Thursday, 6 March 2008

I have been so naughty.

Good afternoon, I have been so bad today I have been sitting here all afternoon playing Luxor 3. I am stuck at the moment on one stage and I been trying all afternoon, my neck is killing me so I thought I would come on here and tell you all about it. I bought the game last week and have been getting on great until today I will get it eventually if my neck can stand it. I have already finished Luxor 1 and 2 to have been wanting this one for a while.

Do you remember a while back I said I was going to send for Brideshead Revisited from the Daily Mail, well I sent away my cheque yes you still get them, handy if you have to send for something by ,you know the old fashioned way anyway, I sent off for it and after a wait of about four weeks it duly arrived. I had just about given up so I was glad to see it. We have been watching it disc by disc there are 12 in all and we have really been enjoying it. It is a superb story well written and well acted it has been so handy these nights when there is little or nothing on the telly. I am addicted to collecting these free DVD's they give out of the papers and I  lucky Stuart is not too fussy what paper he gets in the morning. Most of the freebees are of old things that have been on the telly years ago. My taste seems to have changed in recent times must be my age or something as I never used to like period pieces but now I really enjoy them, strange I never thought that would happen. It started at Christmas when we watched Sense and Sensibility and loved it now we watch all the period pieces that are on. We are enjoying Larkrise to Crandleford it is such a gentle programme and lovely characters I just love the postmistress and her junior. The dresses that the sisters Pratt wear are really something they always remind me of the ugly sisters in Panto. Don’t know what we will watch when in ends in a couple of weeks. Never mind I read that Desperate Housewives will be back at Easter now that the writers strike is over. Maybe some of the rest of the American series we have been without lately will be back soon.

Been not so cold here today but we did have a shower at lunchtime enough to make me take the washing in, was very annoyed as it was all thick towels, some of these days we will get it all dry.

That’s about it for now time to make the tea thinking of a curry tonight so I had better get chopping. Till next time. Love



jeadie05 said...

Oh naughty lol I hope your neck isnt going to suffer ,Yes Ifind my tastes have changed too ,I was dissapointed when the showing of Wire in the blood finished ..happy chopping Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

Have you read the books Lark Rise is based on?
They are memoirs rather than fiction.
The books are great.

aniracj said...

Ah........Larkrise to Candleford, I am so addicted to that as well!! Wasn't so keen on Brideshead but then again now I am older I might get into it! I love all the Dickens stuff that has been on, especially the re-worked Oliver Twist - so dark but totally gripping! I am currently playing (having bought it as well) Caribean Hideaway.......that is another game I just cannot leave alone!!

jodimaiden said...

I think larkrise is great it's such easy watching, I also love period dramas.
I know what games are like when you get addicted nothing else gets done lol, I'm a member of Pogo so many games to play but have to limit myself!!
Diane xx

cayasm said...

I haven't watched Larkrise to Candleforde I'll wait for the DVD, I did get Cranford on special offer at Tesco's I try to collect the dvd's from the mail they're usually good, I didn't know youe were a gamer.

Take care


jmoqueen said...

I've stopped watching Larkrise to Candleford but only coz it clashes with Dancing On Ice results show lol......  I do love period dramas though I must admit :o)  Hope you manage to get past the part your stuck on xx


mariealicejoan said...

Oh Joan I do love the Larkrise series myself.  I am quite into period productions.  I love them all for the most part.  Will be sad when the series ends but I hear they are going to be doing another one, so yayy!  something to look forward to!  Good luck with your Luxor game!