Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday Musings.





Good Afternoon, I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday whatever you are doing or not doing. Here in our house Sunday morning is ‘Countryfile’ on BBC1 we both enjoy this programme so much so I always make a big pot of coffee and we sit down together and watch this wonderful program. It is very diverse and there is always something of interest for everybody. Today it came from the North Devon coast and had items from all over the country. If you like country matters or are looking for a good variety of subjects this is the programme for you I really do recommend it.

It has been a dreadfully cold week here I would say it has been the coldest of the winter. We took a run around Tayside on Monday and ended up in a wee blizzard. I have posted some pictures for you they are not a good as I hoped we would get as although we left home to a cloudless sky it clouded over very quickly and spoiled things a bit. It was so cold we did not get out the car very much only to take the photos and even then the ones with the Highland Cattle were taken in heavy snow as you can see.

After a winter of staying clear of colds and flu I have succumbed this week to a very chesty cough not enough to keep me down but it can be annoying at times still I have done well to keep clear of the lurgie this long. I blame a lady that coughed on me in a shop last week she did not even cover her mouth such bad manners.

Am sitting by the telly and the sun is shining so brightly in Spain as Stuart is watching Moto GP (Motorbike Racing) which will be followed by the track cycling from Manchester the World Championships we have done so well with 9 cold medals so far and more chances today.

I think that about all my musings for today so till next time. Bye bye.


PS        This sport on the telly has just chenged to cross county running from Edinburgh and yes you have guessed its raing and cold strange as its only twenty odd miles from me and the sun is shinning here. 

Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Sad Story Today.

Good afternoon, feeling sad today so I thought I would come on and tell all and maybe get some sympathy. Today we have a very strong wind blowing and it is catching our garden in a place where there is no shelter. Stuart went out to try to get the grass cut and discovered that our l8foot Eucalyptus tree had burst out of the ground as was ready to fall down on our neighbours shed and our fence to we have no choice but to cut it down. The garden looks so bare without it. We have had it for about 15 years and had grown it from a sapling 12 inches tall. I was such a lovely tree and just rustled in the summer breeze but today as it was in full leaf the wind was catching it like a sail on a ship and it was just too much for it. We have left a stump and it should come again but it will take a long time and we are not going to allow it to get so big again. Our fence is on its last legs too the wind today has done more damage than all the winter gales we had earlier this year. So with my sad tale I will say bye for now and hope you have a Happy Easter. We have snow forecast so that’s something to look forward to. By the way Stuart did not get the grass cut, by the time we cut the tree down we were pooped. Bye. Love Joan.

Have updated my books journal.                                                              

Saturday, 15 March 2008

a Thusday the car.


Good Afternoon, You may be wondering why I am taking you on a tour in the car on Saturday when we went on Thursday . I have been reading about everybody’s trials and tribulations about putting in photos to our journals so I thought I would wait till it was fixed before I attempted to put mine in so here’s hoping all is well.

We have not been touring about very much of late with the weather being so nasty and the price of fuel these days but on Thursday morning when got up the sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning so we thought we would have a run in the car. We headed up to Perth then to Glendoick garden centre for a coffee and a home made scone lovely. From there we headed to an old haunt of ours The Knapp it is a narrow road that runs across the hills to Couper Angus. We were very lucky as we turned off the main road we saw a small flock of about 10 lovely Waxwings what better on a winters day. It was a favourite of ours when we lived in Dundee and Stuart has many happy memories of climbing up this road on his bike when he was training for races. We were so happy on Thursday as believe it or not nothing has changed there is no new house or roads been build it was as it was when we left Dundee thirty five years ago. Stuart took some of the photographs hoping to use them for his art work he is always looking for something to paint an often uses photographs as it is far too cold for him now outside how times change from the guy that rode his bike in all weathers.

We had a great day and the rain stayed away till we were just about home so all in all ‘ A Grand Day Out’


Just a point that may interest you. 

 Quote from Macbeth by William Shakespear.                     

Macbeth shall never vanquished be,

Until  Great Birnam Wood to High Dunsinane Hill.

Shall come against him.


The above picture is of Dunsinane Hill.



Till Next time Love,


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Stormy Monday.


          Good Afternoon, Yesterday we up here on the east coast of Scotland did not the big storm that hit further south, we did have very heavy rain and a strong wind but we did manage to get to St Andrews for a couple of hours. The pictures above were of two very brave surfers that took to the waves while we were sitting in the car with a coffee enjoying the big waves as the tide came in. They struggled for ages trying to get out to catch the waves as they broke. It must have been very tiring. They had been at it for a while as I had watched them further away then they walked along the beech towards us so it was fine I could just about catch them on camera. They must have been frozen, although they did have on full wet suits but they were brave. By the way I did get out of the car and braved the elements to get these pictures, so I too was windswept and frozen. Till next time. Love,



By the way the picture of the huge wave at the top was borrowed from a website wish I could see one like that.  J.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

I have been so naughty.

Good afternoon, I have been so bad today I have been sitting here all afternoon playing Luxor 3. I am stuck at the moment on one stage and I been trying all afternoon, my neck is killing me so I thought I would come on here and tell you all about it. I bought the game last week and have been getting on great until today I will get it eventually if my neck can stand it. I have already finished Luxor 1 and 2 to have been wanting this one for a while.

Do you remember a while back I said I was going to send for Brideshead Revisited from the Daily Mail, well I sent away my cheque yes you still get them, handy if you have to send for something by ,you know the old fashioned way anyway, I sent off for it and after a wait of about four weeks it duly arrived. I had just about given up so I was glad to see it. We have been watching it disc by disc there are 12 in all and we have really been enjoying it. It is a superb story well written and well acted it has been so handy these nights when there is little or nothing on the telly. I am addicted to collecting these free DVD's they give out of the papers and I  lucky Stuart is not too fussy what paper he gets in the morning. Most of the freebees are of old things that have been on the telly years ago. My taste seems to have changed in recent times must be my age or something as I never used to like period pieces but now I really enjoy them, strange I never thought that would happen. It started at Christmas when we watched Sense and Sensibility and loved it now we watch all the period pieces that are on. We are enjoying Larkrise to Crandleford it is such a gentle programme and lovely characters I just love the postmistress and her junior. The dresses that the sisters Pratt wear are really something they always remind me of the ugly sisters in Panto. Don’t know what we will watch when in ends in a couple of weeks. Never mind I read that Desperate Housewives will be back at Easter now that the writers strike is over. Maybe some of the rest of the American series we have been without lately will be back soon.

Been not so cold here today but we did have a shower at lunchtime enough to make me take the washing in, was very annoyed as it was all thick towels, some of these days we will get it all dry.

That’s about it for now time to make the tea thinking of a curry tonight so I had better get chopping. Till next time. Love


Wednesday, 5 March 2008



Good afternoon, as the graphic says there is no place like home, we have just come in after collecting Ellen from school and doing the weekly shopping. It is a very cold windy day and we were all glad to get indoors again. I was reading Sara’s journal this morning and she was trying to pad her entry out likewise there is so little going on just now.

Stuart managed to get a bit of pruning done in the garden yesterday while the sun was out but his hands got very cold still that’s the Hydrangeas done. I ventured out to hang out the washing and I too froze, but the washing dried.

Stuart took me out to a lovely restaurant in Perth on Monday for lunch it was lovely not having to cook we have been there before and the food is always lovely.

It all seems very quiet in journal-land just now everybody seems to be taking a break or leaving it seems so strange with very few alerts, hope they all come back soon.

I think that’s all the padding out I can do, know its not very interesting today but it’s the best I can do today.. Love,



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