Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Rainy Tuesday.


Good Evening not very much good about it, rain cold and dark but it is November. I have been given a gift of a nice new camera for my birthday at the weekend coming  (65 oh dear) and we took a trip as usual to St Andrews to see what I could do with it. After our usual coffee and stroll round the book shops etc we headed down to the West Sands to see what there was, to take some shots. We had a walk and I took some general stuff and just as were getting back to the car I spotted the two girls on horseback coming towards us, just as I lifted the camera they about turned, if only they had come closer I think I would have managed  some great shots. It is taking me a wee while longer to take the pictures just now as it is a very different camera from my Nikon Coolpix this time I have gone to a Fuji. The light was really bad yesterday afternoon but I thought the photographs turned out not too bad for a first attempt. Today I had no chance not been out at all but hope for a better day later this week to get out and about again.
We have also taken delivery of a nice new laptop which is a lot faster than the desktop  I am using just now but we are not on the Internet yet, we have to wait for a disc from AOL, wonder how long that will take, so until then there is not a lot we can do but we have been trying to get our head around Widows Vista and no mouse really miss that but will get used to it not doubt. Must away now so until next time.



edwardssoapy said...

Hi Joan.

I have a wireless router with my laptop, which is like a Cable/DSL modem.  This enables me to use my laptop while someone else in my household uses my desktop PC.  AOL used to send them free if you switched to Broadband.  I, unforturtunately, had my router six months too late!

Happy Birthday for this coming weekend. *hugs*

jeadie05 said...

Hey Joan Happy Birthday ,I love the pictures of the horses in the surf ,you did well ,and for 65 year old you are very clever, new camera /Laptop to learn ,but I know you will ,love Jan xx

astoriasand said...

I think the pictures are very good Joan.There are manyhorse riders come to a beach near me.It's the best excersize there is for horses.Remember RED RUM he was trained on the beach.How nice you got the gift of a new camera.Also a laptop.Whoo-Hoo.I don't know much about laptops or Vista,Partner always wanting to buy me one but I say no. I have heard many say they have had probs with AOL on Vista and it takes some sorting,no doubt you will fathom it all out in time.I havn't seen my Son on my buddy list since he went Vista and he tells me he has nothigng but probs with aol now  so now runs his MSN all the time to speak with people etc.Which MSN always causes me probs I don't know why,so I took it off.I wish I knew your address I would have sent you a nice card.Well have a good evening Joan and thanx for sharing the pics they are very good.Take Care God Bless Kath
astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

cayasm said...

I would'nt be without my laptop now, my other computer just sits there like a relic..lol, love the pictures.

Happy Birthday, have you got anything planned?

Take Care

msecz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOAN  have fun with your new toys... you will have them both mastered before you know it and wonder what you ever did before....all the new toys we get make us use our brain to learn them and that is a good thing I guess.... but it can get frustrating too. Loved the pics

sdrogerson said...

I wouldn't part with my laptop now but use a mouse with it!
Do you have wireless connections? If so you can download AOL
If not and have a dsic apparently when you try to sgin on it will upgrade the AOL to the Vista version.

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan lovely pictures you did a great job, I also have a Fuji camera the F30 finepix and I fine it great, indoor picture especially. Hope you enjoy your new camera.Kathie.

ally123130585918 said...

Joan Happy Birthday ~ I loved your pictures that boat out at sea is lovely ~ I know you will enjoy your new TOYS :o)  When I had a laptop I always plugged my mouse in I got on better with that ~ hope the weather clears a bit for you so you can get out with you camera ~ Ally x

aniracj said...

Hiya. You will get used to the laptop 'mouse', it took me a while but now I prefer it......only thing I find is that it is a bit slow when playing some games but as most games I have are on the desktops then it is not really a problem. Have fun with the new camera as well!!! love Joan

jmoqueen said...

Oooo sounds like you have been splashing out a bit :)  And I'm not talking about the waves in those pics lol (good pics by the way xx)  I hope your AOL disc turns up soon and you don't have to wait a month!!



mariealicejoan said...

Great pictures!  Really chilly looking! I have a fuji camera.  I really like mine.  I am not even sure of all that I can do with it either.  I haven't read the book and I've been using it for a couple of years now.  How bad is that!!!  I would love a laptop.  I think that when this old beast finally bites the dust we are going to go to a lap top.  I know it will mean some adjusting, but think of the space saved. wow