Friday, 16 December 2005

Friday Again.




Good Afternoon, Stuart and I have been out and about today to St Andrews well you do know its one of our favourites for a wee run in the car.  It was absolutely perishing cold. As we walked out of the car park a young girl passed us and all she had on was a pair of jeans and a cotton top and it was one of those short things that don't even cover your tum or your back.  The temperature was about 3 degrees and there was a north wind blowing so that must have brought it down even more.  Young people never cease to amaze me in the winter when the weather is at its coldest they go out without coats or even a jacket and in  summer passed which was very good up here they had on jackets oh I don't understand it anymore.

We had a lovely walk round, sorry forgot the camera again and got in trouble for that. I have not managed to see Christmas light on in Perth or St Andrews as we always head home about 3 o'clock or so and the lights have not come on.  There is a couple of houses near to us and they have a great display. Will try to get round one evening to take a picture or two for you. Did not buy anything other than bread and a book and a couple of coffees which did warm us up.

I  have been thinking of old dear friends this week as the Christmas cards arrive one from an neighbour of 30years ago and one from a girl I worked with in Timex 46 years ago. I have not seen Margaret for over 35 years and think of her as being the way I last saw her when in fact she will be a year older than me.....strange to think that. Well its time for me to go and feed the man of my dreams so I will say Bye and take care Love,



ally123130585918 said...

I don't think the younger generation feels the cold...I shivered just reading about her in her scimpy top...Fancy forgetting the camera again !!!!!...How lovely still getting cards from friends of 30 years..and 46 years ...Hope Stuart (The man of your Dreams) enjoys whatever your prepare for him - have a lovely evening....Ally

jeadie05 said...

Pleased you had a nice drive out today dear ,yes Iknow what you mean about the young girls in their little tops I hope they dont all have bad backs when they get older !!        Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

The youngsters might not feel the cold now but they will pay for it when they are older.  Love your graphic.  Know what you mean about old school friends and colleagues.  In our minds they are always the way they were then.  I had a shock when one of mine recently sent me a photo of herself.  Even before I married Mike, (late twenties) an old school friend came to see me and I hope I managed to hid my shock.  We had not seen each other for ten years and I was aghast to see she had grey hair then and false teeth! Silly, isn't it.  We should not be surprised that people change because we do, we just do not notice.  They probably think the same about us.  Hope you get some piccies of the Christmas lights.

jmoqueen said...

Bless the man of your dreams - that's so sweet :-)  Glad you had a nice walk!!  the kids do that down here too - they're all mad I swear they are!!  

haileen2003 said...

Yes Joan it's lovely to hear from 'Old' friends at this time of year. We tend to forget they age as well. It's sometimes a shock! People always tell me 'I haven't changed', but I know different(lol)
Take care

sarajanesmiles said...

That is lovely you know, that your Stuart is the man of your dreams, makes me smile in a soppy way ;o)  It's all about fashion when you're young like that girl, they don't mind suffering a bit of cold.  In another year or so she will be as bundled up as the rest of us!!
Sara   x