Friday, 19 October 2007


Thank you again Donna for today's graphic.

Good Morning, its a pleasant day here in Perthshire not as cold as yesterday and no overnight frost. Stuart has gone on a field trip today with his art class so I have the day to myself so I thought I would update my books journal now that the chores are done will all I intend to do today. My back is on the mend I think which is good news for me as it can get difficult the  loo being upstairs and me being such a frequent visitor but it does keep me fit normally.
Don't know what we will be doing over the weekend as we usually stay home as we like the quiet of midweek to do our travels. 
I have been really disgusted at ITV for all the cheating that's been going on over voting and competitions on their channels I do think the police should look into it, 8 million pounds is a lot of  phone calls to have been missed.
Think that's about it for today will go and make a pot of coffee and sit with  my new book. Have a great weekend.      Here's the link if you want to read the latest of my reading thoughts.                                          


astoriasand said...

Hi joan yes the sun is still shing here.I hav ebeen told it's cool out of it though.I hope Stuart has a good afternoon at his painting session.I have been over to your book journal.Happy to read your back is much better,thats good to hear.I don't think I could manage the loo upstairs now. I have got used to the flat and no staircase LOL.They do keep you fit yes I have to agree with you on that one.I prefer the weekends as partner works all week ,so week/ends are what I lok forward to.I havn't heard about the cheating,being not well I havn't seen much at all this week regarding the news or TV.I will ask Partner about that one when he comes home.Enjoy your nice quiet peaceful afternoon reading and your good cuppa LOL!!Don't fall asleep on the settee or carpet haaa.Take Care God Bless Kath

jeadie05 said...

I am pleased your back feels abit better ,I hope Stuart is wrapped up warm ,enjoy you day doing' you things 'and good luck with your flue jab Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan glad your back is on the mend ~ and hope Stuart enjoys his field trip today ~ and you enjoy your quiet time on your own ~ a nice cup of coffee and a good book ~ what more could you ask for ~ I agree about  ITV cheating their viewers on the phone calls how low can they get to pull such a scam ~ didn't realise the money was so high yes the Police should be called in if only to protect the people who have rung those numbers ~ Ally x

msecz said...

I hope you enjoy your book. I just finished reading Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. only 262 pages~ wish it had been a bit longer. Now Im going to read The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, another with only 272 pages..... but then I will look for a longer one I think. Glad your weather is a bit nicer today, Sandra

jlocorriere05 said...

We had some nice sunshine today but it was cool in the shade, have to exopect that at this time of year. I'm glad your back seems to be on the mend. Have a lovely weekend! Jeannette xx  

mariealicejoan said...

We enjoyed a lovely sunny day here yesterday as well, plus we had a lovely clear but very cool night.  I am with you as far as the cheating with the voting and competitions on the telly now.  I, for one, will never vote again!  It's all rigged anyways.  My good friend Lesley's niece made it through to the boot camp for the X factor.  She was not one of the one's picked for the finals, but boy oh boy did she have some tales to tell.  They know pretty much before they even start who they want the winner to be, and they very cunningly manipulate the public to vote their way.  I feel sorry for all these young people who go into it hoping to be discovered.  This is abuse of young people's dreams and hopes in the worst way, only cleverly disguised as entertainment.  I, for one, will no longer be a part of it.

irisheyes1929 said...

I've missed reading your journal!  Now that I finally have some time again, it's nice to read such a quiet splendid entry of calm life!  Hopefully I can manage to keep my life that way!!

Ah, college...(or university as you call it!)