it, either that or it was in the middle jof the night.  Last night the sky was clear and starry and living in a village we are not too bad for light pollution.  I did take pictures but they did not come out at all.  I think a quarter of a million miles is just too far for my camera and I think the lense was covered with condensation every time I went out into the garden, so the picture at the top is borrowed.
It really took me back to my childhood standing watching the eclipse last night it was something I did with my Dad he always knew when they were going to be and we used to watch out of the window. We lived high up so we always got a good view. Its stange the  things can trigger memroies from way back.
Must go now and get dressed etc. I hope someone else has managed to get good pictures from last night maybe Jannette down on the south coast as she gets great moon shots (Hope she remembered) or maybe Stuart over on the west coast with his new camera.   Have a lovely day.    Love



Saturday, 3 March 2007

Books and more books.


Good afternoon, like everybody else I seem to be having bother with my entry today so I hope second time lucky.  I thought I was up and running again but after what happened i am not so sure but still Ill try again.
Have been reading all my alerts and have been enjoying your journals. Been to visit Specimen Days and he was talking about books which made me think I could maybe write something about them too. At Christmas my Stuart gave me a lovely little notebook called Reading Notes. Its super it is all printed up ready for you to do your entries.  I keep books I have read entered at the back and books I fancy at the front it makes life easy as with some authors the covers of their books are similar. So without more ado here's what I have read so far this year.

       Want to Play ....................P.J. Tracy.
       The Twelth Card.............Jeffrey Deavers.
        Lawless...........................Alexander McGregor.
        False Inpressions..............Jeffrey Archer
        Mary Mary .............         James Paterson. 
        Two Women...............             Martina Cole.

A mixed bag try to keep reading new authors. What have you all been reading?
It has been a lovely spring day here bright sunshine but cold which is about right for early March. Thats about it for me for today hope you find something on the telly tonight if thats your thing or a good book if it thats what takes your fancy.   Love

Friday, 2 March 2007

The Trials and Tribulations of Joan.


March brings breezes loud and shrill,

Stirs the dancing Daffodil.


Good evening what a week this has been. Sorry I have not been able to leave comments or even read journals but we have had massive problems with this useless piece of junk we call a PC.  All we wanted today was download a new version of Macafee as our old one was running out of date.  The PC did not like this one little bit and would not let us do anything at all we tried everything we could think of we even phoned as a last resort our local engineer to have it taken in to be fixed he could not speak to us till tomorrow Stuart came up to close down and low and behold after three days of torture it had fixed itself so fingers crossed we are ok again.  Has AOL been running slow  as this has been part of our problem?
Stuart has had a bad week too he has done something to his neck that has locked up all the muscles it was bad  enough to have him visiting the doctor he is on muscle relaxers and ibuprofen so hopefully that will do the trick whatever he it is it has torture in the title. I have had to drive him about as the pill he is on are making him very very drowsy. One thing with no PC  I have been doing a lot of reading  which I have enjoyed very much.Thats it for tonight gardening programs tonight love watching the one from Kew Gardens very interesting.… Bye Love