Friday, 2 March 2007

The Trials and Tribulations of Joan.


March brings breezes loud and shrill,

Stirs the dancing Daffodil.


Good evening what a week this has been. Sorry I have not been able to leave comments or even read journals but we have had massive problems with this useless piece of junk we call a PC.  All we wanted today was download a new version of Macafee as our old one was running out of date.  The PC did not like this one little bit and would not let us do anything at all we tried everything we could think of we even phoned as a last resort our local engineer to have it taken in to be fixed he could not speak to us till tomorrow Stuart came up to close down and low and behold after three days of torture it had fixed itself so fingers crossed we are ok again.  Has AOL been running slow  as this has been part of our problem?
Stuart has had a bad week too he has done something to his neck that has locked up all the muscles it was bad  enough to have him visiting the doctor he is on muscle relaxers and ibuprofen so hopefully that will do the trick whatever he it is it has torture in the title. I have had to drive him about as the pill he is on are making him very very drowsy. One thing with no PC  I have been doing a lot of reading  which I have enjoyed very much.Thats it for tonight gardening programs tonight love watching the one from Kew Gardens very interesting.… Bye Love



msecz said...

wish I could watch a garden program too.... I will be searching the channels for them tonight. lovely picture at the top. Sandra

astoriasand said...

Hi Joan,
Strange as it may seem I had the same problem as Sturat two weeks ago.I had to go to hospital.Muscle spasms they were.Aw the pain was terrible I coulldn't move.Said the computer wasn't a good thing to be on at that time.I felt the same on the medication.I had been online much longer due to downloading Everything backonto the new pooter.This I definatly thought had caused the neck probs as the doc at the hospital had said.As for Macafee I oly had them once and never again.Oh my computer was a nightmare with that on.It took me months to fathom out how to uninstall it too to put another named one on mine,Grrrr.Yes I believe AO HELL have been at it again this week and that also has been a nightmare.Not many alerts coming through Mine not reaching people either I have had e. mails asking if I have posted and also not being able to enter journals to comment Grrrrrrr.Today seems great so hoping they have sorted something.Enjoy your Gardening Program this evening,thats something I love too but I also like to watch POP idol American one.Si afraid I will be engaged in two hour sof that this evening LOL!!Good to hear from you again.Even if your week has been a poor one.Lets hope next is much better.Take Care God Bless.have a lovely week/end.

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan sorry you have had such a bad week, these computers can be so fustrating.  Glad it came out O.K. in the end. The picture of the daffodils are lovely you know March is here when we see the daffodils. Poor Stuart anything to do with the muscles is so painful, hope he will be feeling better soon. Most men hate going to the doctors don't they.  They feel worse just sitting there. Glad to hear you have been reading, did you manage to read the Dan Brown books, I got hooked on them and read the four of them one after the other.  Idris and I went to see the film "The Di Vinci Code" then I started reading the books last summer I couldn't put them down.  Wish me luck tomorrow with the computer my son Julian is going to put the new programe on for me Windows Visa Home Basic.  It is surposed to be much simplier and much easier, only time will tell. Bye for now Kathie.

jeadie05 said...

Hi Joan there have been nuerous problems reported throughout JLand,hope Stuarts neck problems soon clears up Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

I take you have done all the normal housekeeping tasks like defragging the drive etc

sarajanesmiles said...

What a pain... hope it stays well behaved for you now Joan!
My cousin used to work at Kew Gardens :o)
Sara   x

jlocorriere05 said...

As Jan said we've had loads of problems with AOL this week. I'm glad it fixed itself and hope it stays fixed! Have a good weekend! I hope Stuart feels better soon! Jeannette xx  

ally123130585918 said...

Morning Joan I have had all kinds of problems with aol for the past 3 weeks and I know I am not the only one ~ glad your PC fixed itself ~ Hope Stuart's neck is a bit better by now ~ glad you were able to do a nice lot of reading while your pc was off ~ love the pic of the Daffodils ~ Ally

jmoqueen said...

Sorry to hear about your pc probs and Stuart's neck probs.  You certainly have had a bad week.  Hope you have a better one next week xx Give my love to Stuart xx