Saturday, 23 December 2006

All's well.


Good Afternoon, hope you are all well and having a good day. The graphic is the title of one my favourite movies (not managed to spot it amongst all the movies for Christmas this year ho hum) if anybody see it on over Christmas let me know please as it has come to my rescue many times. When I worked in the supermarket by the time you got home on Christmas Eve you were really off the whole idea of Christmas, but if this movie was on it would but me back in good spirits in no time. Customers really get quite fraught at this time of year and do take it out on the staff that are trying there best. We always seemed to run out of something one year about half an hour before closing after a very long day we had a lady in doing the ran dan that we did no have any Sprouts left we had had tones on them but they had all gone. Another thing that we used to run out of was cream. Many years ago I remember customers actually running in the store at 7-30 am to get the last of their food shopping. Don't think it is as bad now.
I retired at the beginning of December 2004 so I would be off for Christmas, in 2003 I had have Christmas off as I had hurt my back at the beginning of December that year so little did I know that I actually worked my last Christmas 2002. I find I love Christmas now as I am not rushing about a the last moment trying to do six things at once.
I went back and reread last year Christmas's entries you may or not remember the carry on with the icing on the cake I found it very funny today not like last year when it happened. I did not make a Christmas Cake this year as it is just too much for Start and I to get through and it is not that good for Start to have to much of it so I just bought a small one. 
So as the Graphic says at the top of this entry being retired make me say  "It's a Wonderful Life" or at least till something else goes wrong.  Have a good evening and may the best dancer win.  Love,



jeanno43 said...

I am rooting for Mark. One of my favourite films as well. I bought it on video and then on DVD so I can watch it whenever I like.  Well, we think we have bought everything. If we have forgotten something we will just have to do without it.

memes121 said...

Merry Christmas friend! Tammy

sarajanesmiles said...

I love that film, haven't seen it on over Christmas yet this year though.  Have a few other Christmassy DVD's to watch to get me in the spirit :o)
People are funny aren't they, making such a fuss over sprouts like that, when they should have just done their shopping earlier!  Glad you are retired now, so can relax and enjoy the holidays :o)
Sara   x

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you can now relax and enjoy Christmas. That's how it should be, I refuse to go to the shops on Christmas week, to many grumpy people, where's the Christmas spirit gone. I've read so many people complaining about rudeness, I'm glad I'm not in there too! Have agreat time Joan and Stuart and have a very happy new year too! Jeannette xx

jeadie05 said...

Yes thats the film to watch to put you in the right frame of mind ,its lovely being retired not as much pressure ....or is there?Had another look at your card YOU did make it clever girl Ididnt realise until you said ,its lovely THANKYOU   love Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hello Joan,  Oh that is a terrific film.  I hadn`t even seen it until about 10 years ago until Jim told me to watch it and I was hooked. They really don`t make them like that anymore. I watched the Strictly Come Dancing final last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Mark and Karen definitely deserved to win.  I hope you and Stuart have a very Happy Christmas. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx