Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Nature's Larder is Ready To Go




Good Evening, yesterday Stuart and I had a short walk in a nature reserve and I had my camera with me. Instead of taking views for you as I usually do I thought I would let you see what nature has ready for the long winter ahead for our birds and other wildlife. The trees and bushes were hanging so heavy Rowans, Hawthorn, Apples, Pears, Elderberries and a few brambles, were all in abundance it was lovely to see so I think they will all be very well fed this winter. Our Rowan Trees are usually stripped bare long before winter by our Starlings they can strip a tree in no time at all so there is never any berries left come winter it is a shame.

This is just a short entry tonight as am a bit tired as we have had Ellen from school today as usual being Wednesday and that makes it a late tea for Stuart and I and by the time we get cleared away it is nearly 8 o’clock.

Will continue our Skye holiday next time so much going on just no ha ha ha. Till next time,








mereel2005 said...

How lovely. Thank you for taking me along :)

marainey1 said...

The pictures were lovely.  Glad you got out and had a that nice walk.  Nature does provide for sure.  Everything is just turning color here but I know it won't be long and the trees will be bare.  I'm trying to savor every moment.  'On Ya' - ma

sdrogerson said...

one of our rowan trees has been stripped already!

mariealicejoan said...

Our trees and hedgerows are just laden with berries and such now as well.  It's lovely to see.

astoriasand said...

I love berry trees Joan and miss all mine which I planted in past gardens.Thankyou for sharing yours which you found on your short walk.I hardly get any birds in the garden I have now Grrr!! Have a lovely Thursday.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

jeadie05 said...

What a lovely Autumn walk Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  I tried to see your photos but I`m having trouble with Adobe and now there is something wrong with their site...grrr! Next time you do an entry I`ll have another look.

Love Sandra xxxx

kirkbyj05 said...

Your photos of the autumn fruits are stunning.  
How wonderful that you have all that 'Nature' around you.
I'm looking forward to more stories of your holiday on Skye.

Jeanie xxxx

midwestvintage said...

 The pictures are great.  My pear tree is still crammed full but the critters will have then all eaten soon.  We are going to pick some and freeze them so the deer and squirrels will treat this winter.