Friday, 20 June 2008

A Visit from Mickey


Good Afternoon, what a busy week very eventful for us and in between Royal Ascot oh I do like to see all the lovely hats and dresses. With the wind they have had this week the ladies have done wonders with their hatpins and kirby grips. The Queen’s hat today was a real winner. Stuart and I have both picked winners at good prices but nether of us risked our pennies.

On Monday morning we had an appointment with Mickey Mouse as pictured above, we were having Sky + installed. We have had Sky for many years but I have read so much about how easy Sky + is we thought we would have it. It is all that it is said to be, it is so simple to use it is unbelievable none of this setting timers seeing if you have enough room on the disc having it on the right channel on click on the name of the program and your done its absolutely fabulous can’t speak highly enough about it. We were invited again to Ellen’s school on Wednesday her class were doing a little concert about Scotland all about Burke and Hare, Mary Queen of Scots and a bit of Country Dancing, we were served tea and coffee after the performance we had a lovely time.

Stuart took unwell during Wednesday night he seemed to have picked up some type of tummy bug, he must have been bad during the night as he actually woke me up which is very rare. He stayed put in bed yesterday morning and took it easy and I put on my nurse’s hat. After lunch we managed to get up and as the rest of the day progressed he recovered fine and today he is back to normal.

It’s a lovely afternoon here sunny if a bit blowy. Tomorrow is the longest day and the forecast is not very good hopefully warm summer days will return soon. I think that’s about it for today so till next time. Love,


jeadie05 said...

Oh you will be pleased you now have sky plus ,it is all it is advertised as ,Sorry Stuarts been poorly ,Hope he is better now ,I once played Mary Queen of Scots in a school play Jan xx

cayasm said...

I hear good things about sky plus, glad you like it, the weather down here not so good and a miserable weekend is forecast(thats not really sorry to hear Stuart was unwell, but has now recovered. Glad you enjoyed the concert.

Have a good weekend


ally123130585918 said...

I enjoyed Royal Ascot and those hats were brilliant ~ Wimbledon next week ~ bet it rains as it always does ~ Glad you are enjoying Sky + ~  I love going to the childrens schools when they invite Parents and Grandparents ~ Hope Stuart is 100% better now ~ tomorrow is officially the 1st day of Summer so here's hoping it warms up for us all ~ Ally x

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Royal Ascot ~ not have a TV and being at work |I didn't see any of it. I'm sorry to hear Stuart wasn't well, tummy bugs strike with no warning. Glad he's feeling better now. Have a great weekend! Jeannette xx  

mariealicejoan said...

I have often wondered about Sky+.  Not sure if our brains could figure it out.  My boss has it apparently, but not even sure if he has managed to figure it out yet!  I shall have to read up on it, although most days we can't find much to watch on it anyways!  Perhaps we just aren't looking at the right channels!  Glad to hear that Stuart is feeling better.

jeanno43 said...

At last I have the link to your journal again.  I could not understand why I was not getting alerts to some journals - that is until I went into manage alerts and found that most of them had disappeared!  Good old aol.  Anyway, I have got you back now and will try adding to alerts again. Fingers crossed.

jennyp51 said...

I have had sky + for a couple of months now it is so easy, just press R and record.  Still cannot find anything to watch some days though.
Jenny <><

adlessor said...

What fun for you both helping out at Ellen's school.   Glad Stuart is feeling better.

chat2missie said...

Thanks for visiting my journal.  I have added you to my alerts.  Also, I've added you to my readers list for when I go private.  That should be some time today.