Tuesday, 12 August 2008

This and that and the Lamas Fair


Good Evening, been ‘footering’ with my sidebar today and placing a new picture at the top I lost the last one for some reason or another a while back and my journal looked a bit strange without me smiling to you at the top. Yesterday we had our usual trip to St Andrews although it was a bit different as the Lamas Fair was visiting. It is a large street fair with all the usual stalls, side, shows, and rides. Stuart and I have not been to a fair for many years and I just about fainted with the prices. Candy floss £2-50 the rides were from £2-50 and £4-00 it must be very hard these days for parents taking children to the fair and that was daytime prices. We stood and watched for a while and some of the kids were coming off some of the rides were looking very green. We had about an hour walking round St Andrews when the rain came down in buckets once again, is there never going to be a let up this summer. It is making me very down and I don’t think I am the only one.

Remember earlier in this year I was telling you about my noisy neighbours and their trampoline well the good news is they have moved away so at the moment its peace perfect peace.(in the rain) So hopefully on the next sunny day if we ever get another one we will be able to sit on the patio and have a coffee and a read of the papers.

I think that’s about it for today not a lot going on shopping tomorrow and collect Ellen from a Sports Camp she is at this week. Till next time. Love                                           


chat2missie said...

Enjoy your evening.

adlessor said...

Nice new picture Joan, in such a nice setting.    Glad to hear that your noisy neighbors have moved.  Yea for you. Enjoy the rest of the summer.   awn


wllbn7 said...

Hi Joan,
I agree that fairground prices are scandalous, for a family of 4 it must cost over £50 for a decent day at the fair.
The weather is getting me down too, all we seem to have is rain and more rain. However, when I went to the Lammas Camp at the end of July it was glorious for the entire 4 days, guess I was lucky.
Love,  Cathy.  x

jennyp51 said...

Silly me read that as Llamas fair to begin with, couldn't understand why you would have Llamas at a fair.
Jenny <><

jeanno43 said...

And a very nice picture it is too.  Nice to see you there.  I know it costs Becky and Dean a packet to take their two out.  They are going to legoland soon and it cost  £36 each for them, Daniel goes free but I think she said it was about £20 for Nathan and that is without food, petrol etc.  I just do not know how people manage these days. They booked it all in advance.
I read the forecast for the rest of August in the paper and it is not good, they reckon the rest of the month will be much the same but then I suppose they can be wrong.  It is like a November night here, so chilly.

mariealicejoan said...

It is really expensive to take kids anywhere these days!  We have a young friend we like to take places once in a while and it always costs us a small fortune!  I don't know how family's with more than one child manage to do it!  I do love a small town fair though, but like you say . . . again, the costs are ginormous!
Hope you get some sunshine soon!

jeadie05 said...

Like everyone else I feel sorry for familys takeing their children out to these events ,because of the cost ,I like your new picture Joan ,hope we get some better weather soon,your right it is depressing ..love Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Your new Picture is lovely ~
young families must find it hard taking their children out to these fairs when everything costs so much ~ glad your noisy neighbours have moved on and you can enjoy some peace and quiet :o) ~ Ally x

moordykspot said...

Ah Prices gone are the days of old money when things could be had for sixpence

Take Care Dave

mortonlake said...

many congratulations on being  guest editors  pick.    great  journal     will return to  read more at a later date  take care mort

frdbrow7 said...

Hello Joan, came her via Magic Smoke, it's nice to learn of blogs that we wouldn't otherwise know about. So congrats on be one of guest editor's (Jeannette's Jottings) picks.
I do sympathise over noisy neighbours - I live in a terrace property, yet it is mostly quiet and serene an my garden.  There are times when next door but one have their radio on in the garden, which means we all have to listen to it!  But I've got me a brand new pair if digital headphones now :-D
bye for now

jhorky said...

I can sympathize  as far as neighbors.  Mine have not moved and mine are noisy and drunk.  Lucille4346

gitterdunna said...

Came to say "hello" from Jeanette's journal picks on Magic Smoke. Noisy neighbors can really be a bother but I am lucky to have quiet ones at this time. The house behind me is a rent house so the occupants change from time to time. You're welcome to come visit me:).........alice

fisherkristina said...

Congrats on being a guest ed's pick!  And yes, your journal looks much better with your pic up there!  

Krissy :)

sybilsybil45 said...

Hi Joan, I am popping in as comanded by the lady who we must obey !! Jeanette LOL  I am happy that you have been chosen as one of her "blogs" on Majic Smoke.. I am a fellow Scot alhough now live in England  Wiltshire..I hope to add you to my alerts so that I can see what is going on "at hame"...Sybil xx


midwestvintage said...

Came to say hello from Jeanette's journal picks on Magic Smoke.  I love reading journals from all over the world and looking at the beautiful shots from where people live.  


shrbrisc said...

congrats on guest editors pic

jmoqueen said...

Love the new pic Joan :o)  Glad you've managed to get out for a bit between the rain.  Your right about the prices ~ stupid isn't it?