Sunday, 12 November 2006



Thank you D's Design for the graphic today it is just perfect.

Good Morning I was up with the lark this morning to do this entry all quiet and calm had it all done only had to sign it and hey presto closed the wrong window and lost it all so I have been and had breakfast and have come up again to start over.
It is a grey Remembrance Sunday up here in Tayside. I heard someone say last night that there has only been one year since the First World War that a British Serviceman or woman has not been killed on active duty.  I think that says it all.
I have been away from journal most of the week as it has been taking me so long to read journals that I have not had time to write in this one. I know you too have been having trouble mine seems much better this morning so we can but hope it stays this way.
Started to clear out some kitchen cupboards yesterday afternoon in the company of my wee telly and Death on the Nile.  Its a great movie and I can even remember 'who done it' which is most unusual. I enjoyed Angela Landsburgh's over the top performance and I did like Peter Ustinov as Poirot. I know David Suchet has made the part his own and I do love him in it but they all bring their own magic to the part. Stuart and I love all the Agatha Christie movies and dramas on the telly I think we have just about seen them all. Midsomer tonight goody goody.
We had our usual outings to St Andrew and Perth this week but I forgot my camera again I keep leaving it up here on the desk in the study and then I forget to take it with us when we go out. I am taking my Omega oil capsules every day but they are not helping yet we can but hope they kick in soon lol.
I see the Vivi awards have been given out and well done to all the winners but oh they do cause so much trouble.
That's me for today shower next and then I think its the damp patch in the bathroom  Stuart is tackling this morning and he will need my assistance. Think it is condensation that causing it with all the steam etc in there.  Hope we can fix it as it is very unsightly.  Bye for now and have a peaceful Sunday. 



jeanno43 said...

Yes,that is a sobering thought, all those serviceman who have died since the second world war.  Will we ever know peace? I fear not in our lifetimes.  Good luck with your damp patch.
Journals do seem better today but I wonder for how long, I have had endless trouble during this last week.

jeadie05 said...

Ihave missed you Joan ,but yes life can get busy cant it ,Yes Iheard that statement about the deaths of our service men ,makes you think doesnt it ? Hope you are able to cure the damp patch ,.,love Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Seems alot of people are having trouble with journals lately, I hope AOL sorts these problems out soon!!!

Have kept clear of all the Vivi stuff this year, though I am happy for those that won :o)

Good luck with the damp patch!
Sara   x

msecz said...

Hi, hope your day is going well and you get that spot fixed.... it can be nerve wracking I think. I am pretty sure ours is under control now... Sandra

adlessor said...

Oh, I hate that when I lose an entry and have to redo it.  Hope you get that patch up.   Enjoy the rest of the day.      Dawn

bobandkate said...

Hi Joan,
Enjoyed this entry. I love Midsomer Murders too. So will be watching tonight at 9.00pm.

labdancer51 said...

How infuriating when you lose an entry after all your hard work Joan.  We`ve all done more than once!    It`s been dry and a bit chilly here, though rain was forcast it seems to have passed us by.  I`ll be watching the new series of Midsomer Murders tonight too.

Sandra xxxx

jmoqueen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose reading lots of journal alerts and not getting anywhere then LOL ;-)  it's good to clean out those cupboards once in a while isn't it??  I did mine the other week and made loads of space.  Hope you manage to fix the damp patch xx


astoriasand said...

I too am a one for leaving my camera behind.I could have kicked myself this Sunday when I went back home 90miles to join in the Armistice Day Service and go see my 2 sons and 2 grandaughters.Oh!! dear the camera was left behind how annoying this is.Hope your tablets soon kick in and you feel better soon.Take care have a lovely day.

ally123130585918 said...

Joan don't it make you mad when you lose an entry ~ there has only been one year since the First World War that a British Serviceman or woman has not been killed on active duty.  as you say Joan that about says it all ~ hope those Omega oil capsules help ~ I have heard they are very good ~ Hope Stuart can fix that damp patch in the Bathroom ~ Ally