Monday, 20 February 2006

Spending too much.





Hope you are all well on this sunny afternoon.  We have had quite a day.  My hearing aids have not been working very well this last week or two and Stuart has been having to suffer the TV too loud and also having to shout at me.  This morning I phoned Audiology  a PRI and was so surprised when the receptionist said they could see me today in fact it was only an hour and half later. So we got our skates on and drove up to Perth.  Was in and out in no time all sorted just needed some new tubing in each aid.  We then thought we would kill two birds with one stone and went round to the retail park to see about a new kettle and a new phone.  My new kettle lights up in the inside when it is on and whistles when its ready. We have just bought a normal cordless phone this time and we are using our old answering machine as it is so simple compared to the one that just broke down. Will have to wait to see if I can use it as it is digital but they don't tell you if its is hearing aid compatible and if it is not I will get a big whistle (more whistling). Not too worried about not being able to use the new phone as I can use the one in the kitchen.  The two handsets of the one that is broken work as a intercom system, one downstairs and one in the study so that's handy. This sounds a very complicated entry hope you can understand my ramblings.  After these two purchases we had a walk round PC World and there we bought a new MacAfee Security for the PC so that's me all spent up for a while. Well can't believe that its four fifteen already where has the day gone bet start of the dinner. Love to you all





jeanno43 said...

Glad you got your hearing aids sorted.  All in all it sounds as if you have had a good and productive day.  Hugs

jeadie05 said...

Im so pleased they were able to sort out your hearing aids so quickly and with no fuss ,and now you can have a nice cuppa ,and make a phone call ...sorted ....Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan what luck they saw you so quickly and sorted your hearing aids out...I bet you were surprised....Kettle sounds good lights up and whistles..and a new phone.....and MacAfee security....... you little spendthrift lol....Glad you got everything sorted...Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  Jim bought me a new kettle today and guess what? it lights up too.  Is yours a Breville?  I`m posting a photo of mine on my journal after I`ve had me tea. :o)

Sandra xxxxx

PS:  also my answerphone is up the creek!

haileen2003 said...

Glad you had a Productive Day - the Kettle sounds very 'Posh'
Yes, we had a lovely sunny Day - but so Cold!

jmoqueen said...

That was quite an entry to try and follow - I think I managed it ;-)  Glad your hearing aids are ok and you've got some new bargins.