Wednesday, 25 October 2006

We Surrender


Thank you to D'Design for the graphic today.

Good Morning, I was surprised to see it is over a week since I wrote anything in my journal it has just been one of those weeks. As you may remember  we bought a new DVD recorder last week with a build in freeview box. When we bought it we told the salesman in the store our requirements. We wanted one that we could get a top up card for as we wanted to get rid of Sky but Stuart still wanted Eurosport which covers the cycling and Biathlon both of which are his passions.  We tried all last week to get it working but  then I noticed it did not have a slot to take a topup card.  On Friday last week we plucked up courage and took it back to the store.(Must say here that the store changed it no bother at all). We then bought a DVD recorder the same make as our tele and a separate freeview box complete with the  slot. After more lying on the floor and every permutation we could think of we still could not get it to work so we have surrendered and between 12 and 2PM today the engineer is coming to install all the bits and pieces before Stuart and I either go off our heads or get a divorce, it has been that bad.  There are so many scart leads coaxial cables and power leads behind the telly you do not know where to start. It has been keeping us awake at night, for me that is not a new thing but for Stuart who sleeps very well it is most unusual.  So hopefully all will be well after today.It just show what can happen when the salesmen thinks he knows his job and does not know as much as we do.

It has been great weather for this time of year for the past week. We still have Dahlias flowering in the garden along with summer bedding that I just don't have the heart to pull out.  When we were out on Monday to St Andrews we saw many hanging baskets still looking good . We had a run down to West Sands there and sat and had a picnic in the car, for us but there were people on the beach and in the water brave them, the weather is good but that water is always cold Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  The trees up here are still green in the most and I am waiting for some good colour to appear will just have to be patient. Well I think that its for just now will let you know how we get on with the engineer later today. It will be great not having to stay up till the wee small hours to see the end of a film etc. as we are not used to staying up that late. Bye for not catch you later.


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jeanno43 said...

Glad you got it all sorted. I know what you mean. This modern technology is good but it is complicated.  Easy for the people in the shop because they know how to do it but when you are greeted with sockets, plugs, leads of assorted colours, well maybe it is an age thing.  No doubt in a couple of years Nathan will have technical things off pat.  Children are so clever that way these days.

adlessor said...

Well, It's nice to see that you came back to us.   Wow, you sure had your problems with the DVD recorder. Hopefully that will be fixed quickly.       Dawn

jeadie05 said...

How very frustrating for you Joan and Stuart ,can imagine the atmosphere wasnt pleasant ,Am looking forward to your entry telling us everything is now up and running Whew! yes we still have lots of confused flowers in our garden and indeed in the tubs around the town ,isnt it strange ?nearly the end of October,.,.,Love Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

Oh dear.
You can't get TopUpTV anynore Joan.
There is a cut down service available to existing subscribers at the moment (Eurosport is only on 1-6pm.) It is ALL being replaced by TUTV Anytime that requires a PVR. Email if you want more info.

ally123130585918 said...

Joan I am glad you are getting an engineer in to sort out all those cables ~ At least Stuart will be able to get a good nights sleep again ~ and glad you are both still together LOL ~ Must have been nice having a picnic in the car ~ and fun watching those people in the sea the thought of that cold water made me shiver ~ Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  just to let you know that I`m still talking to!  Our first freeview box didn`t have a slot in it either, even though we asked for Top-up specifically.  You didn`t get it from Curry`s did you?  Now we`ve got rid of it as we have digital TV and the only channel we miss is Discovery. :o)

Sandra xxxx

sylviam4000 said...

I used to be the "useful one" around here. Could set anything up or repair it; washing machines and vacuum cleaners were a doddle; that was in the good old days, before they invented technology lol. I've grown lazy in my old age (that's my excuse for not being able to tell a coaxial from an axle), I find someone to who can set up my purchase - before I buy it now!
Keep laughing.
Love Sylvia xxx

bobandkate said...

Hi Joan,
I do hope that engineer will sort out your DVD woes. No cup of tea for him until he does!!!. My roses have begun to flower again,

jlocorriere05 said...

I don't know if I got an alert, I just saw your email when I came in from work and came over! Haven't checked my alerts yet. I'm glad you and Stuart are still on speaking terms! It's so frustrating when you can't do something, I'll persist till the cows come home! Glad you got someone coming round to fix it up. The weather is really weird, it's turned cold tonight but we still have hundreds of flowers and green trees in Brighton! Jeannette xx  

msecz said...

how lucky for you that you still see green and so many flowers...Its all winding down around here and we have been hurrying to get everything put away before it decides to snow early this year..... DVD's etc are getting too complicated for me and just at the time its hard to get anyone to the house to install it husband all but gave up but in a pinch he will help me with my computer but our son does all the tv work :)  I guess if it wasn't for them I would be out of luck wouldn't I.... Hope you are having a nice day today, Sandra