Monday, 29 May 2006

Thoughts for a Monday.


Good Afternoon, have been trying to think of a topic for today with great difficulty this is about all I could think of hope it is of interest to you.  I was pottering about the house this morning doing usual morning things and listening to Prime time radio when they started to play a tune that I have not heard for many years it was Russ Conway playing Side Saddle. It immediately made me think of my Mum she loved listening to his music.  It was always so cheery. I don't think there is anything like music for planting a memory in your head. I always think of a holiday in the borders many years ago and we had taken a wrong turning and were really lost when on the radio came Dusty Springfield singing In the Middle of Nowhere. On another occasion we were stuck in a traffic jam in Edinburgh this again was a long time ago so it shows you traffic jams are not a recent thing even in Scotland anyway the tune that day was The Birds playing Mr Tambourine Man. It gives you something to think about doesn't it.


Not a lot been happening here today very quiet were out for coffee this morning and doing my usual spending at the garden centre. I will have to stop going to those places or I am going to be broke.  Today I bought one of these big tubs (Ellen favourite colour bright pink) with the handles for mixing compost and doing various things in and a bag of special compost for my new Azalea as I wanted to give it a really good start.  Stuart had an appointment at the Physio at 1 pm and by the time he got back and we had our lunch it was a bit late to do much so I thought I would do this as I always find it easier to upload pictures and graphics into file manager in the afternoon for some reason. Think I will go down stairs now and watch last nights Triangle it was a bit late on last night so we taped it (I hope) thought it was great on Saturday so I hope it continues in that vain.  Hope you all have had a pleasant Bank Holiday so for now bye,


msecz said...

hope you have a nice day too..... sounds like you are keeping yourself busy .... its so hot and humid this morning here already I think I will find something to do inside again today after watering the pots outside....Sandra

jlocorriere05 said...

You're right, music brings back so many memories along with smells. My mum used to love Russ Conway, I bought her Side Saddle and Roulette for her birthday! We watched him on the Billy Cotton Bandshow every week before he got his own show. Have a lovely week, I hope you can get all your pots sorted out this week. Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

YES ..Like yours ,my Mum liked Russ Conway too,you used to say he was smiling at her ...lovely memory you evoked there Joan  ,and my late husband uased to sing Tambourine man ,happy days ....Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan you are so right about music bringing back memories ~ isn't it odd how just a song  can conjure up something that happened long ago ~ laughed at you being lost and Dusty singing "In The Middle of Nowhere" ~ Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  you`re so right about songs and memories.  Distant Drums by Jim Reeves was one of my Dad`s favourites and when I hear it I imagine I`m still about 11 yrs old, the same goes for anything by Brenda lee or Connie Francis. I had to laugh at Dusty`s Middle of Nowhere being played when you where lost! :o)

Sandra xxxx

mllevl said...

You are right about how music stirs the memory.....and of course smells too.   Hope you had a great day.  Eve

haileen2003 said...

Hi! Joan...yes music can evoke such memories!
Mr Tambourine was a favourite of mine also.
We visited several Garden centres today...looking for a wrought iron planter to put on wall at the back of the House. It had to be a certain size...found one just as the shop was closing, and it had been reduced!
Poured with Rain, most of the Day, but sunny intervals.
Take care

jmoqueen said...

It is strange the memories that music can evoke but I think that's why I love it so much :-)  A good day planting away ~ I really do learn a lot more about gardening through the journals :-)