Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Another fine mess.




Good Evening, Stuart and I have been having one of our adventures again today this one takes the biscuit. We decided last night to take a big bus run to Inverness in Highland today. Inverness is 123 miles in a northerly direction from where we stay. We were up at the crack of dawn well 7 o’clock to be exact to give us plenty of time to get the 9 20 am bus from our park and ride. We left the house in good time all showered and dressed for our day away, we had time to pick up the morning papers and some sweets etc for our journey. As usual the bus was late it was coming from Edinburgh and as they are laying new tramlines in the centre of the city and with the festival being on just now traffic congestion is a big problem it always is but this is worse than usual just now. So on with the story the bus arrived about 15 minutes late and as Stuart and I got on we were asked if we had booked we did not know this was necessary and said no the driver told us we could chance it and hope to get on again after whoever was waiting with tickets in Perth took their seats. When we arrived in Perth the nasty driver told us we had to get off the bus and stand outside to see who wanted to get on, we were then told we had to wait for the Glasgow bus to come in to see if any of these passengers were going to Inverness. So we waited and waited this bus it turns out was running 40 minutes late. Eventually it turned up and a lot of people got off that, and then got on our bus. The driver said he would probably have room for us but to wait just now. By this time the bus was really full and yes you guessed it would have meant us sitting apart for the three hour journey so we looked at one another and agreed to go and get on the park and ride bus into Perth have coffee and a wander then get the bus home. After we did just that we walked up to the bus station which is a bit of a walk we arrive and were told the next bus home was in 40 minutes. Stuart and I found a seat outside and just sat there exhausted and just wanting to get home. Fortunately the bus was on time and after a 20 minute run down the motorway we picked up our car at our park and ride we eventually arrived home hot and tired. Lesson learned when going on a Mega Bus book your seat. We do intend to try again not sure when but soon before the summer has gone. Don’t know what it is just now last week we set off for St Andrews when the road diggers closed the slip road and we ended up in Perth this week we were going to Inverness and we ended up in Perth what next . Watch this space. Till next time. Love



jeadie05 said...

It seems you are destined to spend your days out in Perth Joan, hee hee better luck next time ,or better still stay home with a good book!  love Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

good grief that takes the biscuit really awful

jeanno43 said...

What a pity all that happened and you were not able to take that trip.  As you say, lesson learned.  I am sure you will be able to take that trip soon.


mariealicejoan said...

What a disappointment Joan!  Hopefully you have better luck next time!

jlocorriere05 said...

What a fiasco Joan! I can imagine how tiring that was. Seems like Perth has a strange hold on you! Lol! Oh well, it is nice in Perth! Better luck next time you try to go! Jeannette xx  

jmoqueen said...

Perth is obviously the action capital ;)  Someone's trying to tell you something Joan lol............what a nightmare of a day I would've wanted to get home after that.