Monday, 18 December 2006

Trial run with new instructions.


Thank you Donna for the lovely Christmas Bells.

Good Evening, just a short entry tonight really just to see if I have managed to master photobucket after a bit of help from Jeannette in Brighton thank you again Jeannette think I'm there now.  We have had the most beautiful winters day here very cold and pure white frost that again stayed all day. We had our usual trip to St Andrews and mananged to get most of the little bit of shopping still needed. The shops were not too busy and we had a great day out.  The countryside on the way home was superb. The sun was setting and there was a mist starting to lie over the fields but low down and it cleared higher up. It was really great to be out we were both wrapped up in our down coats scarves and gloves we were really cosy. Think thats about it for now so I will say goodnight.





ally123130585918 said...

Joan loved the tags by Donna ~ we had a hard frost last night that has kept here all day and it is freezing cold ~ glad you had a good day ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

Great entry ,Iam pleased you managed to get the last shopping on your list ,its very cold and thick fog here tonight Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hello Joan,  What a lovely Winter`s day you`ve had.  It was bitterly cold but wet and miserable too so very unpleasant.  We have no heating in the shop at work so I bundled into several layers of clothing to keep warm, it didn`t work though and I`m still not as warm as I`d like to be.  Must put the heating up several degrees....brrr!

Love Sandra xxxx

jeanno43 said...

I just wish we could could some heavy frost here, it is the next best thing to snow.  I hope it will not be sunny on Christmas Day it would not seem right, it would be more like living in Australia lol.  Glad you got photobucket sorted. I am using that as well.

jmoqueen said...

Glad you had a good day and finished your shopping.  Thank goodness it's stopped raining for you guys huh??  

Jen xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Your description of the surroundings today sounded like the weathewr I encountered in Scotland a couple of years ago! I'm glad you got Photobucket sussed out, it's easy when you know how! Have a great week and stay warm up there in the frozen north! Jeannette xx

astoriasand said...

The weather has been real kind sunshine wise,but the last couple of days very frosty here too.I love this kind of weather if one is togged out cosy and warm as you were.Glad the shops wern't too busy for you and you enjoyed your trip out.Take Care God Bless.

sarajanesmiles said...

Sounds a beautiful day Joan :o)
We have heavy mist here this morning, no frost though.
Sara   x