Sunday, 25 March 2007



Thank you Donna for the lovely spring graphic.

I can hardly believe that it is over two weeks since I updated my journal. Don't know what has been wrong with me just have not been had anything interesting to tell you about still don't but will try to find something. First the weather not been the best this month dull when the rest of the country was having lovely spring days that really depressed me missing all the sunshine then we had the very cold northerly wind and frost last week. It is now better a little warmer not much but at least you don't freeze to death when you go out.
Have been playing games a lot and reading. Game wise am still on Tomb Raider IV am stuck at the moment again, trying to get a jump on board a motorcycle not getting it at all will maybe have to skip a level, don't want too do that but I can only take so many attempts at it have already spent about an hour trying and am getting a bit cheesed off with it. I do get a bit tense when I get stuck and have to watch the blood pressure ha ha.
Reading wise I just finished a Jeffrey Deavers book this morning wallowed in bed to do that and really enjoyed the peace and quiet. It was a very good story it was called 'The Empty Chair' learned a lot about insects in it sound strange, but did you know that if a spider was to spin enough silk to go around to world  it would only weigh 1 ounce. Will remember that if nothing else.
Just started my latest read in the loo this later this morning its at Matthew Reilly book called 'Seven Ancient Wonders' have not read any of his before but Stu says he writes a good tale. Has anybody else read any of his?
Have been out and about doing the usual things and coffeeing in the usual places.  The family are off to Cyprus over the Easter holidays so they are looking forward to that. Two weeks in the sun just sounds what the doctor ordered. Wish us luck we are looking after Ellen's Goldfish while they are away.
Have been out in the garden this week tidied up the front and brought round some containers from the back garden and planted up some violas in the round tubs we had from last year will take a picture once they are out in full. The grass is looking awful just now all tufts and moss. Stuart has raked it and given it a strim around the edges and hopes to get it cut whenever theres a lull in the no, not the weather the sport on the telly.
I think that's about it for today so I hope you all have a lovely Sunday the sun is trying here. Bye for now and take care. 



cayasm said...

Nice to see you back, I've not been upt o much but I try to write something every week, I've not done much reading lately but I do think we should start a reading club we could review them online might interest somebody.



jeadie05 said...

Last week was awful here too Joan, so you didnt miss anything ,seems good to me curl up with a good book ,I mean you  still have all the chores to do ,hopefully your weather and ours will pick up now ,and we can enjoy a much awaited spring Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan nice to catch up with your comings and goings ~ the weather is still quite cold here although the Sun is out but dosn't have much warmth to it at the moment ~ good luck with looking after Ellen's fish ~ Stuart will never get that grass cut with all the sports on TV at the moment :o) ~ hope you are having a good day ~ Ally

aniracj said...

It has been lovely here today and is only just getting cooler. I cannot believe it is nearly 7pm and still light!! I do love the lighter evenings!!! I'm sure the fish will be okay with you, they just get traumatised with any movement from one place to another so they may be off their food for a day or two if they have been brought to you. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, the Royal is back tonight...yay!!

jacksj989 said...

HI Joan,

Glad to hear that Stuart has got his priorities right.  Didn't Scotland do well?


bronny42 said...

Hi Joan. No I haven't read any of Matthew Reilly books but its sounds like a good read let us know how it goes.  The weather here has been very mixed some day bright and sunny and then the next day bitterly cold.  I for one is still wearing my bed socks at night.  If my feet a cold I am cold all over. Ha. Ha.
Wish I was off to Cyprus, but missing out on my early holiday due to haveing the kitchen done, but have booked to go to Malta in September, seems a long way off. but don't want to wish the year away.bye for now and you take care Kathie.

astoriasand said...

Well Joan the weather has certainly been a bit cooooool here too this last couple of weeks.Beautiful today so been out all day long.Realy enjoyed the fresh air and the change from the four walls as one says.I was wondering if you had fallen off that Motorcycle not hearing any posts from you LOL.Happy to read you are enjoying your books.No I havn't read any of what you ask sorry.Moss on the lawn spreads like wildfire if you cut the lawn.Best thing is to try get rid of the moss forst.Spores galore come off as you cut and then they settle in other places Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.A mind boggling job that is too.Have  alovely Sunday Evening.Take Care God Bless.

sarajanesmiles said...

He he, glad you're still enjoying your game :o)
Keep at the bit you're stuck on, when you get it you'll feel fabulous!
Sara   x

jlocorriere05 said...

I hate it when I get stuck on a game too! Our weather is just becoming a bit warmer too. I hope your family have a lovely time in Cyprus, it's meant to look so pretty there in springtime. Have a lovely week! I'm behind on my alerts again after a busy weekend! Jeannette xx

sylviam4000 said...

Send Stuart round to ours, when he gets the mower out, pay's good tell 'im - buckets of tea/coffee and cream cakes. My lawns look like fields of sugar cane, they've grown so much. Take care, keep laughing.
Love Sylvia xx