Friday, 9 February 2007

Blame Lara Croft.


Thank you Donna the perfect graghic.

Good Morning, I cannot believe that it is over a week since my last entry not like me at all but don't blame me blame Lara Croft (Tomb Raider). I have been spending most of my free time trying to get on with the fourth game in the series it can be very difficult at time. Yesterday I had to get Stuart who does not waste his time on games like me other than Book Worm where he is a bit of a whiz to give me a hand as he is more patient than I am but together we got here through the spikes. You had to work back to front with the aid of a mirror and it made it very hard. Enough of Lara don't want to bore you all.
We have had some snow up here too but things are running well and the schools seem to be handling it OK this time. Stuart is at his Art Class this morning as per Friday but I think we are going up to Perth this afternoon.  I bought two new jumpers on Wednesday but they are on the small size so will have to be returned so Stu said he would take me if the weather doesn't turn foul again.
Have been playing chess on line just with Stuart which seems a bit silly but its great fun everytime I log on there a new move from him. Anybody out there play chess? Stuart taught me when we were courting, we have not played for ages so it makes a nice change.
Well, I think that's about it for today will go and get on with the housework. Hope you are all keeping warm during this cold weather.




jlocorriere05 said...

Nice to hear from you Joan! I hope you can ghet to Perth, the weather forecst isn't good here but we've had no snow at all in Brighton so far this week! I was taught to play chess in my last year of junior school by my teacher, Mr Gallyer. He was a great fella, he said if we didn't know how to read, write and do maths by now we'd never learn so every day we used to spend a couple of hours playing card games, chess, draughts! He thought we'd had enough teaching to get us through to grammar school and didn't need any more. He was right, about 90% of the class passed their 11+ exam! Keep warm! Jeannette xx  

ally123130585918 said...

Hope you manage to get to Perth and change those jumpers ~ glad you enjoyed playing with Lara Croft I like Book Worm and some card games but have never played games like Lara Croft ~ The snow has gone from our gardens but they tell us to expect more ~ would like to know what Stuart is painting/drawing at his art class ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

I do hope the weather holds out and you get a trip to Perth to change your jumpers ,keep warm ,love Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

I play chess from time to time.............

sarajanesmiles said...

Smiling at thought of you playing Tomb Raider, these games are sooo addictive aren't they?!!  Am taking a wee break from mine to read journals, will have to get back shortly though, can feel it calling me!
Take care m'dear.
Sara   x

aniracj said...

Wish I could play chess Joan!! My Uncle tried to teach me when I was a teenager but to no avail......all I know is that knights go sideways and forwards in an L shape and pawns go forward...that's about my knowledge!!! CanI borrow Stuart for my next game of bookworm, lol????

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,

It`s been very cold here and we had a fair bit of snow yesterday. Of course as we aren`t used to it everything ground to a halt and the schools closed. I don`t know what would have happened if it had been any deeper or lasted!  My favourite game is Bookworm and I keep striving to beat my best score. I haven`t reached a million yet but I will....eventually! :o)

Sandra xxxx

cayasm said...

Very cold down here in Colchester but the commute to London was ok onlt delayed by 20 mins. I have,nt played chess for years, my favourite is Mahjong, good luck with Tombraider

take care


jmoqueen said...

Glad your still enjoying Lara Croft :)  Hope you've progressed a lot further now ;)  I think you lucky that your part of the country hasn't shut down coz of the weather lol..........Nope can't say I'd be any good at chess.