Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Good afternoon, not nearly so nice here today been raining all morning but it is the first rain we have had for some time so it will freshen things up in the garden.
We had a lovely meal out with the family on Saturday for our Wedding Anniversary lots of good food and company. The weather has certainly warmed up since we married as I can remember it being very cold on the 6th October 1962. Oh that does look like so long ago when you write the date down like that.
We had our usual run to St Andrews yesterday and the town was buzzing again as all the students are back and being St Andrews there are still a lot of visitors about.
Thanks to the Daily Mail I managed to collect all 8 of the free DVD's they were giving away over the last week or so this time it was Barbara Taylor Bradford's 'Woman of Substance' series.  Have now got the complete set. I remember reading all the books years ago and enjoying them so much. I don't think I have seen all the TV movies of same so am looking forward to watching them while Stu has the football or the likes on. I am fortunate to have kept our original DVD player in the kitchen I kept it when we upgraded to a DVD recorder so I can watch all those types of films as Stuart really does not like mushy things very much.

Have put in some of our holday pictures for you they are a bit atmospheric as the day was absolutely lashing raing and heavy cloud but we did enjoy the run to Durness and Balnakiel Beach as it was many many years since we visited this part of Scotland. I think the weater shows just how wild it can be even in September. The rest of the holiday was much brighter but that will be another time.

                                                        Love   Joan. 


jeadie05 said...

Great pictures Joan ,as you say very atmopheric and moody !  what a lovely place to visit ,I think you will enjoy the dvd's they are quite true to the book.Its lashing down with rain here today too ...love Jan xx

ekgillen said...

Great pics!!!

astoriasand said...

I think it is raining all over the country today Joan.It has never stopped since I got up here.I do hope the dvd's prove to be as good a watch as hthe books were to read.
I have as tack of those free dvd's all kinds of stuff which they are always giving away in the daily mirror.Childrens selection also LOL .What a lovely place that looks to be weather sunny or not.It is beautiful.Looking forward to th erest of th epictures when ever time allows.Take care God Bless have a lovely evening.I'll go get my tea now the worlds worker is home. LOL!!
astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

labdancer51 said...

What a beautiful landscape Joan, truly breathtaking. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. The weather has been horrendous today with the rain coming down in stair rods all day! :o(

Love Sandra xxxx

adlessor said...

Wonderful photos Joan.  Love the waterfalls and the ocean ones.    Dawn

mariealicejoan said...

Great pictures Joan!  We had quite a bit of rain here yesterday as well. Lovely to hear that you had a nice anniversary!    I loved the "Woman of Substance" books!  How wonderful that you have now got the whole series!  There will be some hours of enjoyment to spend there!