Friday, 1 December 2006

And now the First of the Month


                Chill December brings the sleet

                Blazing fire and Christmas treat.



Good Morning, its the first of the month again it come round so quickly now it must be because being retired we had a weekly income and a monthly one as well so its not like when we were working and had to wait from one month to the other.
Last night I had the strangest dream. I seemed to be in the house alone and a film came on the telly and guess who was one of the stars my Stuart complete with all his hair and looking so young and handsome it was grand, not that he is not handsome now but alas the hair is a bit sparse now. I remember saying to him later in the dream you never told me you were a movie star and he said he did not like that.  We had a good laugh about it this morning before he went to his art class.  Had to break there to run down and stir the soup its celery today that will have to be liquidized as we like it smooth. 
Forgot to mention yesterday we were playing Junior Scrabble with Ellen on Wednesday after school.  What a laugh we had. She kept say things like 'Have you got a 't'  Grandma or have you got  'd' Grandad"  and she was saying the letters phonetically it was really funny but she did do very well and we had a three way draw. Think I was lucky to get that. Its a strange game with the pictures and the letters on the board but it a good game for the wee ones.
Better go now and have a dash round before Stuart comes back like to be tidied up so he can untidy it again when he comes in. Have not managed to train him even after 44years, don't suppose I ever will now.
                                  Have a good weekend.





astoriasand said...

I don't think any man can ever be trained LOL!!!! I have bought my Grandaughter the Scrabble game you palyed for Christmas along with stocking fillers too.So sound like I will be listening to the same funny phrases soon .Soup sounds very nice for this cold morning Dec 1st ENJOY with a nice crusty roll .I am just making myself a little bit of fish and parsley sauce with runner beans today.So must hurry myself.I am feeling real hungry now after your entry Haaaaaa.Take care.

ally123130585918 said...

Your dream Joan was telling you that Stuart is the STAR in your life ~ lol ~ Celery soup sounds nice I love this time of year when we can have lovely hot soup ~ Playing scrabble with Ellen must be good for her learning letters and words ~ and having fun learning them ~ After 44 years Joan I don't think you will be able to train Stuart but isn't he perfect just the way he is !!!!! ~ Ally

sdrogerson said...

we are of course untrainable ;))))

jeadie05 said...

Lovely dream lol ,The scrabble game sounds fun ,isnt it lovely to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of these times playing with our Grandchildren ,Iknow just what you mean about untidy men ! bless em Jan xx

jmoqueen said...

LOL what a funny dream ~ glad you enjoyed junior scrabble, I should get that for my sister lol.........Hope Stuart didn't mess the house up too much ;-)

Jenny xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Aww, what a nice dream of your handsome moviestar hubby :o)
Love the pics in this entry, especially the first one, the one with santa.
Sara   x

bobandkate said...

What a lovely dream to have Joan. Enjoyed this entry very much. That junior scrabble sounds good. I might get it for Sarah for her christmas stocking. She is learning to read so well at the moment and does everything phonetically too.

jlocorriere05 said...

Ooh! Can I have Stuart's autograph please? Lol! Nice to hear you're playing Scrabble with Ellen, it does help them to spell. I hope your week is going well. Jeannette xx