Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday Musings.





Good Afternoon, I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday whatever you are doing or not doing. Here in our house Sunday morning is ‘Countryfile’ on BBC1 we both enjoy this programme so much so I always make a big pot of coffee and we sit down together and watch this wonderful program. It is very diverse and there is always something of interest for everybody. Today it came from the North Devon coast and had items from all over the country. If you like country matters or are looking for a good variety of subjects this is the programme for you I really do recommend it.

It has been a dreadfully cold week here I would say it has been the coldest of the winter. We took a run around Tayside on Monday and ended up in a wee blizzard. I have posted some pictures for you they are not a good as I hoped we would get as although we left home to a cloudless sky it clouded over very quickly and spoiled things a bit. It was so cold we did not get out the car very much only to take the photos and even then the ones with the Highland Cattle were taken in heavy snow as you can see.

After a winter of staying clear of colds and flu I have succumbed this week to a very chesty cough not enough to keep me down but it can be annoying at times still I have done well to keep clear of the lurgie this long. I blame a lady that coughed on me in a shop last week she did not even cover her mouth such bad manners.

Am sitting by the telly and the sun is shining so brightly in Spain as Stuart is watching Moto GP (Motorbike Racing) which will be followed by the track cycling from Manchester the World Championships we have done so well with 9 cold medals so far and more chances today.

I think that about all my musings for today so till next time. Bye bye.


PS        This sport on the telly has just chenged to cross county running from Edinburgh and yes you have guessed its raing and cold strange as its only twenty odd miles from me and the sun is shinning here. 


sdrogerson said...

i've got that chest bug courtesy of perth dwelling daughter........... nasty

cayasm said...

Sorry you caught a cold, drives me mad when ppl don't cover their mouths when they cough, so rude. I enjoyed looking at the pictures, sometimes I watch Country file when I, the weather down here has been poor it rained most of yesterday, but today is quite bright.

Take care


kirkbyj05 said...

What lovely photos Joan.  I loved the captions too.  You are as bad as me at second guessing an animals body language.   Lol!
I hope you weren't standing in the field with the cattle?  Make sure you have a fence between you unless you want to become a matador.   hahahaha!
I sometimes like Country File on a Sunday.  Its remembering to turn the TV on for it.
We have had such a mish mash of weather here in the Lakes over Easter. I wish it was held in warmer months.   Planned outings had to be cancelled because of it.
Mind how you go when out and about grabbing photos...if the weather doesn't get you the Highland cattle might....hehehe.
Jeanie xxxx

jodimaiden said...

Hi Joan
Sorry you have caught the dreaded cold! me too 3 days of it so far it makes you feel so down, I do agree such bad manners when people dont cover their mouths and keep their germs to themselves thats how I got mine.
Glad you were able to get out and about in the horrible weather but we have had lots of sunshine today so things maybe looking up lets hope so.
Hugs Diane xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan you pictures are breathtaking ~ such beautiful scenery ~ Sorry you have caught a cold hope it clears up soon ~ I enjoy "Countryfile" and agree it is well worth watching ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Sorry you have a cold Joan ,I hope it soon goes away ,I loved your pictures loved the one of the blizzard ,pleased not to be in it though ..keep warm dear ,and get Stuart to make you a toddy ! Jan xx

ukgal36 said...

feel better soon..loved the pics...

adlessor said...

It looked like you were pretty close to those cattle that were giving you the look.
YOU are a brave one.   Loved your photos.   Dawn

mariealicejoan said...

Loved the photos Joan, especially of the Highland cattle.  I got a glimpse of a few of those two summers ago when we were up in Cumbria.  We took a day trip up to Scotland one day, we were so close, and I saw some in a field.  They were lovely, but also big and scary!  You are a brave gal!  I hope your cold goes off soon.  Todd has had one this past few weeks as well.  Fingers crossed it lets me alone!

sylviam4000 said...

I sat through Moto GP, hubby loves it, must admit it's not really my cup of tea. We get Countryfile on a Sunday morning. It's a great programme, been going for years, but never dull. Love their "weather week", even if they are prone to getting it wrong at times. Take care.
Love Sylvia xxx

jlocorriere05 said...

The photos are gorgeous Joan, I love highland cattle, I wish I had their shaggy coats  right now, we have a blizzard down here! I used to like old Jack Hargreaves doing Out Of Town, did you get that in Scotland? That was all about the countryside too. Must be very confusing to have a tulip called water lily! Lol!
Jeannette xx