Saturday, 5 May 2007

Glendoick Gardens


Good Afternoon and welcome to my musings today.It seems a long time since I wrote in my journal so I will try to bring you up to date with all the happenings in our busy lives lol.
The weather has been absolutely glorious this week and we have tried to make the most of it, it might be all we get you never know do you?.
We have been working and sitting in the garden and have been out and about too.
On Monday we took a trip to Glendoick Gardens just outside of Perth. They are specialist in growing and breeding new varitities of Rhodidenron and are very famous for this you may have seen them in your local garden centre. I took load of pictures and have posted some of them for you to see.
After spending the morning wandering around the gardens we carried on to Dundee and visited Dundee Botanical Gardens. After some lunch we wandered round there as well with all the wandering we was very tired when we got home walking slowly is worse than a good brisk walk.
Dundee gardens were very green with not much in flower but the trees were lovely as you can see. The is word that we may be loosing the gardens as the University no longer want them so there is a bit of a stuchy just now about what will happen we will just have to wait and see and hope something good comes out of this.
Have managed at last to get rid of the chest infection with the help of the Doctor so am pleased about that but the bad news is Stuart has Shingles. This is the second time for him this time they are on left side just on his ribcage the last time it was his leg. The strange thing is this time he does not have the rash so it took two visits to the Doctors for him to know what was wrong.  He says he is not too bad this time nothing like he was last time so we have just got our fingers crossed as we go on holiday next Saturday.
Have finished my book again going great just now with all the sitting in the garden I get through more books I just love sitting reading in the sunshine with my straw hat on of course. Not sure yet what to start next as I have bought 'The DevilWears Prada ' for my holiday  reading I usually don't read too much when we are away birding as my eyes are usually tired by the time I fall into bed.
I think that's about it for today so I will wish you bye for now and hope you have a pleasant weekend.




sdrogerson said...

Monkey puzzle trees - I remember lots as a child but haven't seen  one in years i guess they were a fashion? Must go and look them up.

jeadie05 said...

Lovely place to visit Joan delightful pictures ,poor Stuart shinmgles are so painful ,Iam pleased you have thrown off your chest infection Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan what lovely gardens to visit ~ that chair looks really ancient I wonder who made it ~ and how long ago ~ Poor Stuart having shingles for a second time ~ Hope he will be feeling better soon and it won't affect your going on your holiday ~ glad you have managed to get rid of your chest infection ~ Ally x

astoriasand said...

Hi joan what lovely pics you have put in here for us all to see.Good to here you have been making the best of that old currant bun (sun) whilst it lasts LOL!! Those rhodidendrons are beautiful arn't they.I am sorry to read Stuart has that awful complaint Shingles my friend has just been realy ill with it,So painfull it is.I hope it clears before your holiday.Enjoy your book and if you don't do another posting before you go on holiday have a great time I hope the weathers kind to you.Safe journey there and nack.Take Care God Bless.

cayasm said...

Lovely pictures glad your better sorry about Stuart hope fully will clear up soon,Im reading Mary Higginns Clark another great mystery writer. Have a lovely holiday

Love Yasmin


labdancer51 said...

Hello Joan,  what lovely photos, the rhodos are just coming into bloom here so we are going to Kew Gardens next weekend to have a look round...I`ll take my camera of course.   Poor Stuart, I know shingles is nasty because Jim and Kerry had it several years ago. I always thought it was an illness of old age but Jim was only 35 and Kerry 18 so obviously not. Please give Stuart my best wishes and I hope he recovers very soon.

Love Sandra xxxx

ekgillen said...

The photos are beautiful!
I hope Stuart feels better soon.

mariealicejoan said...

Wonderful pictures Joan!  I love gardens and flowers.  I hope that Stuart feels better soon, and am very glad you are finally rid of the chest infection.  Thanks for the wonderful "catch up".  Hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic!

sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful photos Joan, my favourite was the last one, can imagine sitting there in the sun with a good book :o)  I don't have a straw hat though, must get me a straw hat!  Glad you are feeling better, sorry to hear about Stuart's shingles though.  Hope that clears up in time for your holiday.
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

Glad your making the most of the weather but sorry to hear about Stuart having the shingles :(  At least you don't have your chest infection anymore xx