Friday, 26 May 2006

My usual Friday

Here I am all alone as I usually am while the artist is at work. I have been busy too trying to update my Bird Watching journal but have had lots of trials and tribulations doing so never mind have manged to get something written now and will try again later to fix it.  It has been a dreadful morning here to pouring rain I know you have the same as Jeannette to of Welcome to my travels said in here entry today but she is having a great party. Been baby sitting Ellen on Wednesday and did the garden yesterday that is why there has been no enties this week.  Have transfered my Geranium plants out to my wee greenhouse to harden them off before I put them out.  Before I went on holiday I bought a special tray that holds 6pt of water with capillery matting that sits on th windowsill to save my neighbour having to come in and out all the time and it worked very well the plants sit on the matting and it soaks up the water as it needs it. It only had to be filled up twice while we were away. Pleased with that. Had a great time with Ellen on Wednesday as it was a lovely afternoon and we were all out in the garden.  Trying to teach here to catch a ball thats a laugh but she just says" I can do that" but she can't. We then played tig with Gran running round the garden like a young thing did not think I could still run but there you are you don't know till you try. |Must have been all the walking I did on holiday.  Listening to a Beetles song just now and it Eleanor Rigby you have to laugh at the words of that song. Its sad in places but amusing just the same. Well I had better go now as my coffee is cold I made it when I was doing my other journal so it has done not too bad.  So thats it for today love and have a nice day Love

Thank you D's Design.  Have just updated my Birdwatching Diary with 2 new entries.


sylviam4000 said...

Hope the sun shines on your day - I'm off rockin' late this afternoon with "Elvis" at Milton Keynes Theatre. I know, I'm getting too ancient and frayed around the edges for that sort of thing, but have plenty of Cocodamol for the aches and pains! Keep laughing.
Sylvia xx

jeadie05 said...

Busy lady thats you Joan catching up on all the stuff one does have to catch up on after a holiday ,does your big beaker keep the coffee warm/hot ? it is such fun teaching our Grandchildren new skills........Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Our rain finally stopped at midday! All the catching up when you come home makes you feel like you need another holiday doesn't it?! Have a lovely weekend! Jeannette xx  

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,

The rain stopped here in Berkshire about 10am thankfully, the afternoon has been very warm and sunny, though I`m surprised as rain was forecast for the whole day!  I`ve now planted most of my bedding plants and they are growing fast thanks to the rain, so at least it`s good for something, even though weeds are sprouting up! Have a lovely weekend. :o)

Sandra xxxxx

littlelou1975 said...

Hello Joan, I stumbled across your musings while browsing through a few journals. I like your friendly style. I have tried to do a journal myself but dry up or get too detailed (you never can be too careful). You have inspired me to try thank you. Please get in touch if you have any tips.
A fellow Scot...Louise xx (littlelou1975)

rcfairy said...

I love this gif of Tinkerbell Joan - do you create your gifs yourself?