Thursday, 28 February 2008

Picture of the Month February.

I took this photograph in the middle of the month while out walking, it was very cold but it was the first dry day after days of heavy rain. That is actually a little dock for the fishing boats but the water is so high its up to the top of the pier. Cheers Joan.

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Three weeks later.


Good Afternoon, do you remember about three weeks ago I took you for a walk round and about where I live and we stopped of at Snowdrop House and I said then that the flowers were not quite out and I would go back. This afternoon Stuart and I went for a little walk and passed by and the pictures you see are how the lovely Snowdrops have turned out. They were looking their very best today. It was still very cold this afternoon so we did not walk for too long as Stuart feels the cold very badly these days we are such opposites just like the nursery rhyme Jack Spratt.

I would like to thank you all for your tips on helping Ellen to Crochet we did not have time yesterday as she had such a lot of homework its quite unbelievable for a form 2 to have so much.

I think that about it for now am looking for my picture of the month can’t decide what to put up its not a competition so why not have a go will leave the link when I do my entry. Till next time.


Thursday, 21 February 2008


Good Evening, been a wild and windy day here not cold but not nice either. What to say tonight, not much going on we still cannot get out into the garden as it is still to cold and wet. We were set the other day but sunshine but freezing so we will just have to wait till the weekend forecast is not bad but that could change before then.

We had Ellen yesterday and I am still trying to teach her to crochet has anyone got any tip how to teach a six and a half year old to crochet as I am getting nowhere with it and she is so keen to learn and I am being my patient best honest I am.

Stuart had one of his tired days yesterday but insisted on going shopping in Perth. We should not have gone as he had a miserable day and we then had to sit and wait to collect Ellen from school. Once we had her with us he bucked up a bit and the did the homework as usual. Glad to say today he is back to normal so hopefully he will be fine now.

Have been watching Emmerdale tonight it was so sad won’t say too much in case you have recorded it.

I don’t think I can pad this entry out anymore so I will just say goodnight and God Bless. Love


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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday Afternoon.


Good Afternoon, it is another lovely day here lovely sunshine a bit cold but for February its wonderful weather.

We were out on Valentines Day and I took the picture at the top thinking it was very fitting for the occasion. We were having a wee run in the car and the usual coffee and a home made scone at a nice place we know.

We were going to be having another of my walks today but unfortunately the batteries in my camera packed up after just three pictures. I put the batteries in the day before but they obviously had not been charged properly as I only took about 12 pictures with them when the died on me. Stuart is getting the blame as he keeps switching the batteries off at night when they are charging up then I think they are ready and unplug them. I will take some of the blame as I should carry my spares in my pocket and I always forget. To make matters worse that day I had offered Stuart the other camera but he said he would just stick to his binoculars or we could have taken some photos with my old Nikon.

We have been watching the World Biathlon Championships this last week from Sweden they have been very exciting with many close races. Unfortunately UK don’t do well at all at this event don’t think our skiers start young enough to be able to compete with the Scandinavians the Germans and the other winter sports countries.

Am going to have a little rant now…. I was wondering what BBC were going to show next Saturday instead of The One and Only. Starting in the afternoon they are showing Three yes Three rugby matches back to back with only a break for the news then we are having Match of the Day after that. How’s that for Saturday evening viewing I think its absolutely appalling and they wonder why people say that there is far to much sport on telly. What do you think about this or is it just me?

I think that’s about it for today so till next time.

Love  Joan.          

Photo Challenge


This is a photograph I took earlier this week while walking in our local park. It was a beautiful morning clear blue sky with just a little mist on on the water. I was pleased with result and it seemed just right for this weeks challenge my first attempt.


Cheers Joan.




Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Good Afternoon, What a lovely day we have had here today a cloudless blue sky I Stuart had an early appointment at the doctors and I had a dentist appointment straight after. When I was finished I asked if we could go to the park by the loch so I could take some photos. As we walked around we decided to have a walk along part of the new footpath I mention this to you before, they are laying a footpath all the way around the Loch its not quite finished yet it will take about another year to complete. Previous to the laying of the path it was impossible to walk along the loch side during the winter due to flooding but the new path has nice dry chips so it makes the walk a lot easier and you still have dry feet. You will a picture with green netting a lot of money has been spent of late on the park they council have built a new play park and planted many new trees. The netting is where people can take their dog to exercise them so not to foul the ground and I must admit it seems to be working as I never saw one mess on the grass which before now would not have been possible.

We really enjoyed our walk most likely because it was unplanned it was such a beautiful morning and there was no wind at all usually you get blown off your feet at this time of year. They have restored the fishing lodge and turned it into a Bistro which unfortunately is closed at the moment but I have been promised a coffee down there later when it opens up again.

Yesterday we in St Andrews in thick fog and it was freezing but I did see clumps of daffodils in the car park so spring is coming even up here in the frozen north as I call it. Till next time.


Friday, 8 February 2008


Thank you Donna for this graphic.

Good Evening, that was the week that was all the appointments are done and we are free again for another wee while. I have a dentist next week but that’s all. I had an appointment with the doctor this week and she has given me some new pills not HRT for my hot turn so here’s hoping they work.

Weather wise it has been a great week for February temperatures have been well up for this time of year. Today was lovely and sunny but there was a stiff breeze blowing, still you can’t have it all ways.

Stuart is busy upstairs with some new download from AOL and seems to be having problems he went up to do his Soduko while I was making the tea and never made it onto the net by the time I called him down to eat here’s hoping it goes better this time as he has just gone up again.

Not got much to say other than I hope you have a good weekend. Till next time. Love


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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Come Walk With Me.

            Good afternoon, Jeannie on took us for a walk around here village in the Lake District and I thought I would be a copycat and take you with me on a little walk I had this morning. It was a bit dull so the pictures are not as good as I would have liked but it’s the best I could do today. Still trying to get used to my new camera wonder what kind of results I would have had with my Nikon? Lunch calling now have worked up quite an appitite so the home made soup I made yesterday will go done a treat. Till nest time. Love,


Friday, 1 February 2008

Photo of the Month January


Thought I would enter this picture if Photo of the Month January. We don’t get a lot of snow now in Scotland where I live but the other week this is what we woke up to lovely snow on the Lomond Hills.

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Good Morning


Good Morning, Stuart off to art class doing what he does there me sitting with a coffee latte that I have just made it’s a treat as I try to stick to black coffee for the weight problem its just a little thing but it keeps the calories down a bit.

Not a great deal going on here with the bad weather it has been a terrible week or two. Yesterday we had snow on and off all day but not staying unfortunately I miss not having snow at this time of year. When I had to travel to work it seemed it was always snowing now I can relax about it we don’t get any. Today is very windy with an odd snowflake or two and very cold with a north wind.

We went to St Andrews on Monday as it was a dry, fairly mild day, it was our first trip to the coast this year. Tuesday it poured rain all day. Wednesday we were lucky as we had to go to Perth shopping and to collect Ellen. She is busy just now with a project at school on the Antarctic so when we got home Stuart and I were helping get some information and photographs off the net, one thing lead to another and she asked Grandpa about Titanic that lead to the Queen Mary and QE2 etc a lesson on the plimsoll line, she was totally engrossed with it all. The net is so good for children and makes explaining things so much easier than it was when her Dad was a lad.

I wrote a new entry last night but I must have press the wrong button somewhere on this keyboard that I still find a bit strange and lost half of it so I am being most careful this morning.

I have updated my book journal if you are interested will leave the link at the end. Sorry there are no pictures today there has just not been anything that has caught my eye this week hope I get some good shots next week but I know we have a lot of doctors and hospital appointments next week a really busy week for us. Till next time I hope you all have a lovely weekend.