Monday, 25 July 2005

This and that.

Starting something new is always difficult sharing a journal is extra difficult but I will try to keep it interesting.    I have been retired for about 7 months and still getting used to being at home all day.  When the weather is good it is easy.   We have a garden to tend and we like to go out birdwatching or even twitching if there is anything rare about.   Its just about time for the migration to start again when all the birds that have been up the the Arctic come back down after they have finished breeding so it gets busy after the quiet of the summer.   If I am sitting in the garden I love to read at the moment I am just finishing 'The Big Bad Wolf' by James Patterson have really enjoyed it.   I've got a newish Jeffrey Archer sitting ready to start. I love to have books waiting to be read.  Well thats it for today I had better go and see about tidying the kitchen as we have just had out tea.  Hope tomorrow is a better day.

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sarajanesmiles said...

Hello Joan, welcome to J-land :o)
I do know what you mean about having books waiting to be read, I have a little pile of them too!  
Sara   x