Wednesday, 15 March 2006

A World Record!


Good evening, a late entry for me tonight I have been up here in the study for a while but I have been having bother with that file manager he has really been playing me up tonight I think he has been on a go slow or something. Notice I call him as I am sure it is a man a behind the scene messing me about. Sorry for the rant but it makes it such a big job to put a graphic in at the start and end of your journal. Stuart had an appointment at the doctors this morning with a bad shoulder that he has had for a few years. He had treatment on it with the physiotherapy a couple of years back and that helped but it has returned.  Doctor gave him so painkillers and asked him to go to Perth royal for an x-ray. When he came back from the doctors, I had not been with him we had a quick coffee and set off for the hospital. Perth Royal has a walk in system for x-rays you do not need an appointment.  We arrived at ten to twelve and sat down I was armed with my book and Stu picked up a magazine he did not even get it opened when he was called.  I looked a my new watch which I had altered yesterday to see how long he would be he was back in 8 mins that must be some sort of record in and out in under 15 mins.  Stuart is now waiting for an appointment with the physiotherapist and that will be a whole different ball game. Our snow is all but gone on lower levels but there is still a bit on the hills around us. It has been a very cold day with an easterly wind blowing oh I wish spring would hurry up. We go away on holiday for a few days the week after next so I hope it improves before then. I heard the weatherman say this morning that the daffodils have withdrawn back into the ground it is so cold, I thought that was very funny but alas true. Well I think that's about all my musings for tonight Desperate Housewives later after  the football love that program so I will say goodnight and God Bless. Love


jeadie05 said...

Yes I've been trying to update my files and he ,the file manager ,has been holding me up as well with his,persistant go slows do you think he's getting old and needs an assistant ?........Jan xx  

haileen2003 said...

Hi! Joan, yes File Manager is so slow sometimes!
Remember Perth Hospital well, when my mum was in for 7 weeks after falling at Kinross Services.
So enjoy 'Housewives' think the Women in that are great! and I do like Susan's Fella (The Plumber)Aileen....X

ally123130585918 said...

File manager is definitely a man and he is on go slow ~ sometimes he even stops dead ~ most frustrating ~ I think that must be a record 8 minutes wait for an x~ray ~ hope the physiotherapist helps Stuart ~ Glad your snow has nearly gone ~ I'm sure spring isn't very far away ~ and it will be brighter for your few days away Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,

Sorry I didn`t comment on this last night but I was starting to see double so I signed on and went and watched Desperate Housewives.  Wasn`t it a great episode too?  Jim and I were laughing our heads off, especially at Bree when she shot the microphone off of the top of the odious George`s!  There`s nothing on TV to beat it at the moment, it`s certainly my favourite prog.  I hope Stuart gets some relief from his shoulder pain, I`m glad he managed to get in and out of X-ray as quickly as that.  Our hospital runs a similar system and there are always really long queues, I`d be lucky to get out in an hour! :o(

Sandra xxxx

jmoqueen said...

I know what you mean where is the sunshine!!  Where are you going on hols?? I hope Stuarts results come back quickly and his bad shoulder gets better soon :-)

adlessor said...

Hope Stuart's treatment helps him out with the pain.  Boy, that's a great system Perth has, 15 minutes.   Have a great holiday.  You'll have lots to tell us when you get back.  Take lots of pictures.  Dawn