Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Car Service Wind and Rain


Afternoon J-land, its been a blustery day up here with showers mixed in, all of which came at the wrong time for us.  The car was booked in for its service today so we were out quite early for us these days.  After dropping the car of we accepted a run into town from the garage and the receptionist gave us their phone number so we could get picked up again if we wanted but we said we would probably walk back ha ha. We had a nice mosey around town bought one or two things a couple of coffee stops then we decided to start back to the garage just as we started walking in the direction of the garage the rain came on for the first time so we had to phone and get a lift back so no nice brisk walk back. By the time we got to Tesco to do the weekly shop the rain was off and the sun was out. We looked out of the window when we got to the checkout and low and behold it was lashing again that's twice. We drove home and by the time we arrived home some 18 miles later it was blowing a gale and pouring with rain so that three times today we have been caught and all this on my curly horrible new perm I paid a fortune for last week.


Was going to do nice flowes to seperate the two halves but file managers playing up as usual. Was going to ask can any of you lovely people remember you mobile phone number we were asked for ours today Stuart has'nt a clue but I had mine written down in my diary as I can never recall phone numbers.It takes me all my time to remember my chip and pin.  Hope you all can remember your chip and pin as today is the start of chip and pin only in the stores and they seem to be very strick about it.  Will go now as it is teatime. Love        




jeadie05 said...

Oh dear I hope your curls didnt suffer too much ,apart fromtherain it wasquite a nice day out wasnt it ?No Idont remember my mobile no !!Ihave Maurices one in there also ,he comes up under I.C.E. (in case of emergency )as Iwas suggested we all do ..............Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan thats a nice service your garage gave you - running you into town...and offering to pick you up...Hope that rain didn't mess up your nice new perm....I don't remember my home phone no let alone my cell phone - Very rarely have to ring my own number - or If I do they are all programmed into my cell phone..Weather is quite bad at the moment wouldn't have fancied a brisk walk in the pouring rain...Have a lovely evening....Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  What a nice garage you have...I can`t imagine any of the ones near here giving such a great service. Personally I hate getting my hair even a bit damp because I spend ages straightening it, the damp makes it go frizzy!  We had the wind and rain last night, what a racket it made too...:o)

Sandra xxxx

haileen2003 said...

A lovely 'Sunny Day' but bitterly Cold....... lashing of Rain overnight though! Sorry you got wet, I hate my hair for a few weeks,after a Perm!
Yes I know my 'Mobile No...used to know Allan's off pat but he's got a new one now, so it's in Memory. I'm pretty good with No's even long ones. I was a Telephonist all my working life, so presume that's why :>)

jmoqueen said...

Chip and Pin I don't have a problem with coz I've been using mine since last year.  It's the phone number I really can never remember.  I have my mobile number stored on my mobile but sometimes that's not always convenient ;-)

jeanno43 said...

Sorry you got caught in the rain three times.  They say we are going to get it heavily as well.  I do not have a mobile phone and do not want one so no problem remembering for me, nothing to remember.

jlocorriere05 said...

They sound kind people in your garage. I do have a mobile phone but I've never used it to call anyone and it's permanently switched off. I can remember it's number, I seem to have a head for figures!! Sorry you kept getting soaked, it's no fun! Jeannette.

love2sing2007 said...

Sounds like you have (overall) a lovely day!  Can I fly over sometime and hang with you?  Lol!  I hope you are enjoying the Olympics.
Love, Kellen