Saturday, 30 July 2005

Saturday goings on.

Well Saturday again, they seem to come round more quickly now I have retired.  The one thing I miss is the Friday Night feeling 'weekend at last' but I will manage without it.  Went up to Perth today shopping and spent too much as usual. We don't go up town much on Saturdays now as it is much more pleasant during the week when it is more peaceful.  When we came back watched Big Brother for a while but they where all sleeping as per so I thought I would come up and make an entry in my journal.   The weather has not been nice this week very dull with one days rain I know thats not as bad as down south but we were enjoying all the sunshine we have had during July most unusual for Scotland as the sun can be a bit scarce.  

     I would love to know how other people with journals do the moving graphics if anyone can tell me that would be great as I am a bit of a beginner on the computer.  Well I will close now and go and see what my better half is up to.

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sarajanesmiles said...

I can help with the graphics :o)
I'm just about to eat, but will send an email later.
Sara   x