Monday, 28 July 2008


Good Evening am sitting here with the sunshine streaming in through the lounge window, I mention it as this is the only time of the year that we get any sun in this room as it is north facing so that means no sun all day this side of the house.

We set off this morning to go to St Andrews as we thought it was going to be lovely at the coast but someone did not tell the workmen digging up the motorway to let motorists know when they close a slip road so we set off full of hope of a nice breeze and some sunshine but the horrible men who dig up the road put paid to that. The slip road that we need to be on was closed and it meant a detour of about 25 miles for us to get back to the road we wanted to be on. The weather was very misty at that time but it did look better inland as we reached the high point on the motorway. We then thought again and decided to go to Perth instead and would keep St Andrews for another day. We do get the best coffee in the country in Perth so it was not a hardship. Spent time looking for shoes for this wedding we are going to but no luck yet do not want to spend a fortune on high heel that I don’t wear now but will have to for one afternoon. Gone are the days when I could strut about in 4 inch heels maybe that’s what behind the bad back, but I loved them at the time as I am only 5ft 1inch tall. Oh that’s better just switched on the fan it is very hot up here tonight most unusual we usually have cool evenings.

We are planning a run in the car tomorrow to somewhere we have not been for a while have not decided where yet but will take the camera and hope to get some new shots to show you later this week.

Still feeling a bit disappointed we did not get to the beach today but still as they say tomorrow is another day. Till next time. Love






jeanno43 said...

I cannot wear heels at all, have not been able to for years, mind you I only wear shoes once in a blue moon when I have to go for a medical appointment.  Sorry that your trip was spoiled but I am sure you will go another day.  Cooling off a lot here after several scorching days

chat2missie said...

There's always another day for a beach visit!  Enjoy your week.

jlocorriere05 said...

This entry is printed out twice in the same entry Joan! I think others were too polite to say anything! Lol! I loved Perth and the surrounding area, I also liked Crieff and Buchanty spout. Sorry you couldn't get to St Andrews, road works are a pain, we have the biggest ones in the country in Brighton ~ they're all over the city centre! Have a good week. Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

I can just about manage little heels now ! I find wedge heels are easier,or maybe its just the ones I bought from Clarkes last  year in tan and go with so many things and are so comfy ,hope you get to the beach soon Jan xx

jmoqueen said...

It could be worse you could be down here, it's tipping down :(  Glad you are making the most of the nice weather though xx