Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Thank you Donna  for the Graphic.


Good afternoon, yet another rainy May day today seems to have been like this all week. Just thought I would come on and tell you about my summer project I am trying to grow Gardeners Delight Tomatoes. I bought the plants in Wells next the Sea last weekend and carefully brought them home in the car. They are sitting on the windowsill at the moment waiting for the weather to dry up and get a little warmer then I am going to plant them in a grow bag and put them on a south facing wall in my wee plastic greenhouse and see if they will fruit for me as I am sick of these supermarket toms with no taste.  My grandfather used to grow tomatoes many many years ago and I still remember the lovely sweet taste they had I will keep you posted and let you know how it is going. The tomatoes I am growing a the tiny ones so maybe they will be betters suited to out colder climate up here.



The above picture is a bit dark as I took it looking out of the window but it will give you an idea of the size of the plants at the moment. They are about 18" tall and a wee bit leggy but we will see what some TLC does for them. Wish me luck as it is my first attempt.
Wow the sun has just come out and gone in again but still it is drying up a bit hears hoping.   Last part of Desperate Housewives tonight all say ahhhh together  first night of BB8 no substitute but better than nothing. Take care. Love

Monday, 28 May 2007



Hi everybody, I'm back from my holiday and we had a great time. The weather was fantastic up in the 70's most days and lots of sunshine too. The birdwatching was not so great good weather means sleepy birds and the trees are so full out this year it made things difficult, but still you can't have it all ways. We took time this year to sit in the sun so I got a lot of reading done which was most enjoyable. I finished the James Paterson I was reading before we went away started and finished 'The Devil Wears Prada' really enjoyed that so different for me real girly and started and almost finished the first Tess Gerritsen book  ('Harvest') I have read that's, a great story and she is a good writer will have to look out for more of her work. Have not had time yet to download the camera have been trying to catch up with the washing ironing and the garden was like a jungle nearly there now and will get my alerts back on tonight so I will be able to catch up. Hope you have all been keeping well and writing in your journals everyday like good journalers.  Be back again soon.   Love, 




Friday, 11 May 2007

Garden and bye for now.

Good Morning just a quick update this morning as I have still got a lot to see to before we go very early tomorrow. You will have noticed the weather has deteriorated getting ready for our holiday so fingers crossed it gets better.
I have been trying all week to put in the above pictures before they were out of season but I managed today thank goodness. Most of what you see we don't usually see as we are on holiday when these plants are in flower but I have a kind neighbour that takes pictures for me.
We will leave for our holiday about 4am so it is nice and quiet for the first few miles and we get through the capital before it awakens and the bridge gets all gammed up (Forth Bridge). All going well we should be in Norfolk about 2 pm its well over 400 miles so it is a long run but we have plenty good music to keep us going and we chat all the way. Well that it for now look after yourselves while I 'am away and don't get up to anything I wouldn't. Bye for now will have the camera at the ready.

                                                 Love Joan.

Sunday, 6 May 2007



Good Afternoon, as I am writing this we are in the  middle of a squall heavy rain and very windy by the time I get finished I think the sun will be out again. I has been a very windy morning here on Tayside the very large tree out the back of our house is just about taking off as it is in full leaf and is catching the wind it is about 60ft high and very old I hope nothing happens to it as I love this tree. Must take a picture of it to show you sometime.
You will all be thrilled to know that I have completed my Tomb Raider Last Revelations game it has taken me ages but I got there in the end. Am not planning to start anything else serious before I go away on holiday. With me just having a Play Station 1 it is difficult to get game for it now.
I started a new book last night I choose a James Patterson as I thought it would be easy and quick to read this week because I have books earmarked for holiday reading if I get the chance depending on the weather and what birds are there to temp us.
Stuart still not great with his Shingles but still no rash strange on this.
The photo's I have posted today were taken yesterday just to give you an idea of what's out in bloom just now.
I think that's about it for today trying to get Stuart to go up to the loft for the suitcases so I can start getting things ready.
Noticed that Dalzeil and Pascoe are back tonight like that and of course New Tricks tomorrow is well worth a watch. Well I will go now and hope you all have a lovely day. Love,


PS.That's the sun out again.  Sorry no pictures today AOL as usual is not letting me load them will try later.   Joan.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Glendoick Gardens


Good Afternoon and welcome to my musings today.It seems a long time since I wrote in my journal so I will try to bring you up to date with all the happenings in our busy lives lol.
The weather has been absolutely glorious this week and we have tried to make the most of it, it might be all we get you never know do you?.
We have been working and sitting in the garden and have been out and about too.
On Monday we took a trip to Glendoick Gardens just outside of Perth. They are specialist in growing and breeding new varitities of Rhodidenron and are very famous for this you may have seen them in your local garden centre. I took load of pictures and have posted some of them for you to see.
After spending the morning wandering around the gardens we carried on to Dundee and visited Dundee Botanical Gardens. After some lunch we wandered round there as well with all the wandering we was very tired when we got home walking slowly is worse than a good brisk walk.
Dundee gardens were very green with not much in flower but the trees were lovely as you can see. The is word that we may be loosing the gardens as the University no longer want them so there is a bit of a stuchy just now about what will happen we will just have to wait and see and hope something good comes out of this.
Have managed at last to get rid of the chest infection with the help of the Doctor so am pleased about that but the bad news is Stuart has Shingles. This is the second time for him this time they are on left side just on his ribcage the last time it was his leg. The strange thing is this time he does not have the rash so it took two visits to the Doctors for him to know what was wrong.  He says he is not too bad this time nothing like he was last time so we have just got our fingers crossed as we go on holiday next Saturday.
Have finished my book again going great just now with all the sitting in the garden I get through more books I just love sitting reading in the sunshine with my straw hat on of course. Not sure yet what to start next as I have bought 'The DevilWears Prada ' for my holiday  reading I usually don't read too much when we are away birding as my eyes are usually tired by the time I fall into bed.
I think that's about it for today so I will wish you bye for now and hope you have a pleasant weekend.