Sunday, 28 September 2008

Specs at the ready.......



Good Afternoon, here we are almost at the end of September and it has certainly been a much better month that the rest of the so called summer. Today it is a lovely sunny day not all that warm but lovely all the same.

The last few day we have seen the start of our wintering geese coming back from their breeding grounds in the Arctic.


. I rushed out this morning and managed to catch a couple of shots of the skeins arriving this morning. We used to have in the region of 80,000 Pink Footed and Greylag Geese here but numbers have decreased to a mere 18,000 now. Don’t know why this is the RSPB plant fields of winter wheat for them but they seem to like to go further south earlier than they used to, they waited till the loch froze over before they headed south. There must be a change of habitat and they don’t seem to like it. I have noticed that the fields don’t seem to be cropped so low nowadays the harvesters leave about a foot of stocks of the wheat etc. wither this has anything to do with it or not it certainly makes a difference to us in the winter as we cannot pick up the wintering flocks of finches as easily as we used to. Did not mean to make this a nature study entry its just the way it worked out. I was just saying yesterday it is strange where we get our inspiration for entries you sometimes sit down and the ideas just pop in other times there is nothing there.

While Stu was watching all his sport this afternoon I cleaned out kitchen cupboards. Its amazing what you find when you get to the back. The cupboards I was doing today are very deep and things get way back and forgotten. I found a few things out of date. I hate having to throw things out especially now with prices as they are. I found a pot of ground black pepper that I have had for ten years obviously I had never checked the date on it before today. It all looks so tidy now wonder how long for.

Wonder who will be getting sent home tonight from Strictly Come Dancing. Really enjoyed itlast night my only complaint is I find tonight’s program too long with too many reruns of last night show I think 30 minutes would be long enough for the dance off and the result still who am I to say. Think that about it for today so till next time.



kirkbyj05 said...

It's lovely to see blue skies again Joan.  Seeing those skeins of geese make me chitter at the thought of winter on its way.
I have been sat out in the sun watching Bryan build a waterfall.  It was so warm and peaceful!  A big change from the lashing rain we have had all summer.
I have sometimes been shocked to read a label only to see that I'm still using what's inside the packet and its is well out of date!   Lol!  I don't suppose spices are too bad when they are out of date.
Power to your elbow my friend when cleaning your deep cupboards but don't forget to rest up too and make the most of this Indian summer.
Jeanie xx

jeadie05 said...

What lovely pictures of the skein's of Geese ,Yes I agree about your comments about strictly I think maybe tonight ,it will be Kathy (Eastenders ) could be wrong of course heehee ,Have you voted for our Val yet?  lol Jan xx

sybilsybil45 said...

Glad that you had a good clean out day...thanks to sport on TV...It is truly surprising what you find when having a clean out. I was in he cupboard the other day doing something similar...actually I was looking for insperation for supper !! and I found a jar of sweet onion pickle and I thought to myslef it's a while since I used that...good idea we could have that with something...but checking the date I saw it was 2003 !!!! so we didn't have that that night or any other night for that matter. And someone handed in a Xmas pudding for the harvest and it was dated 2002 !! again I am afraid it was quickly dispatched binwards,,,I don't think the the geese have come over here yet I certainly havn't seen them.  The other night though I heard two owls that I havn't heard for a long time.  Love  sybil xx

marainey1 said...

I love the geese migration pictures...what a awesome sight to see so many.  I've never had the chance to view so many in flight before.  The ones I see are much smaller groups.  I did the clean out last week and threw away things that I wondered why I ever bought in the first place.  I am slowly learning that I'm only feeding one person here and trying to cut back.  'On Ya'  - ma

mariealicejoan said...

GReat pictures of the geese migrations.  I miss seeing the flocks of birds flying south for the winter over here.  Down here in the south we dont seem to see it as much.  I'm with you on the Strictly Come Dancing.  I love the show, but as with all these types of shows nowadays, they sure like to drag things on!

jeanno43 said...

I love the patterns the geese make in the sky.  I hate cleaning out cupboards and drawers.   I agree that the Sunday show is far too long so I listen to Feedback on radio four and only turn on for the last half hour.  Sorry Gillian Taylforth got booted.  O.K. the other girl is reasonable but because of her height and build I cannot see her doing too well in the Latin American.

chat2missie said...

Have a good week.

adlessor said...

I agree with what you find when you clean out the cupboards.  I'll follow you to the new blog.  BUT, what a shame for all of us.   Dawn