Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Another busy day.





Good Afternoon, well I we have had a busy day today. This morning I was at the hairdresser for a trim so that will be me for the next few week till I have to go for the dreaded perm. I hate having them but my hair is of the soft baby kind and I need something to keep it in shape in the damp weather. My hair has been the plague of my life if only I had a wave or a curl it would have been lovely but mine is dead straight and fine so what can I do.

After an early lunch we headed up to Perth Royal for Stuart's appointment his time was for 1-30pm he was taken at 1-35 and was out by 1-45 hows that for good service full marks to PRI.The news was good and all is well. We had a coffee in the coffee shop in the hospital then headed down to the Retail Park to have a wander round the big Computer shop etc won't say if we bought anything or not.

Tonight its back to the ironing basket and Holby and an old Taggart on ITV2 if we are going to stay up late we will see. Time now to make some dinner what to make that is the question?. Good Bye  and have a good evening. Love



aniracj said...

Hi Joan, not only do we share the same name, we have the same kind of hair!!!! My hair is, as my nan used to say, straight as a yard of pump water!! One hairdresser said it was chinese straight with no bend in it at all! Hope all went well with Stuarts appointment!

jeadie05 said...

 Joans comment (the other one )about the pump water is familier that was said of my hair often too,and like you I dont have hair but cobwebs ,very  fine , Ithink you bought something !!!!lol          Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

That was good service At the hospital....and how lovely to have good News and that all is well....Back to earth with the Ironing Basket..lol....planning meals can be a chore.....it's hard to think of different things to make for dinners...Take care and have a lovely evening...Ally

jeanno43 said...

Glad all went well at the hospital.  Bet you did buy something at the computer shop lol

sarajanesmiles said...

Great that you didn't have to wait too long for Stuart's appointment today, and that the news was all good :o)  My hair is fine too, but it does have a wave to it.  Not a nice wave, a wave that I would rather it didn't have, that I try desperately every morning to persuade it not to have ;o)  I think you bought something at the computer shop, ooh, what did you buy?!
Sara   x

ekgillen said...

I'm glad things went well at your appointment.
I'm sure you'll share what you bought at the Computer Store in the next entry.
Thanks for stopping by my journal-I'm glad I got to peek at yours.

haileen2003 said...

Glad all's well with Stuart
Know what you mean, about the hair - Mine isn't fine, but do have a Perm now and then, hate the 'process' but neccessary.
Wonder what you bought?