Friday, 16 February 2007

Friday again



Good Morning can't believe its Friday already. Its not been a good week here for Stuart and I. At the start of the week I was very tired and really felt washes out. I did not think anything about it just took it easy for a few day and seemed to be OK. Yesterday Stuart was so tired with the added sore throat and the exploding head he ended up in his bed from teatime. Today he is better and has taken himself off to his art class.
While Stuart was in bed I wallowed in two trashy DVD's that came free with the Mail this week you know the type of thing Jackie Collins and a Barbara Taylor Bradford but I really enjoyed sitting there without the disapproving looks as Stu does not like that kind of thing. I still have a few more that I have collected this last year or so and I will have to send Stuart off to bed early again to get caught up.
Not much been happening in this neck of the woods just now just normal run of the mill events. The weather seems to be a bit more settled today after the gales of yesterday.<
Last Saturday when we were up at the garden centre for our coffee we were sitting in the heated conservatory as we always do when a mini storm blew up with rain hail snow and wind it was amazing it was like you were sitting outside but not getting wet or cold as the storm raged around you and the noise was deafening.
That's just about it for today not too much to say just hoping you are all well.




ally123130585918 said...

Loved the picture of the Snowdrops ~ is that one of Stuarts ?  Hope you are both feeling better ~ well Stuart must be as he has taken himself off to his art class ~ I have one of those DVD's "Educating Rita" I have seen it on the big screen and if you havn't it is well worth a watch ~ hope you get a chance to watch the rest of yours ~ that sounded like a nasty storm you had glad you were inside even though the noise must have been deafening ~ Ally

sdrogerson said...

you would get disapproving looks from this Stuart as well!

jeadie05 said...

Now and again I like to watch' trash 'but can do it when Maurice is on nights ,without the back ground sighs lol ,the storm must have been quite atmopheric as you sat in the conservatoy enjoying your coffee Jan xx

aniracj said...

I love the painting of the absolute favourite of wild flowers, they are so delicate and pure! Poor Stuart with his sore throat and headache....I sympathise!!

msecz said...

I love the painting on the top.... glad you are both feeling better now.... Sandra

astoriasand said...

Alsorts of illnesses goign around just now,I am not suprized at all.Seems most people have had that nasty bug in J/Land and around home too.The weather her this week has been just like spring,nut rain rain rain today Grrrrrr and forcast for the next ten too Grrrr.You do right to relax and enjoy you DVD's it makes a change from the computer doesn't it? Hope you both feeel much better soon.Have alovely week/end.Take Care God Bless.

jmoqueen said...

I hope you and Stuart are feeling better :-)  It must be fun to sit there and watch trashy DVD's like that ~ mum and I used to watch that kind of stuff on TV.  Sounds like the weather went a bit mind whilst you were in the conservatory.


jlocorriere05 said...

I hope you're both OK now Joan. It sounds like you were in the best place when that storm hit! The weather down here in Brighton has been so spring like for most of the week. Have a good weekend! Jeannette xx  

sarajanesmiles said...

Hope you and Stuart are both feeling lots better now m'dear.
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Hello Joan,

I`m glad Stuart feels better after his bug. My Danny is getting over a similar bug and is finding it really hard to shake it off.  I know what you mean about the racket when it poured down at the garden centre.  Our shop is like a greenhouse and when we get a heavy downpour we can`t hear ourselves think and it can be quite scary too.

Love Sandra xxxx

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan. Hope that you and Stuart are feeling a bit better, there are so many bugs around at the present time, Its just one thing after another.  I too have been watching those D.V.D. I enjoy them.  Idris stayes downstairs and watches cookery programs and fishing programes and I tend to watch True Films on Sky. up in my bedroom. As we don't like watching the same things we have our own T.V.'s and there are no argument's. Its gets a bit lonely though.Our weather here is also settled. Its a lot better now and we able to get around without any bother. Nice hearing from you Kathie.

jacksj989 said...

I am pleased that your husband is feeling better and that you too are getting back to your usual self.

By for now,


obgorra said...

I love being indoors, nice and cosy, when there's a storm outside.  I can just picture you in the conservatory.

Liked your graphics.