Sunday, 31 December 2006



It's the last day of 2006 and you wonder what next year will hold. This has been a good year for Stuart and I. Stuart has been in reasonable health just a few blips which we can manage. We had three great holidays one in Ullapool one down in Norfolk and lastly one in Macduff  in September. All of these holidays were greatly enjoyed by both of us and we are already booked for our cottage in Norfolk in May.
We have had a very quiet Christmas, up at Richard's and Lisa's for Christmas dinner and not done much since other than food shopping and a wee look round the sales and never bought anything it was just too busy, but it did get us out for a while.
The weather has been very dark this last week lights on all day it is very depressing and no use at all for birding you would need a torch to see anything out there.
Later today we will print off our bird list for this year and I will do an entry in my other journal about that when we have the final count.
Well I think thats about it for this year other than to thank you for reading my bits and pieces and leaving your comments for me I really enjoy reading them and all of your journals. With that I will wish you a Happy New Year when it comes and will raise my glass to you all at midnight if I stay up or tomorrow when we toast the new year.  

                                          Best Wishes,





Sunday, 24 December 2006

Christmas Eve.


I think donna excelled herself with this Santa. thank you so much.

Good Morning, and I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve. It is such a special day. Heathrow has arrived in my part of the world not the planes but the freezing fog, what a morning. No plans as such today a bit of tidying etc. and some telly no doubt its nice to have the time.  I must stay away from making Mince Meat pies, will try my best but the urge will be there. Old habits and traditions are hard to loose. Will try to walk for a Sunday paper but if the fog stays I will nip round in the car.
Last night we watched the Dancing it was great and I think the best man won.  Did I hear Tess calling Bruce Sir before he sang his number had not heard or read anything about him being Knighted in the papers yet or have I missed something? I remember there was a bit of a stuchie last time when he did not get a knighthood so maybe he will in the New Year's Honours?
Wanted to get this entry done early just in case of what I don't know.
Now I would like to wish you all A Very Happy Christmas and hope you all have a lovely day and Santa is good to you. Off now for some breakfast.
                                                  Take care and Love


Saturday, 23 December 2006

All's well.


Good Afternoon, hope you are all well and having a good day. The graphic is the title of one my favourite movies (not managed to spot it amongst all the movies for Christmas this year ho hum) if anybody see it on over Christmas let me know please as it has come to my rescue many times. When I worked in the supermarket by the time you got home on Christmas Eve you were really off the whole idea of Christmas, but if this movie was on it would but me back in good spirits in no time. Customers really get quite fraught at this time of year and do take it out on the staff that are trying there best. We always seemed to run out of something one year about half an hour before closing after a very long day we had a lady in doing the ran dan that we did no have any Sprouts left we had had tones on them but they had all gone. Another thing that we used to run out of was cream. Many years ago I remember customers actually running in the store at 7-30 am to get the last of their food shopping. Don't think it is as bad now.
I retired at the beginning of December 2004 so I would be off for Christmas, in 2003 I had have Christmas off as I had hurt my back at the beginning of December that year so little did I know that I actually worked my last Christmas 2002. I find I love Christmas now as I am not rushing about a the last moment trying to do six things at once.
I went back and reread last year Christmas's entries you may or not remember the carry on with the icing on the cake I found it very funny today not like last year when it happened. I did not make a Christmas Cake this year as it is just too much for Start and I to get through and it is not that good for Start to have to much of it so I just bought a small one. 
So as the Graphic says at the top of this entry being retired make me say  "It's a Wonderful Life" or at least till something else goes wrong.  Have a good evening and may the best dancer win.  Love,


Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Shortest Day.


Thank you Donna for the lovely graphics.

Good afternoon, here we are at the shortest day I am always happy to see it as things get better from here in my mind.  The nights will creep out slowly but surely. Just come in from Perth where I took these pictures I have posted. I wanted to let you see what a difference a week can make. All is tranquil again and the river flows softly. I could not believe my eyes last week but I was so glad I saw it in full flood. Have had a busy few days we did St Andrews on Monday and yesterday we had Ellen for the day. she was back to her normal self after the very tired girl we had last week. She was bouncing around and was very chatty. We took so bad with her last week I was beginning to think she was coming down with something but it was just tiredness as it had been a long term for her and she had just finished the day before.  Have now done all the food shopping and the last few odds and ends we needed for Christmas all the wrapping is done so now we can sit back and enjoy. The weather has been a bit milder today with no frost this morning and the sun was almost shining fom time to time. It has been a lovely week we have not had the fog that is being so troublesome in the south of the country. Hopefully it will clear soon for you. That's about it for today so I hope you have a pleasant evening.



Monday, 18 December 2006

Trial run with new instructions.


Thank you Donna for the lovely Christmas Bells.

Good Evening, just a short entry tonight really just to see if I have managed to master photobucket after a bit of help from Jeannette in Brighton thank you again Jeannette think I'm there now.  We have had the most beautiful winters day here very cold and pure white frost that again stayed all day. We had our usual trip to St Andrews and mananged to get most of the little bit of shopping still needed. The shops were not too busy and we had a great day out.  The countryside on the way home was superb. The sun was setting and there was a mist starting to lie over the fields but low down and it cleared higher up. It was really great to be out we were both wrapped up in our down coats scarves and gloves we were really cosy. Think thats about it for now so I will say goodnight.




Sunday, 17 December 2006

Busy Weekend.

              <A href="" target=_blank ? http:>Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"

 Good Afternoon, this is the first time this winter that we have had a frost that has stayed all day. The temperature has hovered around zero and it has felt cold.  We have not had time to feel it as we have been busy moving a bookcase around and I have been trying to catch up with some things I have been neglecting of late. I spend too much time up here on the PC and not enough on the housework. Things are now looking better and we are nearly ready for Christmas, just have the wrapping to do. We have not had anymore rain the last couple of days but as we have not been out much don't know how things are drying out will see tomorrow when we go out for the day, weather permitting.  We decided today to get rid of all the videos we have collected over the years now we have changed over to DVD and have mastered working it, I hope.  When you see the room that was taken up with all those blank videos and the space now required for the DVD's I feel I now have a bigger house. Think that's about all for now not an awful lot happening so not much to tell you. Have a good evening? Love

                                                             <A href="" target=_blank ? http:>Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Thursday, 14 December 2006

The December Floods.

                                  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Good evening, there is only really one topic of conversation tonight and that I'm afraid is the weather.  Kinross and Milnathort actually made the national news today as a burn called the Queich not a river burst its banks in Milnathort and flooded the village last night. We have been up to Perth today and I have put the photos in to let you see the height of the River Tay. You all know what it looks like in the summer as I have put in many pictures of how beautiful it is during the summer but today it was scary. The river level is so high I would never have believed it was possible.  The Tay is such a long river the longest in the country and collects water from many mountain streams and minor rivers before it finds the sea just beyond Dundee. The last time the river was like this it was after a terrible snow fall and it thawed too quickly you can see the high water line on one of the pictures it flooded the town on that occasion but since then millions have been spent on flood defences and they seemed to have worked well today as I am sure the water would have been over the old wall. The rain has eased today so we can but hope the worst is over.  The west of Scotland has even had more rain than we have. You feel so sorry for people that have had their homes flooded especially at this time of year.  My thoughts are with them.  With that I will go and try to load up the pictures for you.    Love




Monday, 11 December 2006

Monday Monday.


Good Evening, first of all would like to say thank you for all your good wishes about by digestion. Thought I was better yesterday but when I went to bed last night was awakened again with heartburn.  First thing this morning I phoned to try to get an appointment with my Doctor or any other Doctor was told the nurse could deal with this problem. Not happy, I took myself along to the surgery, well I should say Stuart took me and waited to see said nurse.  After I told her my tail of woe she said this was not her field of expertise and she would ask the Doctor for his opinion. After a few minutes she returned to say the Doctor would see me. Funny there were no appointment earlier this morning.  Doctor thinks it is excess acid in the oesophagas and has given me tablets and said if it does not clear to come back so heres hoping.
We managed to get out Christmas Tree up and the cards have started to arrive so the house is beginning to look very festive. Still got a few bit and pieces to do yet and will get them done just as soon as.  Card are all written and posted. Thats about it for tonight weather is bad again today if anyone mentions water shortage next year well what can I say it has been raining for weeks it seem.  Have a goo evening. Used photobucket for the first time so fingers crossed. 




Sunday, 10 December 2006



Thank you Donna for the lovely graphic.

Good Morning, managed to get into file manager this morning thank goodness I am going to try to Photo Bucket but it will take me a wee while to work it all out and load some graphics into it. Felling a wee bit better this morning have not had any heartburn since I got up so I am hoping that's the end of it. Was a bit disappointed with the results on the dancing last night it seems a shame one of the best dancers was voted out  and I think the dance off it dreadful. Not a very nice day here today raining again it seems to forget to go off just now once it starts although it was a lovely day yesterday. Am going now to try to get on with some of things I have missed out the last few days.      Have a great day. LOve


Saturday, 9 December 2006

Am still with you , just.

Hi everybody have been absent this week for many reasons. First have been trying to get ahead on the Christmas stakes and had been winning until the last couple of days. Since Thursday evening I have been laid low with some kind of stomach upset and have have the most awful heart burn 24-7. I have tried every cure known to man all with little results. Today I have tried Active yogurt so I will see how that goes. I have been receiving all these lovely Christmas cards from all my journal friends mine are coming just have to get stamps on them and then we will be right. Last night was Ellen's concert at school Stuart said it was great but I am affraid I just could not enjoy myself as I felt so unwell maybe I would have been better to stay at home. I have been saving lovely graghics for Christmas but I just cannot get them to go in at all have tried, but to no avail can anybody help my. I think I will leave it at that for today will try tocome back soon. Love Joan.

Friday, 1 December 2006

And now the First of the Month


                Chill December brings the sleet

                Blazing fire and Christmas treat.



Good Morning, its the first of the month again it come round so quickly now it must be because being retired we had a weekly income and a monthly one as well so its not like when we were working and had to wait from one month to the other.
Last night I had the strangest dream. I seemed to be in the house alone and a film came on the telly and guess who was one of the stars my Stuart complete with all his hair and looking so young and handsome it was grand, not that he is not handsome now but alas the hair is a bit sparse now. I remember saying to him later in the dream you never told me you were a movie star and he said he did not like that.  We had a good laugh about it this morning before he went to his art class.  Had to break there to run down and stir the soup its celery today that will have to be liquidized as we like it smooth. 
Forgot to mention yesterday we were playing Junior Scrabble with Ellen on Wednesday after school.  What a laugh we had. She kept say things like 'Have you got a 't'  Grandma or have you got  'd' Grandad"  and she was saying the letters phonetically it was really funny but she did do very well and we had a three way draw. Think I was lucky to get that. Its a strange game with the pictures and the letters on the board but it a good game for the wee ones.
Better go now and have a dash round before Stuart comes back like to be tidied up so he can untidy it again when he comes in. Have not managed to train him even after 44years, don't suppose I ever will now.
                                  Have a good weekend.




Thursday, 30 November 2006

The last day of the month.


Been having the same problems as everybody else this week. It makes you so angry you just don't have time for all this delay at this time of year. You sit dow to read your alerts for a while and it takes all evening. Not at my best just now legs giving big problems. We were going to Edinburgh today but had to cancel because or the pain I am in just now. There is a German Christmas market and ice rink and all sorts of winter things going on so we will try next week. Will have to run now as the telly is calling as Biathlon is due to start. May call back later. Love,

Monday, 27 November 2006

Monday Monday


Thank you Donna for this lovely graphic.

Good Evening, we don't have a full moon tonight but it is very clear at the moment just like the graghic and if I lived by the water it would look just like this.
Have been struggling to find something to say the last few days as there is very little happening a the moment. We were at St Andrews today as per usual being Monday it was a lovely day most of the time wind surfers absent today.
There is a lovely Christmas shop in the town and I paid it a visit today they had some lovely decorations but what caught my eye were old fashioned scraps. Big Santa heads, Angels sitting on clouds Angels with wings oh boy did it take me back to my childhood sitting on the steps in the playground swapping scraps. There was another lady in the shop at the time and we chatted about these things what a laugh we had, really brightened up the day for both of us. Must be the time for thinking back am doing a lot of it just now but it is my birthday later in the week. I'll be 21 for the 43rd time. I think that's about it for tonight hope you have a pleasant evening. Love,


Thursday, 23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving.


Thank you Donna for the lovely graphic.

Just a short entry today as I have a lot to do today as we have been out galavanting all week. Monday St Andrews and yes even on such a cold day one brave  wind surfer was out there the wind was so strong it was blowing him over. Tuesday away birdwatching and yesterday Perth and collecting Ellen so today really have to do some housework or you will be able to write a journal on the furniture.  Ellen gave us a preview of her school Christmas concert as she sang all the way home. Looking forward to see her in it in a couple of weeks.  Hope you enjoy reading about our trip on Tuesday in my other journal. Now back to the dusters.

Love  Joan.



Friday, 17 November 2006

Friday Afternoon.

Good Afternoon, passing away another miserable day it is yet again lashing rain real heavy stuff and has been doing so since first thing this morning.  Stuart was at is art class this morning and started a new painting. I was trying in vain to finish my game as I am at the last wee bit but failed will have to try again.
Listening to the weather forecast at lunchtime the snow is getting very near to us now don't think it will snow but you never know in this country.  I love the snow and after all the years living here and worrying about bad roads now we are retired we  can enjoy it a bit better don't mean to sound selfish but you know what I mean.
Stuart is just finishing his paper then I don't know if will be Bookworm (back up to over 1 million after my mishap) or a movie we'll see.
Think that about all I can think of to say for today other than I hope you all have a lovely weekend regardless of the weather.  Love

 Thanks Sara  for Tigger.                                                    

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Wet Thursday.


Good Morning, another we day today after yesterday I thought mistakenly that we had enough rain for this week.  The rain came on yesterday just as we were picking up Ellen from school and it lashed and better lashed till bedtime.  We travelled home down the motorway about 5-45 pm and it was so busy I could hardly believe it and the surface water was atrocious.  I was sitting in our in the kitchen giving her her tea and we were chatting and she said it won't be long till Christmas.  I asked her how do you know this Ellen have you been practising at school for your concert and she said no her words were 'Gran all the leaves are falling off the trees so it is Autumn and that mean it will soon be Christmas' I though that was very smart for a 5 year old.  Her reading is coming along a treat too as it was my turn for homework last night.  Not much doing here today will maybe play some games on the PC later after we have had lunch or perhaps watch a DVD.  The last time we watched a film in the afternoon we watched 'Master and Commander' with Russell Crowe it was great, real adventure stuff. That's me for today but just to say I have updated my Birdwatching Journal today with the lastest news of your intrepid birdwatchers.

                                                      Bye for now,


Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Good Morning is it really November.

Good Morning, still wakening early so thought I would pop in and do today's entry before I start my day proper. Remembered to take my camera with me yesterday so will download the pictures to share with you. Our two brave windsurfers were back yesterday and were having a great time in St Andrews Bay. There was a stiff breeze or strong wind which ever way you look at it but it was cold. Every time they got along to where we were parked and tried to turn they both fell over and it took some doing to get upright again and oh that water must have been cold. It was a lovely sunny day and we really enjoyed our time there. Yesterday is our special day I remember I told you last year that Stuart and I started going out together on Friday 13th November 1959 so that is another notch in our belt 47 years where has it gone.
I remember it was a terrible November night lashing rain and thick fog compared to yesterday 13 degrees and sunshine the weather has changed for sure.
All the way home now, when it has been a lovely day the sun is shining straight in our eyes and I, being so small, have to sit up very straight in the car so the sun visor covers my eyes as the winter progresses is gets worse as we travel home due west.
Don't know what is instore for us today as Stuart is still asleep. I have still not managed to shift my body clock even staying up late nothing seems to help hope time will. That's about it for this morning only to hope you have a pleasant day it seems to be a nice morning here at the moment so we can but hope. Bye for now. Love,



Sunday, 12 November 2006



Thank you D's Design for the graphic today it is just perfect.

Good Morning I was up with the lark this morning to do this entry all quiet and calm had it all done only had to sign it and hey presto closed the wrong window and lost it all so I have been and had breakfast and have come up again to start over.
It is a grey Remembrance Sunday up here in Tayside. I heard someone say last night that there has only been one year since the First World War that a British Serviceman or woman has not been killed on active duty.  I think that says it all.
I have been away from journal most of the week as it has been taking me so long to read journals that I have not had time to write in this one. I know you too have been having trouble mine seems much better this morning so we can but hope it stays this way.
Started to clear out some kitchen cupboards yesterday afternoon in the company of my wee telly and Death on the Nile.  Its a great movie and I can even remember 'who done it' which is most unusual. I enjoyed Angela Landsburgh's over the top performance and I did like Peter Ustinov as Poirot. I know David Suchet has made the part his own and I do love him in it but they all bring their own magic to the part. Stuart and I love all the Agatha Christie movies and dramas on the telly I think we have just about seen them all. Midsomer tonight goody goody.
We had our usual outings to St Andrew and Perth this week but I forgot my camera again I keep leaving it up here on the desk in the study and then I forget to take it with us when we go out. I am taking my Omega oil capsules every day but they are not helping yet we can but hope they kick in soon lol.
I see the Vivi awards have been given out and well done to all the winners but oh they do cause so much trouble.
That's me for today shower next and then I think its the damp patch in the bathroom  Stuart is tackling this morning and he will need my assistance. Think it is condensation that causing it with all the steam etc in there.  Hope we can fix it as it is very unsightly.  Bye for now and have a peaceful Sunday. 


Friday, 3 November 2006

An Autumn Walk.

Above our desk in the study we have a Scotsman calendar with  views of Scotland.  On Wednesday when I turned over a new month it was this lovely view of Kinnoul Hill just outside Perth.  As it was such a beautiful day yesterday we wanted to get out and about and decided to go up there as it is a long time since we have been to that area.  So with picnic packed off we went. The first part of the walk was uphill and through a large wood we saw may birds and lots of Red Squirrels and one or two grey ones.  We walked for ages and did not seem to be getting anywhere near Tower so after careful thought we turned back. It was much easier going back down and we were soon back at the car a bit sore from our efforts. There is a lot of building of pathways going on and the place where you get directions was no use at all. We had the feeling than we were in the wrong place but it is so long since our last visit it was hard to remember it has all changed so much.  We got back in the car and had a look at our map.  We drove on a bit and at last we came to the car park we remembered. After a coffee and a sandwich we started uphill once again.  It was a long walk but we were determined to get to the Tower and to see the superb view you get from the top of Kinnoul Hill.  I think you will agree when you look at the pictures I have posted.
The hill is one of the five hills which make up Woodland park it rises to 728 feet. From the top of the hill, on a fine day like it was yesterday spectacular views are assured to the River Tay and Dundee, Fife and the Lothians. The folly tower was built on the edge of the cliff by one of the earls of Kinnoull to simulate one of the romantic German castles perched above the Rhine.
It was long walk uphill most of the way and we were pretty pooped by the time we arrived at the top but it was worth the effort.  One thing it was a downhill walk all the way back to the car.  We had a great day out and I hope you like the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Have a great weekend.  Love


Thursday, 2 November 2006

Chickly Bits?

Good Evening, very late for me to do this entry but we have had quite a day. Will tell all tomorrow morning, but tonight just a small entry about something that  came to mind today. We were out walking in woodland and I saw all the little pieces of wood lying on the footpath and it got me to thinking.  I was born in December 1942 right in the middle of the second world war. My Dad was in the Royal Corp. of Signals so there was just my Mum and me in the family. My Grandmother and Grandfather lived below us in the tenement block in Dundee.  Mum and I did a great deal of walking as we lived very near Balgay Park. The park is a wooded hill in part and we used to go up the hill on our walks.  I always carried a little brown leather bag in which I would gather 'chickly bits' don't know where the name came from but that's always what I called these small twigs just like the ones in the picture above. Whenever we are out walking even to this day I always remember gathering the 'chickly bits' in the bag and coming home and Mum would put them on the coal fire. Stuart thinks I have a great memory for all the thing that happened as a child but the memories are very vivid to me and I always seem to be recalling them these days.
You maybe remember me saying I had been put on a Statin for my Cholesterol three months ago I got the latest results this morning and its down to 3.97 and I am chuffed, about that its nearly as good as Stuart's. Joking apart it has been a long slog getting my Blood pressure down to an acceptable level but the doctor said this morning we had done it. Its three years ago since she read me the riot act that made me stop smoking but I think it has all been worth it. So on that note I will close for today wishing you all goodnight and God Bless. Love


Tuesday, 31 October 2006

A New Month


Dull November brings the blast,
Then the leaves go whirling fast.

Good Morning, very early today, I am having my usual problem of not being able to put my internal clock back to I am awake from about six o'clock. I try to fall asleep again but to no avail so by seven I am just as well up.  I have tried staying up later but nothing seems to work. Hope time itself will work it out for me.
I can hardly believe that today starts November it seems no time at all since the start of summer and we had all that warm weather to look forward to but time marches on as the saying goes.
This is our busy day so this early start will do no harm.  We will be going to Perth for a wander and a coffee Tesco shopping then picking up Ellen from school so we will be out till about six.  I am saying this, Stuart is not up yet he does not suffer like me with sleeplessness but he was not very well yesterday felt a bit off colour we think it was maybe the flu jab he had on Saturday as he said he was full of aches and pains.
Am doing well with the new DVD recorder managing to get things recorded it takes a bit longer to get it set up but thats the way with thing that you are not used to. Will better go now and head for the shower and breakfast. I hope you all have a lovely day think it is going to be nice here blue sky and cold.  Love


Second entry today (Back by public demand).The Old Man of the Mountain.

I did my entry earlier and thought that my ghost story from last year was still in previous entries but it has disappeared so for those of you who have not read it I have downloaded the copy for you as requested. Enjoy.............

                            A Ghost Story for Halloweeen



     In  Scotland, among hill walkers there is a story of ‘The Old Man of the Mountains’. Many people hear him but none see him. Today for Halloween I am going to tell you a true story of ‘The Old Man of the Mountains.’

    This story begins many years ago a young couple were on a weekend camping trip to Glen Lyon with the girls parents. They were very keen walkers and usually did this together but on this particular day the guy went to the mountain on his own.  He was a very brisk walker and used to walk all his companions off their feet, maybe that is why he was on his own that day.

   He set off at his usual pace to climb the mountain nearest to the camp site, it was a lovely summer day with sunshine and he made good progress up the mountain, we are not talking Ben Nevis heights here, but around the 3000ft. mark, just a stroll in the park for this guy.  Up  he went enjoying the beautiful scenery all the way. On reaching the top he had a few  minutes rest in the afternoon sunshine.  He then set off down the mountain again but as he walked a bank of fog rolled in and it turned cold.  As he continued he thought he heard someone behind him so he turned to look but there was nobody there. On he went again but he could still hear the footsteps behind him. For the next five minuets he kept turning round as he kept hearing the footsteps behind them.  This really started to get to the guy and he started to get the feeling of a presence as well.  He kept turning round but could not see anyone there. He started to walk quicker and quicker. Now this guy was a seasoned hill walker, climbed many mountains and was not easily fazed but this was really getting to him.   At last the fog was behind him and the sun was out again so he thought all would be well.  The footsteps were still there and seemed even closer.  He was close to the  foot of the mountain now but the presence and the footsteps were still there.  At last he crossed the bridge over the River Lyon to the side the campsite and the road were on and he could see the people but the footsteps were still there.  He kept on walking quickly towards the tents.  He then saw his girlfriend walk out to meet him and as suddenly as the footsteps had started they stopped and the presence was gone.  

     I don’t know if you have realised it or not but the guy in this story is my Stuart and it was me that walked out to meet him and he stands by this story to this day and it must have happened 45years ago. Talking about it today I could see that it still gives him he shivers even after all these years.  

Love Joan.



First of all thank you D'Desigs for the lovely seasonal graphic.    Good Afternoon, unfortunately I told the only ghost story I know (Which is true by the way and still there if you have not read it) to you last year so I will have to do some homework so I have something of interest for you next year. Have spent the last hour or so sitting in the kitchen in the sun with a lovely pot of coffee and The Radio Times.  I went to the store this morning for a paper and some odds and ends and saw the RT and thought I wonder what it is like nowadays as it is years since I bought one. All I can say is if you have not had a look lately its well worth a look. Really enjoyed some of the articles in it and found lots to read and am not finished yet but I wanted to do my entry before we had lunch.  We had our usual trip to St Andrews yesterday it was sunny and mild and we ended up on the beach again. While we were there we saw the blackest clouds I think I have ever seen away to the west I wished I had lifted my camera but as usual when I see something I want to photograph my camera is at home. I had been downloading it and left it beside to PC so I did not see it in the morning before we left for the day. Was really annoyed with myself as the sky was just right for photography. We had a lovely walk and had our lunch in the car and watched four wind surfers out on the water they were having a great time but they must have been frozen they had on wet suits but their hands and feet were bare it made me cold just to think how cold the North Sea can be just now. Its a very windy Halloween here today but at least last night's rain seems to have passed. Think that's all for now and hope if you are going out guising or to a party you have a great time.  Love,


Saturday, 28 October 2006

Thought for a Saturday.

Good Afternoon, the graphic is perfect for the day we are having today heavy rain again, the reservoirs must be about full now I would think after the week we have had.  When we were in Perth on Thusday one of the main parks, The South Inch was flooded enough to have ducks sailing on it so after yesterdays rain and todays goodness knows what it will be like.Stuart has been off to the Doctors this morning to have his flu injection, he was so quick he was back before his appointment was due wonder how he does it, as I am there forever when I go.  In Boots the other day a nurse stopped us and asked if I we would like to have flu jabs we said Stuart gets one but I am no old enough yet but she said they are doing them in Boots for £15. and anybody can have one.  I paid £30 last winter for a private one so I thought it was a good deal.  I could not have one on Thursday due to the fact I was giving a blood sample yesterday but said I would have one next time I was in.  I mentioned this offer to the nurse who took my blood yesterday and she said she was not allowed to give these vacinations and there should be paramedics standing by when doing these injections. She has really put me off by saying this and now I don't know what to do.
Listening to the news this morning it was so distressing to hear that they are putting out extra police for Halloween in case of trouble and are going to have on the spot fines for any trouble. Many people were saying how they are frightened to answer the door at this time of year you just wonder what things are coming to. When I was a child it was great fun and there was never any trouble oh dear what is happening to this country. Well I had better go and see what we are going to have for our lunch so I wish you all a pleasant Saturday. Bye for now and don't forget

Love Joan.

Friday, 27 October 2006



  Good Morning, I had a very early start at the Doctors this morning giving a fasting blood sample at 8-30am so I was up with the larks.  One thing about being up early is seeing the dawn the above pictures are what was there for a few short minutes this morning and then it was gone in a flash just had time to run out and click.  Stuart has gone off to Art class to finish off the Big Draw from last week. This year it is figure drawing something he has not done before but its looking good. It hardly seems a year since last years Big Draw, that's when all the Art classes in the country do the same drawing one week of the year. After all the hassle of the last few weeks with the DVD etc and of course loosing my score on Book Worm I am feeling much calmer today hope I can stay this way.  Had my hypertension clinic this week and my BP was super the lowest its ever been don't know how I manages it must be doing something right.  The above photos are just some I have taken over the last week and thought you might enjoy them.  Watch a good movie last night very violent and a bit too much bad language but it was a good story. It came free with yesterdays paper. It starred Billy Connelly and Ken Stott and was called The Debt Collector. One to watch. I have collected a box full of free movies, I think they will come in handy during the winter if we are kept in with the weather.  Well I think I will go now and see what's what.  Have a good weekend.



By the way after that glorious start its raining now.

Thursday, 26 October 2006

Am I lucky to be here.


Oh boy am I lucky to be here today if Stuart had committed murder last night I would not have blamed him after what I did (By accident) yesterday. We have been playing the same Bookworm game for ages now and had managed to get up to 5,926,200 yes that almost 6 million and we were doing very well until disaster struck last night. No, I did not get burned down I pressed the wrong button and lost our game altogether. You can imagine the state I got in after all the troubles of the DVD player earlier I was not at my best anyway and then I had to do this. Stuart did a restore last night but it was still the same 0000000 when we booted up again. I am so glad it was me as I think the mood I was in, I may have lost the place altogether whereas Stuart was very calm about it.  So be warned and be careful and don't press the wrong button.
On a better note I think I had switched the alert off on my own journal by mistake (Oh I am having a week of it am I not ) so I was the one not getting alerts not you as I thought. The DVD problems are all solved and everything is OK now.  Well, I had better go now and see what I can make a mess of next maybe burn the tea.  Love


Wednesday, 25 October 2006

We Surrender


Thank you to D'Design for the graphic today.

Good Morning, I was surprised to see it is over a week since I wrote anything in my journal it has just been one of those weeks. As you may remember  we bought a new DVD recorder last week with a build in freeview box. When we bought it we told the salesman in the store our requirements. We wanted one that we could get a top up card for as we wanted to get rid of Sky but Stuart still wanted Eurosport which covers the cycling and Biathlon both of which are his passions.  We tried all last week to get it working but  then I noticed it did not have a slot to take a topup card.  On Friday last week we plucked up courage and took it back to the store.(Must say here that the store changed it no bother at all). We then bought a DVD recorder the same make as our tele and a separate freeview box complete with the  slot. After more lying on the floor and every permutation we could think of we still could not get it to work so we have surrendered and between 12 and 2PM today the engineer is coming to install all the bits and pieces before Stuart and I either go off our heads or get a divorce, it has been that bad.  There are so many scart leads coaxial cables and power leads behind the telly you do not know where to start. It has been keeping us awake at night, for me that is not a new thing but for Stuart who sleeps very well it is most unusual.  So hopefully all will be well after today.It just show what can happen when the salesmen thinks he knows his job and does not know as much as we do.

It has been great weather for this time of year for the past week. We still have Dahlias flowering in the garden along with summer bedding that I just don't have the heart to pull out.  When we were out on Monday to St Andrews we saw many hanging baskets still looking good . We had a run down to West Sands there and sat and had a picnic in the car, for us but there were people on the beach and in the water brave them, the weather is good but that water is always cold Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  The trees up here are still green in the most and I am waiting for some good colour to appear will just have to be patient. Well I think that its for just now will let you know how we get on with the engineer later today. It will be great not having to stay up till the wee small hours to see the end of a film etc. as we are not used to staying up that late. Bye for not catch you later.


Sara made this for me. Thank you.