Thursday, 23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving.


Thank you Donna for the lovely graphic.

Just a short entry today as I have a lot to do today as we have been out galavanting all week. Monday St Andrews and yes even on such a cold day one brave  wind surfer was out there the wind was so strong it was blowing him over. Tuesday away birdwatching and yesterday Perth and collecting Ellen so today really have to do some housework or you will be able to write a journal on the furniture.  Ellen gave us a preview of her school Christmas concert as she sang all the way home. Looking forward to see her in it in a couple of weeks.  Hope you enjoy reading about our trip on Tuesday in my other journal. Now back to the dusters.

Love  Joan.




jeadie05 said...

I laughed at that Joan writing a journal in the dust on the furniture ,how lovely Ellen is to be in the concert ,and you had a Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Ellen sounds like a joy to be with ~ glad you have had a good busy week so far ~ "now get on with your dusting"  you know you will enjoy doing it ~  lol ~ Ally

astoriasand said...

Yes the time of year for all the childrens Christmas performances .How I love them.My Grandaughter also dances and has been in some real good pantomines this last few yrs with one or two famous stars.I am so looking forward to this yrs again.Well I never Dust as thick as that You should be ashamed of yourself LOL!!!
Bet it's not as thick as mine Haaaaaaaaaa!!! Have a lovely Evening.

adlessor said...

There is nothing like a childrens Christmas concert.  there are so cute.     You have had a busy week.      Dawn

jmoqueen said...

Awww I bet you'll have a great time seeing Ellen in her xmas concert ;-)  Bless her.

Jen xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Aww, my J has been singing the songs from his nativity play too.  One of my favourite parts of Christmas, love to see the little ones having a go :o)
Sara   x