Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Happy Anniversary


Its a dreadful day here today after such a nice spell of weather yesterday and today are making up for it.
I would like to say Happy Diamond Anniversary to our Queen and Prince Philip it is a great milestone they have reached.
There is not a great deal I can remember about the wedding but I do remember a while later not sure how long, I was taken by  my Mum to Hollyrood Palace in Edinburgh to see "THE WEDDING DRESS" it was absolutely fabulous it was in a big glass case but you could get close up to see it. Whenever I see the Queen's wedding pictures I always think of that day with my dear Mum.
For those of you that have read Sunday's entry to my book journal or if you are interested in it, have a look at the comments from the last entry. That's it for today think we are going on line this afternoon to spend a lot of pennies, so till next time,



jennyp51 said...

I'll give you a comment although i didn't get an alert for you earlier.  I've just had an alert from Pharmolo's so some must be getting through.  I was not around when the Queen got married, i was only 18 months at her coranation, but i am a royalist and hope she has many more happy years of married life.
Jenny <><

aniracj said...

I think alerts were playing up when I did both my entries so again it could be that or no one loves me like you say, LOL!!!Love Joan

astoriasand said...

I didin't get an alert for this Joan at all.I wonder if some are getting them and others not,as the ones who usualy comment in mine early are not there as yet.Grrrrrrrr I didi a posting this morning too.I have only just this minute come online as we don't finish our tea until 7-30pm when the man works over .LOL.I would like to second your Diaomond Wedding wish to Our Wonderful Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.How lovely you have actually seen her dress I would love that.The only other posting on this was Jeannettes early today which I read.I hope you are well and why not enjoy a bit of shopping online.The weather here is far too nasty to venture out for me.I hate the wind.Take care God Bless Kath
astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

sdrogerson said...

you are right alerts! We do love you

jmoqueen said...

Wow that's so cool that it invokes such lovely memories for you :)